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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is great and football is awesome here. Also there is a activity "Mountaineers go First"




Athletic events and Greek life are the most popular student organizations. Otherwise, most students' activities revolve around drinking or leaving the campus because they don't like what's going on at WVU.


Morgantown has many activities to offer. During the week, most people are stuck in their dorms and library studying but some are downtown enjoying the nightlife specials. On the weekends, frats have parties and clubs are open until 3 am. If one does not wish to go downtown to have fun, there are lots of opportunities offered in dorms, the Rec, and the Mountainlair. For example, dorms offer Zumba, poker nights, and snacks for special occassions. The Mountainlair has WVU up all night filled with entertainment, free food (a big hit), and fun activities- such as a moon bounce. The Rec has basketball courts, rock climbing, workout equipment, raquet-ball,volleyball, ping pong, and many many more healthy, fun activities.


At WVU, we love our sports. Mountaineer Maniacs is the biggest club we have. It is an athletic support group. They give you priority tickets in football season, and organize trips to away athletic events. They also give away free stuff! We have some great sports rivalries. Many people also get involved in sororities/fraternities or groups associated with their program of choice.


I would say that the Mountaineer Maniacs are definitely one of the most popular groups on campus. They are based around cheering on the Mountaineer sports teams and because of this University's pride for its teams, it garners quite a following. The arts are also very popular at WVU, with plays, musicals, and dancing all being performed at the Creative Arts Center. An interesting activity at WVU is called WVU Up All Night. It is put on every weekend as an alternative for drinking and it features comedians, live music, contests, food, and opportunities to interact with other students.


Fraternities and Sororities are a huge part of campus and campus activities. The marching band is also very important. Besides all the obvious sports teams, there are club sports. I am a part of the tennis club, and get the chance to play twice a week if I want. There are constantly activities going on around campus. There is always something to do.


Greek life at West Virginia University is on the rise and becoming much more popular within the student population. I was the vice president of one of the more prestigous fraternities on campus and greek life is a great way for students to become more socially involved. However, there is a large house party and bar scene where you do not need to be a member of greek life in order to have fun. With greek life on the rise, the university has future plans to make a more exclusive greek village. There is currently a fraternity row where multiple fraternity houses are located. The new greek village will be a renovation of this and allow for greek life to become more popular but more exclusive as well. In my opinion greek life will be more than doubled within the next coupe of years as there are plans to bring other fraternities/soroities onto campus in the near future. Most of my closest friends were met either through the dorms my freshman year or through greek life. Dorms are a great way to meet friends as there are literally 1,000+ students per dorm. Athletic events are some of the bigger events of the year. Football games at WVU are a huge social event where you will find some of the more premeir tailgating in the country. WVU becomes the largest city in the state of West Virginia on gamedays as the stadium holds nearly 65,000 and it sold out almost every game. This is a great excuse for students to party and drink all day long. If you are awake on at 2 am on a Tuesday you are likely stumbling back from BOT (Black Out Tuesday) at Bent Willies or from Mug Night at Chik 'N Bones. These are both 21+ bars that are very popular on nearly every Tuesday night as they have some of the best drink specials in town in order to attract students on a Tuesday night. One event that happens every year is Fall Fest. This is a free concert on the first Monday night of classes that is open to WVU students. The concert involves multiple popular artist with a superstar headliner year after year. This is easily one of the most anticipated events of the year and is yet again another excuse to party and it is a great way to kick off the school year. If you are not drinking on a Saturday night then WVU likely is not the place you want to be. While there are some things to do, it is not likely that you will be able to do these things in peace as the campus and downtown are swarming with intoxicated students on a Saturday night.


The WVU football and basketball teams are the most popular on campus. Athletics are very popular as well as school spirit. Greek life is common too. I am a resident assistant at WVU and it has become my family. Students in the dorms try to reach out and make their roots in WVU; most are freshman. Most friends are met through a major or through the dorms. WVU is speical in that it has a program called Up All Night. This is where students can go Thursday through Saturday. They serve food, have special events, and show movies from 10pm-2am.


all kinds of stuff, local concerts, football games are off the hook, outdoor trips going on all the time through the rec center, parties are awsome and numerous, and toons of local bars




There are A LOT of groups and organizations at WVU. What ever you are interested in I am sure they have a group for it. I for one am the most involved with the Service Dogs. Football games are awesome because everyone gets extremely into it. But if you plan on sitting in the student section, don't plan on going any where until the game is over. There are so many students you can't even move down the stairs. Every dorm is different. Boreman South is probably the worst as far as keeping your stuff. If you leave your door open or even unlocked there have been many accounts of people getting stuff stolen.


Football and basketball games are huge. Nothing else matters the day WVU has a football game. Morgantown is shut down on gameday. Coach Huggins is making basketball the same way. The most prominent organization, by far, is the Mountaineer Maniacs. Almost every major has at least two professional society clubs they can join. Partying is big on weekends and weekdays. We didn't get the number 1 party school rating for nothing. Morgantown's main downtown street, high street, is lined with bars and nightclubs. People start going out late, a time when most people at other colleges are just then coming back. I have started partying at 1:00 AM and finished at 6:00 AM, and still made it to my 9:30 class the next morning. Weekends start on Wednesdays and sometime bars have specials on Tuesdays. If you're awake at 2:00 AM on a Tuesday, you'll find a few people studying, but most people playing video games or on their computers. Off campus, there are many golf courses along with two movie theatres, and many rail trails along the river and creeks. Cheat lake is a great place to go boating, if you care to rent one, or the Cheat River has some of the best whitewater rapids in the state. Coopers Rock State Park is a great place to grill out and spend time on their hiking trails. A short drive away is some of West Virginia's most picturesque state parks. Spending a long weekend touring scenic West Virginia is an option that many people chose to do, and love to do.


I would say the most popular group is the Mountaineer Maniacs and sporting events are very popular. I met my closest friends in my dorm where we bonded instantley. Some people party almost everyday, some people party mainly on weekends, and some people don't party at all. Frats and sororities definitely have a presence on campus but it is not overwhelming. There is a lot to do on weekends that does not involve drinking - hanging out with friends or going to movies are the most popular and the Mountainlair (our student union) hosts WVU Up All Night on weekends that always has events.


people party in mo'town every day of the week. the best of the best are on high st. at two in the morning. . just PARTYING IT UP! they're mostly all drunk and couldn't form a coherent sentence to save their lives, but nonetheless, they are there.


Ok this is getting long now.... Dorms are awesome, I met my best three girl friends there. my random roomie my freshman year I lived with the rest of college. I love them all. Sporting events are by far the largest and most fun. Poeple party Monday- Sunday. Bars are sick. I am a bartender and it works out. 2 am on a tuesday, back in my sophomore year probably chillin with my girls getting high. (SOrry, i'm honest) Now, i wouldnt touch the stuff and i'm probably sleeping. Frats and Sororities use to be HUGE. My freshman yeas (fall 04) they were the thing to be apart of. Now, they are stuggling for numbers. mostly bc the univerity has stepped in and taken them over= NO FUN.


Being a freshman in the dorms was a lot of fun because everyone knew everyone on their floor and others. I lived in Towers which was full of mostly freshman so it was really easy to make friends. Weekends usually start on Wednesday here. There are so many good bar specials here so drinks and going out don't cost a lot. There are a ton of 18 to get in 21 to drink bars so even if you're not 21 you can still have a ton of fun. Sporting events and Fall Fest, like I said earlier, are soo much fun and you definitely have to participate in them. It's basically a huge party that the school hosts. Cops are not very bad around here but DUIs are given often so don't be dumb and drink and drive. There is so much transportation here that you really would never need to.


It's all party, and don't walk outside at night if you do not wish to be hit by a drunk driver.


Athletic events are very popular- football and basketball games. Greek life is weak, leaders of greek organizations do not put enough effort in to have events and activities, and do not participate enough in the community. There is also not enough funding for greek life. People party a lot and hard on the weekends- usually all night and into the morning hours. The clubs and bars are dirty and small, often overcrowded. There are few nice bars. People are generally very outgoing and friendly though.


The most popular club is the Equestrian team... just kidding, but it should be. Basically the largest club sport is Rugby. The Rugby team consists of both a boys and girls team and is a lot of fun. I'm the captain of the Equestrian Team and it has been a blast!! The team recently made it to Nationals and placed 9th out of the entire country. If you have a chance to check out the team you really should, not only do you meet great people but it's also a credited course and can really aid your GPA if you need it to. There are many cool events that happen year round at WVU. One of my favorite is the Wine and Jazz fest, which is where many local wineries come and allow you to taste their different wine selections while listening to some really good jazz musicians. There is a school bus that takes you to and from the event therefore eliminating drunk driving which is a big concern here. WVU is one of the safest campuses in the Nation and it shows in many different ways. There is also a school sponsored event every Thursday through Saturday night known as WVUP All Night. This is where you can go to the student Union known as the Mountain Lair and participate in bowling, pool, and different events. There is also a bar here as well as free food for the late night crowd coming home from the bars. It really is a great place. Up All Night also offers tutoring if you are struggling with something over the weekend, although I don't think this feature is very well attended. Frats/Sororities are what they are. I know a lot of people involved in them but they aren't the be all and end all on campus. Those who want to get involved do, and those who don't, don't. Thats all I can say about that. The parties and socials are fun though. Things you can do without drinking can include but are not limited to, bowling, shopping, eating, going to the amazing Recreation Center, seeing a movie, camping at the nearby Cooper's rock, studying if you so choose, going for a walk on the rail trail, seeing a show at the CAC, and going to a WVU GAME!!!!


The most popular student group on campus is the Mountaineer Maniacs. I am invloved with the group along with thousands of other students. The group offers discounted bus rides and tickets for away sporting events. Any student can go to home sporting events for free. This includes football games, basketball games and so on. Football and basketball games are extremely popular and are usually sold out. The football stadium holds 60,000 something people and is always packed. It makes for one crazy saturday night in a jam packed football stadium.


Mountaineer Maniacs is big. Students in my dorm freshman year left their doors open and were definitely friendly. Frats and sorotities are big, but definitely not important - it's not like everyone is in one. Something you can do one a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking...WVU UpAllNight, go see bands play at 123 Pleasant St, go to the mall or movies, do something outdoors, or just hang out with your friends downtown or at their place.


There are PLENTY of things to do. WVU has a great new Rec Center that offers many programs and sports clubs. The weeks are filled with drinking and partying, even during the weekdays. Downtown always has a special running, and most kids seem to fit into one of the multiple bars/clubs. Even if going out isn't your scene the Mountainlair offers WVU Up All Night with free foods, movies, and activities. They even had laser tag one night.


Do Marching Band. It's really quite awesome. Frats and Sororities are present, but they're not huge. Partying is a big thing, but there are dry alternatives, such as WVUp All Night.


Flag football is huge in the fall for all students. And besides that, there is always stuff going on at the Rec center. Sports teams here are huge. Mainly football, but every sport is starting to get a lot of fans there. Our basketball team has made the sweet 16 3 out of the last 4 years now. Soccer, baseball, womens soccer, womens basketball, and hockey have all made the postseason either this year or in recent years. I would say the best friends i've met either came from marching band, or from my dorm. i found it harder to make really good friends through classes. Drinking is definitley a big scene here, but it is not the only way to have a good time. Every weekend we have WVU up all night in the Mountain Lair, this involves cheap movies, bowling, billiards. thursday night they have comedy. Then they always have one special event set up on friday and saturday nights. whether it is laser tag, or some type of game show type thing that everyone can join in.


I am pretty into the greek life here. I am a Delta Gamma and love the girls that I have met from being in a sorority. There is always something to do from date parties and formals to just going to football games. My freshman year I lived in Braxton Tower, and yes, everyone leaves their doors open. This is where you get a chance to meet so many people. Athletic events are one of the most popular events to do at this school. The stadium is always sold out, Students are hanging out in the Pitt before the game, and there is a line of blue and gold for miles. I met most of my closest friends in the dorms freshman year or through my sorority.


all you gotta know about the social life is that it is the best in the nation. not many places you can have as much fun as you have here.


There are so many different organizations. We have many different sororities and fraternities, political groups, business groups, religious groups, and so many others. I am involved in the advertising groups on campus. Most of my friends are involved in the sororities on campus and they love it. I lived Towers my freshman year, which is where most of the freshman live. Dorms are where you meet everyone. Doors are always left open, and when you go out at night you always have a huge group to go with. Sports are just about one of the most popular things to do at my school besides drinking. Everyone in the town goes to the football games, and they are an event you will never forget. If I was awake at 2AM on a Tuesday I would be doing one of three things: out at the bars or the frats with my friends, studying in the library, or hanging out in my apartment. How often people party depends on whom you talk to. There is nothing wrong with going out as long as you go to class and get all of your work done because if you don't you won't be at this school for very long. My school has fraternities and sororities, but there is so much to do even if you don't join them. There are three different types of party schools: frat parties, clubs and bars, and apartment parties. My school happens to be a mix of all three. If you don't want to drink and it is a Saturday night, there is still a lot to do. I have friends that don't drink but still come out and dance and have a great time. There is also a WVU Up All Night in the Mountainlair (the student center). There is food and people hanging out until about 2 or 3 every weekend. There are also movie theaters and restaurants all over time.


We have really good ski/snowboard and lacrosse club teams. They are able to compete on a national level and seem to be a close knit group. Students in dorms tend to leave their doors open. This is a really open and safe campus to me. I know I have stayed in touch with many people from my Freshman year that are both still here at WVU or back home. The dating scene is terrific, I'm a testament to that. I'm still with a girl that I met my Freshman year. There are so many places to "go out" at night. Whether you want to go to a bar, a restaurant, a movie theater, a sporting event, or any other thing where you can meet a datable person. You will have no problems finding someone. If you are awake at 2AM on a Tuesday you are most likely drinking a Red Bull and studying for your test the next day. If it's a Saturday, you're probably at a bar. People seem to party a lot here, but that is true of any college, we're just better at it. There is plenty of Greek life here. It is not necessary to be involved with one, although many are. I have been to other campus's, where the only fun is to be had if you are in a sorority or frat, not true of this campus. Last weekend I had friends come up to hang out and catch up. Everyone that comes up here loves it. On Saturday night, if you don't want to drink, you can do many things. There are 4 movie theaters in town, plenty restaurant options, a mall, Pittsburgh is only an hour away, and you can do many other things. This campus is what you make it and there are PLENTY of options for dining, entertainment, and sightseeing. There area, of course, is very mountainous, hence, "Mountaineers." There is a big lake 5 miles outside of town where you can fish, hike, boat, jet-ski, etc. There is a river where you can walk around on a trail that is many miles long and follows the curves of the river. There is also a park, Coopers Rock, that is about 8 miles away that has many hiking trails and plenty of overlooks. There is also a nice dog park within walking distance from the downtown campus. You will never run out of options.