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West Virginia University offers numerous opportunites to its to students and leaves no room boredom.


The state of West Virginia is littered with small towns and communities. West Virginia University is unique in the fact that despite having 30,000 students, it perpetuates the small town atmosphere that the state is so famous for. Morgantown is considered one of the biggest cities in the states yet it still accomodates the number of students and residents that live there. It doesn't take long for Morgantown to feel like home.


Everyone is like one big family but at the same timw theres a million different groups.


They are one of the top party schools as well as the fact that it is an extremely big university!


The "Mountaineer Family" extends everywhere and you'll never forget the experiences you have or friends you make while at West Virginia University.


Well, in all honesty I'm going to be transferring next year. I have mixed emotions about the school. Here, I'll break them down: POSITIVES -Variety of majors. If you want to major in something, chances are it's here. We have everything from engineering to forestry to forensics to puppetry! Some programs are nationally ranked like forensics and engineering. -School spirit. I dare you to find a school that has more school spirit and support for their teams as the Mountaineers do. Even me, who usually is not very spirited, can't help but cheer for WVU and sing "Country Roads" whenever it plays (that is if I go to games). -The surrounding area of Morgantown is beautiful. Cooper's Rock and Cheat Lake are gorgeous. If you love the outdoors then this is definitely a school for you. -Proximity to Pittsburgh. I love Pittsburgh. It's about an hour and a half drive but I think it's nice going to a school near a major city so if you ever wanted a nice weekend trip, it's there. -If you take a foreign language (which most of you probably will), the classes are no larger than 25 which is very nice! NEGATIVES -Size. I'm not going to try and minimize it-this is a large state school. Because of this, your classes are going to be huge. I'm talking anywhere between 50-350 students in large lecture halls and no recitation (at least for the general freshman classes). Even sophomore/junior classes can easily be 100 students. It also makes things very crowded at times and you honestly do feel like a number unless you really make an effort not to. My smallest class has been French with 25 students. -Academics. For the freshman classes, the general eds can be really insulting to your intelligence sometimes with how easy they are. Some classes in my high school were more difficult than some classes I've had here. There are certain exceptions such as math, chemistry, physics, and engineering that are challenging. My other gripe about academics is the teaching. You will get TAs that do not speak English. You will have a lot of classes taught by a TA like a foreign language or courses like psychology 101 which is almost always TA taught. I'm not saying TAs are bad but professors are generally preferable. -Online assignments. I know this is the 21st century but a lot more assignments are online assignments than I would like. Some of the material is taught online, which irritates me because I pay to go to an actual class, not online. Also, ecampus is a big complaint for students! -Partying. Yes, we are the #1 party school in the country (and if we aren't exactly #1, we are darn close). A lot of students, especially freshman and sophomores, love to go out and drink/party so if it's not your scene, you will have trouble adjusting to it especially if you live in a dorm. There are people out there who don't party but it takes a little effort to find them. -Multiple campuses/Transportation. Yeah, you heard of the PRT breaking down? It happens. Most of the time it works fine but it seems like when you really need it, it breaks down. When it does, however, getting around campus is hell especially if you live in Towers and class is downtown. The buses will all be packed and good luck getting one in 30 minutes. Also, because campus is so spread out, I feel there's not a lot of campus unity or activity that's widely attended by students. Everything just seems so far apart and it's a hassle to wake up an hour before class in the morning to ensure enough time to get ready and catch a bus/PRT. My friends at other schools can wake up 10 minutes before class and still make it on time! -A lot of students, if they don't party or don't want to, tend to go home on the weekends. Overall, I think WVU is appealing to students but it is not for everyone.


It is definitely a lot bigger than most schools. Also it has two different campuses.


my school is unique because they care about you as an individual and try to help you the best they can there is always help for anything you need and people are looking out for you with best intrest in mind.


I think the diversity and the opportunity to meet so many people from different parts of the globe is what really grabbed my attention when choosing my college. Since being here I have met so many people and I find them all interesting and amazing. Coming from a small town I was completely intrigued by the diversity of people, it's been facinating to me. Some of the wonderful people I have met have become my closest friends and I can't imagine never having the opportunity to meet them.


WVU has a feeling of home, of community.... This was important to me.


Even though all schools are unique, I feel my school, West Virginia University, is cut above the rest. Sure most large Universities offer transportation systems such as buses, but how many of them offer PRTs, a system of self-driven vehicles? Speaking of large Universities, how many of them are nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains? Only at WVU can you attend an outrageous football game, complete with a four hundred member marching band and signature ?Let?s Go Mountaineers? cheer, visit nationally recognized historic buildings, and end the day with rock climbing in the world class recreation center.


West Virginia is a large school but once on campus it doesnt feel as big as it is. Everyone is willing to help you out if you are lost or have a question. everyone is very friendly and school spirited. As large as he school is school spirt and connectiveness is a huge part of the atmosphere here.


people are SOOO passionate here! whether theyre liberal or conservative, eco friendly or coal miners. they're dedicated to their own cause, and their own committments and values- while at the same time, being excited for others' passions


WVU has extremely good programs when it comes to animals, forensics, and law. Their staff is always ready to help you with any problem you need; all you have to do is email or set up an appointment and they will help you to the best of their ability. I liked how the campus was laid out also. It's not all cramped together but its not miles apart either.


WVU has a great atmosphere. There is always something going on no matter what your interest. Students are very friendly, and it is not hard meeting new people. I feel that not all universities have that feeling of open welcome, and I find that it is very important to be in an environment where you feel that you belong and have people around you who have the same general goals and interest.


I think my school has a lot of school spirit. Football games are huge here, and a lot of students get together for sporting events on a regular basis.


West Virginia University is a large school in a small state with a rather large diversity of people from all over the world that allows you to see different cultures first hand. Along with this, they have a very good study abroad program and are partnered with many other schools to allow an affordable experience at schools in most of those countries.


The school is so spread out but yet has a great sense of unity and mountaineer spirit! The scenery around the campus is gorgeous and in the fall the campus comes alive in color. It seems like there is something for everyone here and I wouldn't want to attend school anywhere else!


This school was my first choice because I loved the atmosphere. There is nothing like going to a football game and seeing all the comraderie between fans. The nightlife is one of a kind, too. What other place has 7 different clubs playing "Country Roads" when the clock strikes 12, and everyone in the bar stops to sing? Everyone that goes to WVU is proud to be a Mountaineer.


My school is unique because eventhough it is a large school, it is possible to still feel like a small community. When you go places, amazingly you will know people from class, lab groups, from the library , who work places you go or you have met at social events. People in West Virginia are extremely friendly and fun- loving.


No one has school spirit like WVU hands down when your a Mountaineer your one for life.


Very laid back area. Town is based around the college. Without the college kids in town it is almost like the town is 'dead'


They have a top notch forensics program with unique facilities from any other school in the area. They have great financial aid programs to help students attend the school.


Its large but not too big. there is alot of diversity.


It was the most cost-effective to attend. There are many opportunities to set yourself apart from other students academically.


The hills and the atmosphere of how West Virginia University is the focal point of the state. Also the partying here is so unique to the school because of the relaxed yet upbeat atmosphere you get from people.


once you're a mountaineer, you're one for life. Our alumni network is unparalleled. Members of the WVU community really take ownership and pride in their school.


The atmosphere of school spirit and the helpfulness of people here is amazing. It's not often that you are surrounded by so many nice people in the same setting.


The transportation. We have our own one of a kind PRT (personal rapid transit) mono-rail system. The tuiton is the 11th cheapest out of state tuition in the U.S. It's in a small city (30,000 people) but has a town feel. Diverse campus (students from all 50 states, and 90 nations).


West Virginia University is unique because it has a small town feel to the city and campus but also allows students to be exposed to a wide range of social and cultral activites, both in Morgantown itself and in the nearby city of Pittsburgh.


It is very school spirited. Big football school


Very into football because the state has no NFL football team. Also surrounded by wildlife. You are also either very liberal or very conservative. Very few people fall in the gray area between.


This school had a campus that I fell in love with. It is comfortable to live here and the people are extremely friendly. They offered the exact major I wanted to study and the faculty for every major is extremely helpful.


Its just far enough away from home that Im not really at home, but if there is something going on at home that I need to go do Its a short drive. They offer a larger variety of majors than the other schools near here.


it's bigger felt more like a college. football team. a lot more bars and clubs


WVU has a great atmosphere because of enthusiasm for the school sports, academics and a very active night life. The students seem all thrilled to be here, and I don't know of any other school where you walk downtown and people scream "Let's Go" Mountaineers" at one another. Everyone wears blue and gold to show spirit. There is something for everyone to do here.


The campus is split up into 3 seperate campuses and connected by the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). It is not always the most reliable means of transportation, but it is unlike any other campus.


Big time school, with a small town community


everyone seems to get along really well. its large and spread out yet its very easy to get around .


The unique thing about our school is that it is located in a small town enviroment but the student body comes from all different kind of places. We have fifty percent in state and out of state and have students from different countries. We have a such a diverse campus but we all reunite in our pride of our school. We are all proud to call ourselves Mountaineers which gives us the common bond and goal.


The unique thing about our school is that everyone has a lot of school spirit and are very proud of going to this university. The sports here all have very high expectations and it makes the sporting events that much better to go to. Also the students here are quite friendly and are willing to help at moments notice. The education here is also very economical as well as very good compared to other universities across the United States.


WVU is a great place to be. You have to step foot on the campus so you can really know what kind of magical place it is. Many out of staters have the same story about how they were not going to WVU until they paid the camus a visit. WVU immediately shot from the bottom of their list of schools to the top. Even though it's not a diverse place, there's something for everybody. Morgantown is a special place. Many people refer to Morgantown as home and chose to stay home upon graduation.


i hate morgantown. unless you like to get lost in the crowd, enjoy the smell of beer, or like the skeeziest of the skeeze, then morgantown is right up your alley. "morganhole" as it's lovingly referred to by some people should be redubbed "shithole". the worst of the worst come to wvu to party and drive like idiots on west virginia's streets. there are so many jackasses and whores in morgantown. . . most of them from jersey! want to know about morgantown and wvu? just take a gander up the jersey turnpike on a pogo stick. . . you'll get the very idea of what morgantown is about. guys, to land chicks, just go outside a bar at 2 in the morning and buy a girl a few drinks and they're yours. no matter what the age. girls, to be popular, get on the cheerleading squad. by being a cheerleader, you're automatically considered for sleeping with. . by every guy. . every night. underaged? no problem if you're in morgantown! just shell out the money and you're knee-deep in alcohol and tequila. what's this? you woke up in a strangers' bed at noon the next day? you've missed 2 classes? no big deal, especially after gamedays. professors don't expect students to show up for morning classes after football and basketball games. those are party days, and the next day is sober day. . and that's just to get ready for the next night! damn you morgantown. . damn you.


This school is amazing, and I know even after I graduate I will come back for games and such. If you want to come to school and have a lot of fun but get a good education then come here. Since WVU is so recognized everywhere it is good for when you get out of school and are applying for jobs because there could easily be alumni anywhere that would want you.


I hate WVU and I am only here because its saving me money. The students are awful unless you actually enjoy sitting around smoking and drinking 24/7 and the girls are all floozies.


Don't go to WVU if you are a serious student. If you do go to WVU and are a serious student, you will most likely be dissapointed. It is also often a culture shock to out of state students, the lifestyle and people are very different from more suburban and urban areas.


Just something about research opportunities offered at WVU. I am an early Junior which means in terms of years, it will be my third year next fall, but in terms of credits, I was a Junior in December. This summer I was awarded a research opportunity to work with one of the biology department's top conservation ecologists to work on the demographics of American Ginseng. Through this research I also get to complete my own project which I could extend through the school year and not only get paid for it, but possibly get my name on a paper, and get research credits as well. There are many opportunities to do research here if you are interested.


Come to WVU. It's a blast!


we are legit you come here you will have a great time


I can't picture myself at any other unversity other than WVU. Its a wonderful campus and I just want everyone to know that. In high school they tell you that you'll know the college that is right for you by a feeling that you get while on that campus and I thought that was dumb until I came to WVU and got that feeling.