West Virginia University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking to attend a diverse school should go to West Virginia University. There is an abundance of unique classes tied to many majors that aren't offered at many other universities. If you as an individual want to find out where in this great big world you should end up working, traveling, etc, you should come here because there's no better place to start a journey to your ultimate destination.


Anybody would fit in and love West Virginia University if they enjoy a large school and have tons of school spirit. I personally believe that since this university is so large, anybody can find their own group of people that will be lifelong friends.


Any person or persons that love variety and exercise should definitely attend West Virginia Universiy. I say exercise because the hills will keep that freshman fifteen off certainly. There is something for everyone at West Virginia University.


To attend West Virginia University you should be able to be committed to your studies but also be able to be sociable. It's a big school and you want to be able to balance out your priorities.


Any kind of person should apply to WVU! There are activities for all types of people.


Anyone can attend this school. They have large and small classes and have activities for all sorts of people's interests.


A person who is very energetic and loves to socialize with large groups.


WVU is a great school but a lot of people can get easily distracted. If you're a good student looking for a fun school that will still challenge you in your classes this is the place for you. If you're outgoing, fun, determined, and focused there is no reason not to succeed here.


My college is a place that someone who appreciates a small community should attend. It is for homebodies that really enjoy being party of a close knit college community. It is much more like a high school that has dorms than a large college experience, which in some ways can be very comforting. Teachers want to see students succeed and will do everything to make it possible. It is for people who really like to be part of everything and know the complete life stories of all of their classmates.


Attending this school means that you must be a dedicated person who isn't afraid to challenge themselves. The kinds of challenges that this school gives isn't just acedemic; however having good acedemics is still very important. This school chalenges your mind to not inhibit yourself to just memorizing the facts, but also learning the material and being able to apply them to the real world. A person who attends West Virginia University also has to be a good leader. A person who isn't afraid to take charge at appropriate times because this school definitely promotes strong leadership.


A person who appreciates a "green" atmosphere full of trees and the charm of nature should attend West Virginia University. The possibility of traveling to get to class, as not all the halls are located on the same campus, should also be taken into consideration. Finally, and most important, West Virginia University is the perfect school for an individual who shows exemplary school spirit and enjoys being surrounded by a student body of others who share the same enthusiam.


A friendly and open minded person.


The kind of person that should attend West Virginia University is someone who is smart, confident and self disciplined. At this university you meet so many interesting people and have so many fun activities to attend that it is sometimes hard to stay focused. Thats why it is important to be self disciplined so that you will be able to balance having fun with and doing well in your classes. It is important to be smart and confident in order to excel in your classes as well as be active in the student activities .


I think that the perfect WVU student is one who works hard academically and plays hard socially. Although WVU is an outstanding learning environment, the social scene can overtake some students, so it is important to be academically centric. Regardless, WVU is a school that is "just big enough" to ensure that students enjoy the amenities of a large school while the professors get to know their students personally.


A high-energy, hard-working, risk-taking, adventure-seeking social person seeking an education that will create a foundation for a successful life.


WVU is a fairly large school in a little state, sometimes causeing culture shock and thus failure to incoming freshmen. Due to class sizes, there can be very little professor to student interaction in many classes. Students who attend WVU need to be very self motivated in order to get things done for themselves. They need the tenacity to work through scheduling and intra school email system flaws. They need patience to deal with our notorious traffic issues. And they need self focus to avoid the pitfalls of a student body with a partier reputaion.


WVU is a big school, therefore you need to be outgoing and willing to meet new people. I'm more on the shy side but I love it here. Classes often require a good amount of group work which is a great way to meet new people. To me it mostly depends on what type of classes you like either big ones or small ones.


Someone who is outgoing and adventurous and likes to have a goos time.


Student's who can put their studies first because this school is great for socializing and sometimes that can take over. A person who is social and knows that doing well in school will get them further than partying.


Somebody who wants to get a good education along with a great college experience.


Any one really. As long as you are a focused, education, and career focused kind of person. It doesn't matter that you may or may not know what you would like to major in, there are many opportunities to figure that you at this school. So any person that wants that college education and the chance to excel in life and career wise should attend. There is also a wide variety of on campus activities for people too.


Because of WVU being high on the party school list people should only come here that are good managing time between school and social life.


The type of person that should attend this school should be open-minded, active, and have a sense of school spirit.


The type of person that should attend West Virginia University should be someone who is outgoing, likes to socialize, but knows how to balance social life with school work. The school size may be a bit larger for some, so it is important to be confident and allow yourself to be known within and outside of the classroom setting. Also, a person should keep in mind school spirit and Mountaineer pride when thinking about attending West Virginia University.


I think that anyone could attend this school there is a wide variety of social crowds, cultures, activities, etc. I think that everyone could find a way to fit in. The campus is a very friendly place.


A very open-minded and mature student should look into attending this school. It is easy to lose your focus and get off track so if you are not mature enough then West Virginia University might not be the best choice of schools. If you have your head on straight and a good focus then I highly recommend this university, the professors and students are great and you will learn so much about the world and yourself!


Someone who really enjoys to party instead of a non-drinker.


someone that is looking for a good value on thier education and wants to have a good time


The person who should attend WVU wants to have a good time but also is able to focus on school independently. The student does not need to be a 4.0 student but does need to maintain acceptable grades to achieve success. The student should be very school-spirited and enjoy attending sporting events to root on the Mountaineers. The student should also enjoy mountainous terrain and the outdoors.


People who enjoy night life, partying, drinking, and lots of social activities.


A person that should attend WVU is someone who is very school spirited, someone who is willing to take advantage of the university's education, extracirricular activites and social life, someone who is determined to be successful and someone who is not easily distacted.


This school has a large number of students. Anyone that has difficulty with large classes still has the potential to do well here because help is available. If the person does not enjoy classes with a large number of students, he/she might not enjoy the classes here.


Someone who enjoys nightlife but also has an appreciation for the outdoors and nature as there are many places to go out on the town and many places to sit on a mountainside and reflect on life.


a very social person willing to interact with many students that are just like them.


Someone focused and disciplined, but also friendly, tolerant, outgoing, and spirited (and a sports fan!!!) would thrive here.


A person who is willing to work hard/ and wants to play hard.


Football oriented students with the ability to drink and most of the time hold their liquor, who are able to attend their class the next day and make signifigant advances in their studies.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is ready to work, dedicated, and focused. West Virginia University is a very good school academically. It challenges students to learn and to go above and beyond in their learning. Graduates of WVU usually have a job waiting for them. In order to get to graduation you have to be ready to work, dedicated , and focused so they can get the best education posible.


In my personal opinion, any type of person should attend WVU! This school is very welcoming of new students, and makes it easy for new students to find friends. I didn't know anyone when I first attended WVU, but programs like Adventure WV and many orientation classes help to break the ice with incoming freshmen and help them feel comfortable on campus.


Fun loving academically driven


Someone who is outgoing and willing to socialize, yet also capable of balancing social life with academics.


Someone who wants to party -- generally. I used to, now I don't so much, and I have nothing to do. So, be committed.


A person who is wanting a diverse community with a 'home-town' feel. This school offers everything and has a place for everyone.


Outgoing, social, friendly, enjoys being around people.


Students who want to branch out on their own. You have an opportunity to become an adult here. Residence halls give you enough supervision to keep you from making huge mistakes but you still have enough freedom to make life choices and come into your own.


Someone who doesn't mind a larger college and who wants to participate in the extracurricular activities. It is very school spirit oriented.


All kinds of people.


Someone attending this school should be motivated, hard working, and fun going as well. The school is very apt for any type of student from any backround or with interests in varying fields.


Someone who is academically determined, school spirited, and enjoys communicating and working together with others would do well at this university. Since it is a large campus, one must be able to be balance fun and academics.


Anyone. West Virginia University is a very diverse campus. People from all over the state, country, and world are represented at this school. There is literally no culture, ethniticity, or socio-economical backgrount that is not represented at this school. Anyone and everyone should apply, this is a wonderful university.