West Virginia University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


We're a bunch of rednecks who party a ton. Think "Buckwild".


#1 party school, located in the boonies


If You dont play sprots you wont meet alot of girls unless you go out to the bars.


we all drink like fish we are all irresponsible mommy and daddy pay for everything


That everyone loves to party, go to bars, drink and smoke pot. We're a huge party school.


WVU seems to follow under the same sterotype as it's state has.


People from out of state believe stereotypes about the entire state of West Virginia - that we are all shoe-less, cousin-marrying hicks. And WVU, which has held the title of #1 party school, has been referred to as "drunken barbarians burning couches."


WVU students drink a lot


mostly like jersey people-- obnoxious, crude, and horrible drivers.


All the students are party animals and go here because it is an inferior college and they could not get in anywhere else.


Hillbillies, Rednecks, Drunks, Party all the time, Couch Burning


That it's a party school that you would do badly in.


That West Virginia is a big party school & everyone that comes there is going to party too much and then drop out.


Most students here are raging alcoholics who party every day of the week.


WVU is a huge party school, and WVU students are stupid and lazy.


Some Stereotypes would be that we are a bunch of rednecks who party way too much and never go to class.


Some stereotypes about West Virginia as a state is that we (West Virginians) are all stupid and overweight. A stereotype about the university is that it is the number one party school because the Princeton Review said so. Also, another stereotype about the school that is known all around West Virginia is that the parking situation on campus is pretty bad.


That everyone drinks all day, every day - I know plenty of people who only drink every so often, socially, or don't drink at all.


That all we like to do is PARTY.


That they are a bunch of hicks and hillfolk; that the common student is belligerant and drunk all the time; they don't study; all they do is go to parties and bars; that at football games the crouds are loud, noisy and violent.


We know how to party.


As a whole, the university is looked down upon by outsiders looking in that have never really been a part of WVU. I come from the area where Virginia Tech is, and around there, they are very negative toward WVU. They make it seem like it doesn't live up to standards of a good school.


We are the school that has been rated number 1 for the best party school in the nation, so we tend to be stereotyped in this way. Our school is also very into our sports, which we are known for.


some of the stereosypes about WVU is the whole west Virginia people are hicks and whatever, also another stereotype is that WVU is an awesome party school


Many people don't know that "WEST VIRGINIA" is a state. I am from this state, so obviously I did, but many of my friends from out-of-state have friends that think this is just a school in western Virginia. A stereotype is that we are a bunch of rednecks who can't control themselves at ball games and other extra curricular activities. People think that that we are uneducated, stupid, poor drunks. Others think that we don't even have indoor plumbing...(That's just plain ignorant).


One big Stereotype is that WVU is a huge party school


There are many stereotypes about every school, and that is definitely the case for my school. Many people see WVU as a school that is easy to get into, is filled with hicks, and a school that is crazy about their sports.


What are some stereotypes about WVU: 1.) We party too much 2.) It's in the middle of nowhere 3.) We aren't a highly ranked school, more of a last resort Stereotypes about WVU Students: 1.) They tend to not take classes too seriously 2.) We are not students that are highly sought after graduation 3.) We are not as smart as students at other universities based off of our geographical location