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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


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There should be more resources available to help new students to deal with the "party" atmosphere that the university is infamous for, its frustrating that the school almost seems to let students flunk without caring.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the transportation system. We have something called the PRT, Personal Rapit Transportation, its like a metro for students. It takes students from one campus to another and students need it quite a lot. It is sad to say that it breaks down oftenly and then students are either late to classes or they have to walk. The school provides buses, but the buses can only take so many students at once, and in fact, there are many students on either campuses.


WVU has the reputation of being a top party school in the country. Majority of the student body is out to have a good time most days of the week. Conqequently, most of my class mates struggled balancing academics with their socail lives and their grades reflected the power struggle. If students worked harder on their school work, the school would not have a bad reputation. I believe that a college with a successful student body knows the balance between school and partying, and keep their grades high.


People also don't really consider WVU a good school because they think it is just a party school, when really WVU has a lot of excellent programs and great professors that really do want to help you succeed.


Some teachers are more focused on their own research than actually teaching students.


The most frustrating thing about Wittenberg is its location. Springfield Ohio in is not the safest place. I do not feel comfortable leaving campus much later than eight o'clock at night without another person because the local people are not freiendly to college students. I understand that a college is sometimes located in towns that are less appealing because it brings students closer to the campus and created a feeling of a campus community but I do not like feeling unsafe.


I have to say walking to class. I have to carry around an inhaler because in between classes I'm out of breathe. Also like i said before some people think they are better than others because they have money, fancy cars, or in a preppy frat. They just kill your self eestem


When I attended WVU (2004-2007), the most frustrating thing was the jam-packed PRT cars that frequently breakdown. It's a cool idea, but the nearly 50 year-old system needs to be updated.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that people don't take the university seriously. Many people decide not to come to WVU because of its reputation. It's sad, but true. The university does have a bad reputation, but there are so many other good things about it that people overlook. Others stereotype the school and focus on it's bad reputation rather than the many positives it has to offer.


How hard my major is


The transportation situation is frustrating. There are few parking spaces available. The PRT does break down.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the terrain; it is very hilly.


The most frustrating thing about WVU is its lack of parking. Saything that, though, the school does a pretty fair job of tying the two campuses together. There are buses that run on a schedule in between the campuses and also a PRT (Personal Rapid Transit). The best way to describe the PRT is as an above ground subway. It is fairly old and breaks down rather frequently, but it gets the job done. Just always have a back up plan when trying to get to a class on the opposite campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that despite the great academic experience I have had here, not to mention the phenomenal Division 1 athletic event experiences, the first thing people assume when you say you are going to WVU is that you are going there to party, and that is simply not indicative of how the entire student body acts. The actions of the majority have become the frustration of the minority who can't shake the assumptions.


So far nothing really. The biggest problem is that the campus is on hills, and this means you have to walk up alot of stairs to get to almost anything.


Unless you are willing to walk at least fifteen minutes every day to classes or drive every day, morgantown is a busy and loud place. I live in South Park and it takes me about 20 minutes to talk to class every day. And everything here is uphill, so a decent amount of any walk through the city is going to be uphill. You get your exercise, but accept that fact BEFORE you come here.


Along with most other schools, the price of books here is outrageous. I believe that along with subsidizing trips and housing, WVU should also help with the cost of text books.


The transportation is a big problem! There is monorail system set up for the students yet it gets stuck/doesn't work and therefor, doenst provide transportation. The busses come every half hour which is ineffective since most people will be late to classes or really early. There is also not many things to do in the town besides party/drink.


The same answer as above applies here. I don't like that I have to spend so much time going back and forth between different offices and reminding people to file an application or resending the same email multiple times to get an answer.


It sometimes seems there are too many people for such a college town. The town is normal sized but is way to overpopulated to the point where it makes it smaller. Transportation can also be a problem. Parking anywhere is horrible and the (PRT) usually breaks down and can be very frustrating.


As stated previously, the transportation is the most frustrating. The efficiency is not always up to par and could be fixed.


Getting appointments with academic advisors is sometimes challenging because they frequently cancel appointments. Also financial aid can be fairly difficult to get things squared away. Often I feel like people in positions of power at our university think of us students as nothing but dumb students who should have no say and just pay their salary.


The amount of money you spend on textbooks. Often feels they are overpriced.


I believe that the most frustrating think about West Virginia University is having to ride the prt to get to the downtown campus. I think that a renovation of the prt would be a great asset for the university. In the cold weather expecially, the prt has been known to break down and cause students to miss class.


There's too many stairs! The PRT could use some new programming as well.


Its easy to become a number. The opportunities are there but many people fall through the cracks because the money has already been paid.


ALthough WVU has improved on the diversity, it still is not enough. It looks as if things are segregated. People feel more comfortable with people who are like them. Even though there is some mingling of races, on the grander scheme of things, the races are segregated.


The most frustrating thing about WVU is the weather. The school is located in the mountains so the weather is very sparatic. Someone could go to class wearing a winter coat in the morning and before noon it's tee-shirt weather outside!


WVU is a very large school and it is very easy to get lost. Much of the campus is spread throughout the town and it can be very frustrating. Just keep your chin up and you will figure it out!


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are lots of hills and stairs to walk up to get around town to classes and out at night. But it can also be a good thing so you don't gain the freshman 15!


The hills and traffic. When it snows, classes are never cancled and it snows alot.


making nice american friends


Traffic is packed at time.


The surrounding area is awful -- Student neighborhoods look like and are often refered to as ghettos.


The most frustrating thing at West Virginia University is try to balance your social life with your school work. This is not an easy school, you must work hard to succeed but it is also a big party school so there are a lot of distractions.


It was the number 1 party school, so that's all people see and alot of times they don't look at the academics


The most frustrating thing about this campus is the weather. Walking around in the cold to class is never the best conditions. The campus is a little spread out, so the wind whips right through the buildings.


My school is a wonderful place to attend however it can be frustrating to be in the larger lecture halls. When I have classes with many students it can be more difficult to get to know my professor and to have them adjust the ciricumlum to fit in with my schedule or needs because they have sp many students. Also in larger classes is can be difficult to have the class move at my academic pace, like some classes are hard to keep up with and some move too slow.


Drinking is very common at this school, even in underage students. I feel more should be done to cut down on th amount of drinking at my school.


That the programs don't really explain to you what you might actually do with a degree once you receive it.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is a little too far from home. This would actually not be a problem in my mind if i had a car but since I dont its a little more troublesom. Other than that there is not one thing i would change about this university.


It is very spread out - it takes forever to get from one place to another. transportation is weak.


I do not live in an environment that encourages good study habits, and it is hard to make myself study.


It is not diverse population.


The most frustrating things about school is probably the school dinning halls and the dorm rules. The dinning halls do not have a lot of selection and no name brand restaurants envolved. You get over the food here in the first couple of months then start heading to restaurants around town. The dorms have too many regulations so you almost feel like you are back at home. At night you have night staff checking you in so getting people into your room starts to become difficult and also they need to be updated.


I believe the most frustrating thing about my school is the poor advising and the lack of drive behind the University to help students focus on getting a job/career and not just a degree. I am in my senior year and I plan on getting my graduate degree because I have heard nothing about job placement from anyone including my advisors. I do know the graduate program I am applying for at the University has good job placement though. More emphasis should be placed on helping students after they graduate.