West Virginia University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school spirit because it makes everyone welcomed


The roads in Morgantown are horrible.


the friendly atmosphere


I think the worst thing at WVU has to be the lack of communication between students and academic advisors. When trying to get signed into a class, there were entirely too many hoops to jump through, and it seems like they are very disconnected with students' goals for graduation.


The school, as well as the state, is perceived negatively throughout the county. These pereceptions, however, are not true, but do tend to send out a negative vibe to people who have not experienced the atmosphere themselves.


Some teachers are slow on grading tests and transportation to classes can be poor in the winter.




The only bad thing I would have to say about my school is something that would probably apply to almost any school one could attend. I transfered from another school, and it has been somewhat difficult to make friends and become involved in social organizations. I have discussed this with another student who transfered from a different university, and she felt the same way. Fortunately, however, it is not impossible, and I have been fortunate enough to make friends though my classes, joint interests in the community, and even volunteering in organizations that are not affiliated with the university.


I consider the organization of the faculty and administration to be the worst part. Getting help with advising and planning your major gives you a run-around sometimes. No one ever knows where you need to go to get things done. Also many of the professors are of different nationalities and it is difficult to understand them.




This is very hard, but if I had to pick the worst thing about WVU, it would be the transportation. Although students always find the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) fascinating, it is not always reliable. Students that live on the Evansdale Campus may have trouble getting to the downtown campus on days when the buses are running late, and the PRT is not working, snow days for example.


The parking!!!!!! It is very hard to find parking for classes and then most times it's pay parking. Students can get sememster parking, but it is again very expensive.


Sometimes when you need to study it can often be to loud.


The worst thing about my school is not necessarily a problem with the facilities or the teachers. What I feel is the worst thing about my school is the traffic that it creates in my town. I have lived in Morgantown my whole life and every year my favorite time is when the students leave for the summer because all of the traffic disappears. The rapid increase in student population of the past few years has led to traffic problems that have not been accomidated by the school or town.


The worst thing about the school at this point in time is that there is a lot of construction, but all the construction projects do come out looking incredible.


The PRT transportation system is a little slow, but the bus system helps to make up for it and the PRT should hopefully be fixed soon...


Transportation and schedules for getting onto campus from off-campus housing. Off-campus buses do have a schedule, but are very often late or not accurate on running the scheduled times. This is actually not the fault of the bus drivers but more because of the traffic at the university due to the fact that West Virginia is a "pedestrian rule" school. If you live on campus, transportation is almost never a problem due to the fact that students do have the advantage of pedestrian rule on their side.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that there are two campuses that you have to travel back and forth from sometimes. Other than that it really is not that bad.


The worst thing about the school is the businesses of Morgantown. There aren't nearly as many of the stores and restuarants students would go to and the availability of having them within easy distance. That is starting to change though.