West Virginia University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Keep an agenda.


I honeslty do not have anything that is bad for me at West Virginia University.


Not applicable


The worst thing about my school is that running parallel to the many options and opportunities available here, you the student are merely a number in your first year or two at the university. It is such a large university that your entrance classes reach 200 people. As you eliminate your initial classes to head in to a major, your class size average drops greatly and a more personal relationship with a professor is achieved.


The worst thing possibly about West Virginia University may just be the spread out campus. But there is enough transportation to get to anywhere you need to go! Oh and definitely the roads, potholes everywhere!


The worst thing about my school would be the excessive partying. No matter if it is a school night or a weekend, there is continuously students everywhere yelling and drinking. I personally think it takes away from the great experience because it influences every student to try it. There are so many other activities you can involve yourself in, and I don't think drinking is the smartest choice to do out of all of the options available here.


I think the worst thing about my school is the repuation as the number one party school. People look down on the university because of this, even though it has some of the top acedemic departments in the country. We are seen as crazy holigans who are completely irresponsible towards their education which is not the case at all.


Winters in Morgantown are a clusterfuck. Morgantown has the skinniest roads situated on windy, steep mountains. The city does not do a sufficient job plowing the roads and driving up the mountain roads becomes almost impossible. It doesnt help that the university almost never shuts down campus due to bad weather. Accidents are constant, especially on days when the campus is not closed. Not to mention, the volcanic sized pot holes make driving a pain and the traffic is always jammed.


Getting from place to place. The transportation provided by the school is not always reliable.


For out of state, it is pricey.


There's nothing truely bad about my school. Although big, the faculty is avaiable whenever you need someone. And the services and opportunities provided are more than enough. If I had to change one thing though, it would be the sterotypes and reputation. I love telling people that I go to West Virginia University. However, the explanation that most people want for why I chose it gets a little old after a while. Not everyone can see its beauty as easilly as me.


Like most college campuses, the worst thing about West Virginia University is the contuous amount of partying because the students who are attending WVU to get a college degree and advance their education suffer from the constant noise, distractions, and careless mess from the students who party.


I'd say the worst thing about my school would have to be the constant partying. I think WVU is one of the top 5 party schools in the US. Of course, most students wouldn't complain about this. However, I've never been a partier and my freshman year I staid in a dorm and the kids stumbling around drunk in the middle of the night was annoying.


I would say the parking situation is the worst part. Also, the winter seems to last forever.


The worst thing about WVU is that there are different campuses. I don't like riding the PRT or buses when I need to go to the other campus for classes.


there are 2 campuses in morgantown and they are not very easy to commute too. public transportation could be improved at wvu.


The worst thing about my school would be its distance from my home. I don't get to go back home as much as I want because I'm twelve hour away from Wisconsin.


Due to the size of West Virginia University getting to class isn't the quickest thing. Depedning on where your class is located you may have to take the personal rapid transit, meaning in order to get to class on time you must leave at least thrity minutes ahead of time. This leaves you to feel as though your class is an hour longer than it actually is after the transportaion of there and back.


Its really big, but I'm not sure about anything else because I will be attending in the fall.


If I had to pick a bad thing about my school it would be the large lecture hall classes. As a freshman taking 100-level classes it is difficult to find a class, other than in things like English, that has fewer than 200 people. Having these large classes was defnitely an adjustment for me and it was an entirely different learning enviornment. The size of these classrooms would be the main flaw with my otherwise exceptional school.


The worst thing about this school is that we have to pay for our own books and that we have to pay for parking. College is already very expensive as it is. The extra $400 or so that I have to pay for books each semester adds a burden on me and on my parents. I feel that there can be something done so that we are not required to pay for all our books, maybe just a portion of them. Parking is expensive too. It is a dollar an hour and the money adds up.


The worst thing at my school in my eyes, is that a lot of students tend to smoke. I do not smoke and it can be very annoying. Also, I do not like to go out and party, however partying is very common here.


The workt thing about my school would have to be the parking. The parking situation is not the best in the world. You have to pay for parking all the time and when you do find a place it is usually clear across town and you have to end up taking a bus just to get to the class that you have for that day.


I love my school, however, I would have to say the worst thing about it is the fact that the classes and dorms are not all on one campus. They are spread out along three different locations which makes transportation difficult and living arrangements sometimes hard to deal with. I would also say that the parking on campus is not very good.


Class size. I have had multiple 200+ person classes and do not enjoy them.


The proverbial "red tape" plagues my school! Just getting into certain classes can take several days and several trips to accomplish. This can be especially challenging to someone working full-time and raising a family. After tracking down a professor for signature entry into a class, I was sent from the Admissions office to the Financial Aid office, to the Bursar's office, and across town to pay a campus parking ticket! Considering that these offices all close by 4:00, the process took several days for me. Please allow class registration online!


I can't think of any, WVU is just a great school


The worst thing about this school is the fact that the advisors you are assigned to do not get personal with their students and what they are interested in. The advisors get a general idea, but most of the time they are no help at all. The only way that anyone can succeed at this school is if they know students who already graduated with that major or whos already graduated. There are so many students here that advisors forget appointment times, names, and even to contact you back if you email or call with questions that need answered immediately.


The worst thing about WVU is the difference between in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition. I think it is ridiculous that I pay almost triple what people who live in West Virginia pay. On top of that, most of the students from WV receive the Promise Scholarship, so their tuition is free anyways. I wish there was a way for a Pennsylvania student like myself to receive reduced or free tuition.


too big


The lack of housing and parking for students, and the huge classrooms of a near 300 students.


The snow was pretty harsh during the winter. Especially being from Zimbabwe, I had to adjust to winter conditions


so many people come here just to party or drink. im here to get an education.


The dorm food. Eating at the same place and the same food everyday gets boring.


The size of the school makes it difficult to get paperwork or requests processed in a timely manner. Administrators are too busy to answer everyone's emails and there is so much paperwork that some things get lost.


The advisers seem to want you to take as many classes as you can but it feels like an overload.


I think the worst aspect would have to be parking and price of parking for the two separate campus'. Sometimes the buses and the PRT (personal rapid transit) are not as efficient as they should be. This can be due to techinal problems or weather. Therefore I think the transportation and parking should be evaluated and updated.


The hills! My calfs are rock hard! Hiking mountains to walk to class isn't what i originally signed up for. But it's still absolutely worth it.


f you like going to clubs, football games, drugs, and blending in with a crowd then this school is for you. There is a lack of willing to engaging intelligent matters among the students on campus, many just love to party and do sports.


there is a lot of partying but if your focused you will be successful


The campus because it is so spread apart.


The worst thing about my school is the availability of parking. I have been a commuter since I began college and parking has always been my number one issue. I have to leave extremely early depending on the time of day just so that I may have a chance to find parking. There have also been times where I have been late for class becuase it took so long to get a parking spot.


There are too many business majors who don't take school seriously.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the weather. Generally year round during the school season it is extremely cold. It took me a while to get adjusted to it my freshman year. However if you dress properly you should not have a rough time adjusting to the weather. Also the exreme number of hills all around the campus can be a tough job to climb in between classes.


There is no "set" of rules. It seems like a teacher can jsut make things up as they go along.


Worst thing about the school is the majority of social activities are based on alcohol, and it feels everyone at the university has the same thoughts and opinions


I consider WVU's worst characteristic to be the binge drinking. If every student could drink responsibly, that would be fine. But many are loud and obnoxious by disrupting the neighborhood, getting in fights, or hitting on anyone in sight.


Traffic because there are too many students for the town


Location, climate, weather.


Its reputation it is know as a party school. yes there is partying but it is only what you make of it. Some of us study hard and dont get the reputation of that because others party hard.