West Virginia University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I have yet to meet a person that West Virginia University has not been able to accomodate. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The student body is a diverse mix of all walks of life and it seems there is a place for everyone in Morgantown. There might be a person who shouldn't attend WVU but I haven't met them yet and couldn't begin to tell you about them.


A person that isn't looking to have an amazing time getting an education with amazing people.


I feel like that there is something for everyone at this school so I really don't know or have a specific answer


I do not think there is a type of person who shouldn't attend this school. I have met so many different people here and everyone seems to find a way to fall in love with it. As a member of the Honors College, I have met some of the smartest and well rounded people. The people who come to this school are grounded, humble people, who have learned to learn from experience rather than from what others say.


Someone that does not like big schools. Also someone that needs one on one time with the teachers.


I truly believe that anyone who attends this school will fit in and find people who share their same interests. There is so much diversity here at WVU and there are just so many people so that everyone can find a friend. This school is very spirited and very excited about our sports teams so if someone does not like sports, maybe this is not the school for them but there is so much else to do that you do not need to like sports to come here.


Someone who isn't serious about school.


A person that is not willing to put forth the effort to integrate into the community. WVU is very active in service and commitment in the surrounding area and the sense of belonging is palpable. People are friendly up here and everyone is willing to lend a hand if necessary.


If you are one of those people who can't control themselves when it comes to going out and drinking or attending parties every night, then I wouldn't recommend this school to you. You really have to have a lot of self discipline to not go out every night and do school work when you have it.


Anyone who has trouble making friends would be miserable because without friends there is not much to do. Also, any person who dislike large crowds would have a tough time.


West Virginia University is a school where you can walk to class and start a conversation with the person walking next to you even if you have never met them before that moment. All the students are friendly and helpful to everyone and even the professors who have 300+ students in one class are more than willing to help any student if they need it. WVU is a place where kids can become adults.


Someone who is shy and it is hard for you to speak in public. You will be in large classes and there are sometimes you have questions and you won't ask them becaue you're in a class room with 200 other students. Also if you do not like to be exposed to alcohol. There is quite a bit of drinkin that goes on and you must be prepared to at least be exposed.


Somebody who isn't dedicated to their work, someone who doesn't want to be in a small town, or someone who does not want to be at a large university.


Students who arent serious about furthering there education.


There is person who should not attend this school. There is something for everyone here.


Someone who likes a rigorous work load, small class sizes, and a small campus should definitely not attend WVU!


If your looking for a school to recieve a great education, watch division one basketball and football games and enjoy yourself you should go to West Virginia Univerisity.Morgantown isn't a gorgeous city but it has a great college town feel. It's a very large school but honestly it doesen't seem that way, you could be walking down High Street and see many friendly faces. You don't have to join Greek Life to have a good time, but it's a blast if you do.


I think that anyone could attend this school there is a wide variety of social crowds, cultures, activities, etc. I think that everyone could find a way to fit in. The campus is a very friendly place. However, the way the campus is set up I think that it is difficult for handicapped people or those in wheelchairs to get around. I know the school has made efforts to make it more accessible such as a shuttle, more ramps, etc. but it still seems that with so many stairs and hills it must be difficult to get around.


Anyone who is may get home sick easily or maybe comes from a really small town.


I really don' t believe there is a type of person who should not attend this school. Everyone is welcome and the campus has family weekends which includes several events for everyone it is a lot of fun and gives your family a chance to see the campus. Family is very important here which makes everyone feel welcome.


partying binge drinking who do not want to study.


Anyone who doesn't like to party, drink, or isn't extremely sociable.


Very, very artistic.


People who do not enojoy large class sizes and less one on one attention.


Because WVU is a big school with a small feel to it, anyone would be able to fit in here. I guarentee there anyone can fid a friend on campus!


Someone that doesn't like to go out and party


WVU is a school for people who don't want a school that is really big, but they want to get to meet a lot of people. Because Morgantown is a relatively small city, the school is not all that big, but it is big enough to meet a diverse population. It is also geared towards those who are dedicated to academics and want extra-curricular activities. The course load can be very challenging here and there are plenty of extra-curricular activities for people of any interest to get involved.


Any student that wishes to learn at a small feeling yet large school should come to WVU. The classes are small enough that you feel lie you can have enough time with a professor to do well and lean a lot. Although the school is large, you will see your friends a lot more than you might expect.


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone who is easily overwhelmed with large groups of people. West Virginia University is not a big school, but it is larger than most schools in West Virginia. I also would not recomend this school to someone who is easily distracted and likes to party. Every night of the week there is a party somewhere, and the bars are always packed. If a student would like to succeed they need to stay focused and not fall into the crowd that will fail out early.


Someone who is an introvert and only wants to study.


A person that is artsy, or doesn't like college sports or partying. This is a crazy party school compared to all other schools and people wouldn't fit in if they like to stay in on Friday or Saturday nights.


Probably someone looking for the best in education or a wide range of courses avaliable.


A person who wants to get a good job, and go to school in a friendly place with great professors. Someone who loves the social scene.


Someone that doesn't like large campuses or walking up hills. The school is VERY populated and has two campuses. Also, the school is very mountainous, so it can make for difficult walking sometimes.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school, is one that doesn't like; being around a lot of people, having school spirit, making friends from all different ethnicities everyday, working with students in class, participating/watching sporting events, attending various concerts and plays, riding our famous Personal Rapid Transit getting us from campus to the next, being in the mountains, working with world renowed teachers, and I could go on forever. These are all the things students at WVU appreciate and love.


Someone who doesn't like sports or school spirit should not attend this school because athletics and school spirit are a very large part of campus life. I fell like this school would fit many students because we have a diverse campus and there are a wide range of activities for students.


I am not sure that there is any "kind" of person who I would say shouldn't attend this school. West Virginia University is open to all people and I believe it is compatable with all people. It is an excellent institution!


Someon that is outgoing and willing to focus on their schoolwork but still able to have fun with new friends that have become like family. Someone that wants to succeed in life and learn about their major with full support. Anyone that wants to enjoy college but get a great learning experience as well.


Everyone should be allowed to attend this school. If it is not right for him or her they will leave, but I really feel that everyone should give it a try. I went to another school at first my freshman year and transferred in with some reluctance. It turns out that was one of the best decisions I ever made. The classes are fantastic; most of which are very interesting. There is diversity amoung students and plenty of things to join and get involved in.


Someone who doesn't like to interact with others, or easily gets swept away in partying.


someone that doesn't like big classes, lots of walking, and somewhat unreliable transportation


The only people iI would tell to not come to this school are those who cannot handle being in a big community.


Someone who wants very small class sizes and a small school.