West Virginia University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


West Virginia University is best known for its family like atmosphere. Everyone treats everyone like family, extremely friendly, and supports one another in all endeavors.


Our school is definitely known for partying but besides that, our engineering and criminal justice program is amazing. State of the art.


WVU is best known for the crazy parties and drinking.


Fall Fest! Other than that I don't really know any.


West Virginia University is best known for the way the college provides a safe environment for students to study and become successful. The university also creates an enviornment for people to socialize and make friends. It seems a bit corny but college can sometimes be a difficult place to get used to. It's much bigger than a highschool and ten times more difficult acedemically. Not to mention having to be by youself. West Virginia University is a comfortable and stable place for a student to relax and study in peace.


West virginia University has a great deal of school spirit. I would say it is best known for its sports teams. Everyone, students and local families, have a great deal of pride and team spirit. I am proud to be a part of it all.


My school is best known for their wide variety of majors. Also, the school is known for having thousands of students while being exceptionally good at placing students into their field of study. West Virginia is known for sports as well. They compete very well in academics and athletics.


WVU is most known for, of course, the sports. I attend this college because of their wonderful five year education program. I am able to graduate in five years with my Masters Degree. This was a factor in going to this college for me, I like that I will have an advantage going out into my career.


West Virginia University is best known for our football and basketball teams.




Some may say that West Virginia University is known as one of the best party schools in the nation-- I think that WVU is more than that. I transfered to WVU as a Junior (after receiving an Associate's Degree from my local community college) and have been welcomed to a school with spirit, enthusiasm, a drive for education and a sense of community. WVU's football games are always filled with blue and gold, and it doesn't matter where you came from or why you're there-- all that matter's is that you're a Mountaineer.


I would have to say that the athletic pursuits of the university are our greatest achievements, however, the high amount of job placement, to me, is the most impirtant thing and West Virginia boasts an unusally large job placement rate.


We are knowing as a large party school but its academics are overlooked. We have alot of the top schools for many majors in the country. Such as our engineering and Forensic programs. once you get on campus you realize that not everyone on campus cares about partying an is in fact more intrested in the school spirt and that everyone is treated the same.


Unfortunately, one of the things that West Virginia University is best know for is partying, however, I feel that there are many other things that the school could easily be known for, such as great athletics or academics, if they would simply put the time, effort, and money into cracking down on the underage drinking problem.


This school is best known for the Ruby Memorial Hospital and the West Virginia Mountaineers football team. Its also got a really great criminal justice program.


West Virginia University is probably best known for its athletic departments. Especially its football and baskeball departments. They are very strong parts of this university and the students and fans of this school are very strongly supporters.


My School has a tremdence amount of school spirit. Also, for a quality education I am receiving. The campus is large and spread out, but it has someting for everyone.


Sports, and a few programs we have that are rarely offered in other schools. (Biometrics and forensic sciences, for example.)


The football team, the drinking, the engierneering, and forensic's


I believe that my school, West Virginia University, is best known for school pride and the hyped fans at all of our sporting events. Football and basketball are over-the-top sporting events for the students, and we have been known to cheer to the last second!


My school is well known for its creative arts department, educational status and sports. My school is known for peforming many different plays and encouraging those to have some kind of knowledge when in comes to the arts. We are also known for our football team and the amount of support of school shows the team. When it coems to education it is very important and the school offers internships or jobs within the school to give you the student a better background of the job your wish to have in the future.


Athletics, Academics, and Partying.


I think that West Virginia University is mainly known for football. We are often referred as the touchdown city. However, I also feel that we are also known for our academics as well. When I tell people what school I attend I always get a positive feedback of the academic sucess that has been achieved here.


Our school is probably best known as a party school. Yes, a lot of this does occur, but West Virginia University has a lot of other things to offer a student. The professors are amazing and academics are still important.


WVU is best known for it's varsity sports.


My school is best known for its academics and sports. West Virginia University is well-known for its medical fields, as well as its engineering fields. Many people come here to play sports and to get a specialized degree from a well-known school.


Number one party school and our football team.


My school has a wonderful medical sciences program. We are also know to be a great engineering school. We are know for our football team and extracuricular activities.


Although my school is known best for partying and drinking, I feel that it is not deserved. I cannot deny there is a lot of partying at times, but I do feel that it is no more than any other typical college or university. Instead, our school should be best known for excellent school spirit and a dedicated staff. No other school has as much school spirit as WVU and every teacher I have come across is dedicated and most are excellent at what they do.


My school is best known for its football program


football and academics


My school is best known for our athletic tradition, school pride and loyalty, and social environment.


Like I had mentioned above, our football and basketball teams are what our school is best known for. The Mountaineers are what most students at WVU live for.


The incredible night life.


Good engineering program, plentiful internship opportunites, great football and basketball teams, large campus, good parties, rifle teams, personal rapid transportation system, quality off-campus housing, new recreation center, spirited sports fans, awesome marching band (the pride of WV), low crime rate.


West Virginia University is academically known for engineering. The school is also know for drinking and being a party school that is all about sports.


Our school is most known for our football and basketball programs and our enthusiastic Alumni, Students, and fans! Let's Go Mountaineers!


The football team and the fun, party atmosphere.


West Virginia University is best known for being one of the top party schools in the nation.


Partying and football!! But there is also a lot of other thing.




A performance of WVU's alma mater.


Alumni Day at WVU.


In a word, FOOTBALL!!! Go Mountaineers... but also WVU is known as a premier party school. It has been identified in the top 5 party schools in the country many times. Fun is certainly on the agenda for most students. Unfortunately, WVUs academic programs are frequently overshadowed by this reputation. As a Forensic Identification major, I know that WVU's Forensic Program is one of the best in the nation. Developed in conjunction with the FBI, it's instructors are well-experienced and knowlegeable.


WVU is known mostly for being a Top Party School, having excellent athletics programs and for having more than 25 Rhodes Scholars, more that any other University.


Football Partying Engeneering Education