West Virginia University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First off, parents - breath! Your son or daughter is about to embark on the best, most influential time in their life. It may be hard to let go, but you will definitely feel more confident if you know their college will be a fit. My first tip of advice is to go on a campus tour with your child. Discover the environment he or she will be spending the next 4 or more years in. And whether we admit it or not, we want you there the first time. Secondly, encourage dorm living for the first year, even if you live close to the college. This will give your college student a chance to live safely on their own, make new friends they would otherwise meet, and of course always be fed with the on-campus meal plans offered. And finally, when it's time for you to leave on move in day get out of there. You've done your job for the past 18 years of providing everything your child needs. It's our turn now to see how much we remember and your turn to wait for our first phone call with a laundry question.


Advice I have for students and parents about choosing the right college is to take it slow. In high school, teachers and guidance counselors are alway rushing the decision for students. Take the time to sit down with your parents/child and discuss the options. Talk about what is affordable and the different options to pay tuition/room and board. Helping each other reach a final decision that you both agree upon will make the college experience unforgettable for the student. Speaking from experience, choosing the wrong college from the beginning can make a huge impact on that entire chapter of your life. Once the decision has been made, try your hardest to get involved on campus. Whether it is orientation, on-campus activities, or joining a club/organization, you will not regret meeting as many people as you can your freshman year. Who knows, maybe in a few years you can use those people as references of referrals!


First off, i would definately advise you to start planning what college you are thinking of attending in enough time where you may have a chance to take a tour of that campus, look for housing, and talk to an advisor to see if you can apply for grant or scholorships. Upon visiting a college, you should plan on visiting at a time when school is in session, so you are able to get a real feel for the place. Large populated colleges tend to turn into a ghost town during summer time. When you do choose a college and start attending, be very opened minded and meet lots of people. Always keep in contact with family and loves ones who you are close with just in case, so someone know your whereabouts (especially at large colleges). Go to as many sporting events, shows, and activities as you can. With all of the events and school going on, time management is going to be the best thing you can learn in college. So, an agenda book might be the best first purchase and budget plan may be the second! College goes faster than you think, Enjoy it and BE SAFE!!!


First decide how far you want to go and how many times do you plan on coming home. I go to a school thats 10 hours away and I go home about three times a year or less because I have to fly and its expensive. Then deterrmine what you may want to study because not every school has the same majors. Finally look at how you did in high school and see where you think you could get in an apply to at least 6 places. I made the mistake of only applying to 3 all very far away. Live on campus your first year its a great way to meet people. Talk to everyone on your floor once you get there. Join a club or intramural sport it'll keep you active and you meet great people. I joined the rugby team and I've met some great people. If thats not your thing get involved in something it helps in meeting people. Don't go home every weekend you will miss out on weekend activities and you won't get the full college experience. Learn to balance school work and other activities. School comes first.


Make sure you weigh all decisions with college. Know the school and the professors, but also know the area. WVU is known for drinking and its high drop out rate.


Don't go for the college that looks themost liket home. Go for the college that you will feel you can relate to people. I like to discuss ideas and theories and current events. That is why i am trying to get into UVA, the only thing that is holding me back is that there are some professors here who really do like me. Simply because i am not the average read-only-take-test students, i like to challenge their ideas and ask them questions beyond the class. If you like that then go for the nerdy college's. If you really love to drink and drift into another reality, and have crazy random sex-then pick a party college


Visit the school and make sure it is for you. Don't always go by the reputation or name but rather if it feels right to you. After all, you have to spend the next four years there.


I think you should pick a college where you feel most at home. When i visited West Virginia, and based on the contact I had from our tour guides, the orientation staff, the information center staff, recruiters, I'd never felt more at home. Everyone is so welcoming here and I have never met more friendly people in one institution. Ask people that already go to the school and talk to alumni to help get a better picture of the school if that hasn't already done enough.


consider what is important to you and what kind of environment you prefer


Choosing a school is a very hard process to go though, but with the help and guidence of parents it is much easier for a person to decide. I think that the main thing to focus on is your major. Find a school that is well-known for your major. When finding these schools then try to elliminate as many as possible for what ever reason(ex. location, expense). When your are left with the last of your cholces it is really important to tour the campuses. Being able to tour the campus make a great deal of difference. A personal experience can show much more than pictures that you may have seen. Finally, get together as a family and discuss the pros and cons about each college. This may not give you an exact answer as to what to do but it will definitely help in the selection process. When in school remember that these days will shape who you become as a professional in your career. Make sure that you focus on your schoolwork, but don't lock yourself in your room studying, get out and relieve stress with a few frielnds.


I would suggest visiting the college, looking into living opportunities, make sure there are a lot of options for your children. THis includes, sports, school activities, school events, family weekends. All kids are going to experience the good and bad of college it is really up to the individual to make sure you continue more positive outlook and always talk to your advisors and family. Its fun to be away from home but you need to remember you are attending college for an education that will effect your life after college.


go to a class


you can always test the waters nothing is permanent. have fun AND work hard


Check out more than one college, not just the one closest to you because of cost. Make sure they have a good varity of courses to if you change your mind about your major you do not have to change schools.


Find a school that has the programs YOU want. The opinions of your parents, signifigant other, etc. don't really matter if you're not going to be happy there. Definitely visit the different campuses you're considering, you'll get a feel for the campus even if you only spend a few hours there, and you'll know if you'll enjoy your time there. Talk with some of the students there, they can give you additional insights into the attitudes of the teachers and difficulty of the coursework. The absolute biggest thing you'll have to learn in college is to responsibly manage your time... College is nothing like high school. If you don't study you fill find yourself struggling with the work. If you find you hate the subjects that are related to your major, there's a pretty good chance you might be in the wrong program. Make sure if you want to change majors you do it as early as possible. Make sure you have fun!


When looking for a college consider what will make you the happiest down the road. Is it important to have a degree from an IVY league school or is it more important to not be drowning in student loan debt. If you will be happier with a big name degree go for it, you only live once. If moneyis an issue, stay in-state; there are a lot of great schools that offer great degrees. I stayed in-state at West Virginia University and absolutely love it. I love the pride this university has in our state. Whenever you make the decision, don't look back --college is a great experience.


Go for the college you believe can give you the best education. Don't pay for a name like Harvard or Yale, pay for the education you will recieve pertaining to the career you want.


Visit the campus more than a few times so you can get to know the campus before you arrive. Also, ask a lot of questions so you are not confused about anything.




Visit the campus. Do your research. Encourage college in any capacity. And support your children throughout college, very confusing time to be a college student. Support will get you through it. And transfering is always an option.


Students and parents must do alot of research on the schools that the student may be interested in. You may also want to pick a few schools to research that you don't know alot about because there might be one out there that is perfect and you just haven't heard about it. I would also suggest taking advantage of any opportunities that the universities offer such as orientation programs, housing and job opportunities, and financial aid. This can give you a closer look into the university and the way it works. Once you've chosen the right university and gotten settled in, take full advantage of everything the university has to offer such as tutoring and volutunteer programs or social opportunities like sororities/fraternities. Parents need to be supportive and active in their student's college experience.


Ask about what the majority of students like to do when not in class or studying. Visit campus during the day and night.


To parents: Do not force a major onto your child. Let him/her select a major that makes them happy. One of the biggest problems I have seen is with students not liking what they are studying. This in turn leads to lack of motivation, and failing grades. To students: Find something that makes you happy, and do it. If you like small classes and want to study art, do it. If you want the big campus atmosphere and want to study aerospace engineering, do it. Find something that you will be happy with ten years down the road, don't pick a major and get a job because that's what your parents want you to do.


The most important thing to remember is to find what college is right for yourself. I almost made the mistake of choosing a school because my best friend did. Also do in depth research on the schools you are looking on choosing. Find out about the academic sucess of the students as well as the role of career planning and work study involved with your major. I found that this helps you in the long run even after you finish college. When attending college becomes as involved as possible at your university. Take part in extracurricular activities, Fraternities, Sororities, and everthing else involved with your university. Not only does it allow you to make lifelong friends but it makes attending college away from your family that much easier.Also dont be afraid to ask for help. If your are struggling in a class and are doing everything you can let the teacher know, you will be suprised at the length they will be willing to ensure your success.


Students looking to find the right college need to do one thing, and make sure they do it well: research. If there's one thing that I didn't do my senior year of high school that I wish I did, it's looking into multiple colleges. Don't just go with the first college you think suites you. Visit all of the colleges you're interested, and take the time to talk to students who go there. Don't assume that what they tell you at a visitation day is going to completely reflect the way the college is. Once you get to college - and I cannot stress this enough - study and go to class. These are two simple things that make a difference and will help you succeed. Look over your notes each night, and get your butt to class each day. It's what you're there for. But remember, take the time to enjoy the college experience. These four years really are some of the best years of your life.


Entering a university is a big change in life. It is something that is looked upon with excitiment. However, college is a life changing time, which can be a little overwhelming if you are not prepared. It is very difficult to leave home and adjust to life on your own. Students, when looking for a college, it is important to find a place that makes you feel at home. If you do not feel comfortable in your environment you will never be able to adapt to your new life. It is also important to study hard yet make time for yourself. If you don't you will surely lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Parents, know when to let go, when to hold your child close, and when to lend a listening ear-- trust me you will be the most important person in your childs life throughout these next few years.. Overall, college is a incredible experience, don't sweat the small stuff, let go of you inhibitions, have fun, and work hard-- after all these are the best years of your life!


I would tell the students to research colleges atleast a year ahead of time and not to settle for less because you want to attend college with a good high school friend. I encourage cmpus visits, because although the education may be good, if the surroundings aren't comfortable it can cause stress and put strain on your education. I encourage students to keep an open mind about college and not to expect what the see on television. For parents, I encourage you to answer any questions that your son/daughter may have while being blunt. College is, for the most part, a place where people find themselves and while doing so, they experiment. Parents, encourage your son/daughter to be responsible and let them know that the decision that they make will determine where they end up in life. I encourage parents to let their kids grow up on their own with out constant reminders and supervision. Parents and students should have genuine conversations about college experiences so that the student understands that this is real life, and so that the parent understands that the student needs to live their life freely.


It is pertinent that the family discuss their expectations of universities before they begin making decisions. The student should decide if he/she wants to go to a large school or a small one. They should also decide if they plan on participating in sports. I would suggest that students and parents take their time when searching for the perfect college. It is important to make as many college visitations as possible. While on these visitations, they should meet with faculty and staff and have a list of questions prepared to ask about the university. The parents and student should also discuss a field of interest. They should do their research to see if it is offered at select universities and if the programs are well-known. Academics should be a major concern. After visitations and research, the parents and student can anticipate if they think the student will perform well at certain colleges. Good communication with faculty and between the parents and the student is important for choosing the appropriate school.


My advice to furture college students would be to apply to as many colleges as you can and try to visit all the ones you are intrested in. Take time to think about your choices by yourself and with your family, dont let financial problems interfere with your decision. Once you find a college you feel is right for you try to get involved as much as you can. Go out of your way to try new things, go on school trips, become part of school clubs, make sure to remain who you want to be and not transform your thoughts and opinions to what others want.


When picking a school to go to it is important to realize that you will be living in that place for the next four years of your life. No matter where you decide to continue your education, the choice must be yours because you are going to be the one who needs to step up and start to grow up. This is a great oppertunity to find yourself and learn what you need to know in order to be successful at your chosen career. Where ever a person chooses to go to school it is important to beware that your educations is your top priority. Once the responsibilities of school work are under control your social life will be less stressful and much more enjoyable which makes for happy and successful people.


I would advise parents and students to collaborate to find the right college. Make sure to visit the campus to get a dose of reality of what college life is like at each school. Schedule meetings with academic advisors and financial aid counselors. Students should see if the college will meet their needs and fit their personality. (artistic, political/religious views, diversity, safety, etc.) When starting college, I would suggest joining student organizations that interest the student. It is also important to get to know each professor and discuss what their class demands in order to get a good grade. Get involved in academic communities, contribute to student organizations, and remember that schoolwork should be a more important priority than socializing.


Always apply to a multitude of schools, not just the ones you orginially look at. Before accepting admitance to a school ALWAYS check it out in person to be sure it is the one for you. I made the mistake of going to the first reach school that accepted me my freshmen year and the place wasn't for me. I transferred out and now have another year of college I need to take to catch up with my non-transferrable credits.


Let your child figure out their school on their own


Make sure that parents are involved in the college process especially if you are thinking about going to a school where you won't be with anyone from high school. Make sure that everything that you want out of a school is readily available to you. You definately don't want to settle for a school just because your friends are going there or because it is close to home. Go to the school you feel will fulfill your wants and prepare you to achieve your future goals. Make friends, learn new things, and the best piece of advise I can give is to not hold back. If you want to join four clubs, and become friends with people you would never imagine yourself with, go for it, college is the best time to learn who you are.


Make sure your research is done to where exactly you would like to continue your education. Your college will be your next home so you have to love your new home as if it were your home in your hometown. Also understand college is meant for you to be free to express your opinions along with meeting new people with new opinions so keep an open mind and you will be able to juggle the struggles and highs and lows of college and will succeed. College just prepares your mind for the real world challenges that await.


For parents, let your child have all the possible chances and opportunities to do whatever they want to do with their lives. This is the greatest four years of any young adults life and they need to be in a place where a strong foundation can be set. Students, don't turn your back on anything. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to experience all that is out there. Don't be worried in August before you leave your parents, BE EXCITED! Everyone else is feeling the same things you are, be the one to help others feel more relaxed and comfortable wherever you are. Most importantly, just go to class! I know it's going to be overwheliming at first with no parental guidance telling you what to do, but just remember why you are there. Going out and drinking with strangers may seem a lil awkward, but these will be your best friends for life. Finally, don't sell yourself short. Challenge yourself with difficult classes, see what you are truely made of.


College is where someone can define themselves and begin the path of their life, or they can lose themself. When finding a college, you need to know: what you want from the institution(class size, classes, professors, libraries, technology labs, internships, job placement, events, etc), what you want from the surrounding area of the institution(urban/rural, living, activities, sports, type of geography), what kind of people you want to be around, what kind of activities and clubs you're interested in, and the college atmosphere you will thrive in (fast paced, more inclined to partying, sports influenced, strict academics, etc). Always make sure the college you are applying to has your desired career AND other subjects you are interested in, and that they are accredited and established in those fields, with plenty of on and off campus resources/connections. If you feel a connection with an institution, look into it and follow your gut because your happiness is the first ingredient to success.


Always remember to have fun and try not to be overly serious. A student will not learn anything if they are not enjoying their time in the environment they are staying. College is supposed to be an experience of a lifetime! Find a school that is well suited for you and/or your childs needs and go with it. It can be a great time and they will learn alot no matter what.


College is what you make of it. Money is important factor in that how ever. Plan accordingly. It's not cheap anywhere you go live within your means! Remember one day you have to pay back these loans, so you better do well so you can get a good job.


While it is hard to tell which college is right before you actually attend it, make sure when you arrive you give it a chance. Like anything else college takes some adjusting, and it is important that you have an open mind during your first couple of months. College is very nerve racking, but once the initial adjustment is made it will be the best time in your life. It is all about doing things in moderation and keeping organized, and if you can do these things you can pretty much do whatever you like in life.


Find the right college is about finding yourself. If you can see yourself walking to class on its campus, taking notes in its lecture halls, and making friends in its dorms then you have found the right place. Forget your proior misconceptions or what other people have told you, when you visit it, you will know.


To find the right college for you, you have to consider your goals and what school will provide the most help in achieving those goals. Also consider the type of campus you prefer, maybe a small school would be best for some people and a big school for others. Another important point to consider would be location, some people aren't comfortable living far from home, or maybe you want to have a totally different experince and go far from home or even consider studying abroad. The best way to make the most out of the college experience is to have a positive attitude! Every experience is a learning experience that is going to mold the kind of person you are to become. Stay motivated and stick to your plan of achieving your goals. Managing your time is the most important thing. Make sure you set aside specific times for everything you need to do so that everything gets done on time and your work doesn't pile up and make you feel overwhelmed and stressed.


All in all it should be about the future students likes. They should be able to go to the school that they choose and feel most comfortable at. The time and money that students and their families put in now for their education will pay off in the end.


The right college will feel right. you will feel a sense of pride and belonging at the school. It is not hard to find the school for you just do what feels right.


Follow your heart


Never limit your choices. Apply to as many schools as you can, even if you think you have no chance of getting accecpted. It is a comforting feeling being able to have a list of schools in front of you that have accecpted your application, and you get to choose. Also, apply early and apply often, and do it yourself!!! I had issues with my high school guidence councelor, and seeing what happend to other student's transcripts, it is important to be sure of the status of your own future. GO TO CLASS!!! I notice that there are two kinds of people at almost any college: Those who go there to learn, and those who go there because they think that higher education is a right and not a privlidge. Nothing bothers me more when students complain about an assignment or talk in class. Those who do the bare minimum are taking up space for the rest of those people who actually care about haveing a sucessful life and using their school as a tool. The first step in doing this is go to class. After you do your work, then go have fun.


Its not all about acedemics. They should be pretty high on the list, but its college. These years are supposed to be the best years of your life, even better than high school.


Just make sure you look at every aspect of the school like cost and scholarship offers, living arrangement. For Students make sure its the type of atomshpere the you would enjoy too. College is a time for learning but you have to find time for yourself and friends too.


Students should find a college that is not too close to home so he or she can get the feeling of being away and independent, but most should not immediately go far away. Also, don't be afraid of the size of a school. Meeting as many different kinds of people as possible is probably one of the best things a student at a new university or college should do. One of the best ways to meet many new people is through extra-curricular activities. There are so many available and if you find ones that interest you, chances are the people involved will interest you also! Plus, you will have common grounds. The more things you get involved in outside of school work, the more occupied your are and the more comfortable you will be with your new environment, and statistics show that the more involved a new student becomes the better his or her grades will be! Academics should always come first!


I knew from a young age that I wanted to attend WVU. My advice is to never give up on getting into your dream school.