West Virginia University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


You really can't eat when ever you want because the diner closes so early so I was ALWAYS hungry. Wish I would have known that


what I need to know


There are so many fun activites off campus but you have to seek them out yourself.


GET INVOLVED. Seriously. Don't just sit in your dorm. Go out and do something. Make friends in the first few weeks because those will be the people you have fun with the rest of the year.


I wish I had really known how much alcohol and drugs is a huge part of alot of students' lives. Makes me uncomfortable alot of the time but I have learned to deal with it by seeking out other types of people that don't party as much.


Something that I wish I had known when making my first semester's schedule was the campus layout. WVU has three campuses, and I wish that I would've known how to block my schedule so that I had classes on one campus one day and classes on another campus the next so that I was not going back and forth between campuses every day. I also wish that I had known that I was not a person who enjoyed evening classes. In addition, I got too stressed and tried to pack too many classes into one day.


I feel comfortable enough to say that I was well prepared for my first semester here. On my first day I learned that as nervous and clueless as I thought I was, I already knew what I needed to know.


I wish I would have known about my mental illness. It made my freshman year very difficult. Due to my hospitalization and experiences with a handfull of medications, I've lost a big scholarship and will be graduating late. I think I would have appreciated this school much more and made a lot more friends if I didn't spend my freshman year engulfed in a debilitating depression.


I wish I had possessed a better understanding of the different majors and classes they offered. This would have allowed me better access at selecting a major that suited me from the beginning rather than feeling the need to change my major halfway through my Freshman year. I also wish I had been able to tour the campus dormatories before I had selected my dorm of residence during my stay on campus.


When applying to colleges I knew that I wanted a big school which made West Virginia University one of my top picks. I knew that big school meant large classrooms, long distance walking, and new faces everyday. What I did not know was information on greek life at WVU. My upcoming sophmore year I plan on rushing for a soroity which I would have done my freshman year had I known more about it.


Before I came to this school, I wish I knew how hard it would be to be so far away from my parents. I also wish I knew that the hills you have to walk to get to classes are extremely tiring if you are out of shape.


How terrible the parking situation is on campus.


I wish I had known about their Music Education program from the very beginning. I attended community college to save money, but transfering in as a Junior was very difficult. Not all of my credits were accepted and I was told that I would have to add extra two years to receive my undergraduate degree. I wish I had attended WVU from the very beginning. I'm sad that I will only be spending two of my four college years here. It has been a wonderful life changing experience.


I wish I had known that the weather would have been as it has been these last copuple of weeks. Coming from a much more southern climate, it has been a bit of a shock to the system.


There are only a few thingsd that I wish I knew before coming to WVU this fall. The first is that everything on this campus is on a hill, and no matter where you go you'll be walking up a hill or stairs. The second is to apply for scholarships earlier. Because I am paying for a large part of college myself, money is definitely an issue so I would advise anyone to start applying early.


I wish I would have known about the different dorms, a better explanation online or a visual to see the location.


I wish that I had known more about the transportation options here and understood better the layout of the campus.


I wish i know more about the weather and how cold it got and the fact that it rains so much in Morgantown. School-wise, i feel like i was prepared well, maybe it would be good to know the importance of going to class on the time.


I wish I knew which textbooks I wouldn't need. Some teachers had us order textbooks that we never used, and it's almost impossible to get back all the money you spend on them. It also would have been nice to know which teachers are best, especially in classes with multiple sections and teachers available. I wish someone had told me to set money aside for textbooks and incindental expenses; I spent money on lots of frivilous stuff in high school, and I could really use some extra cash now.


History class isn't easy.


I wish I would have learned a little more about programs to get involved with involving my major. I also wish there were more ways to express your religion in a 'safe' enviorment meaning more places to practice wider varities of religion.


That it is a big school and that it is located in a small area.


I just wish that I would have done better on ACt and SAT's so I could have gotten promise.


More information from the Advisors. They aren't much help and force me to research and investigate on my own.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known not too focus too much on the academics and balance my life between my social life and academic life. The work was not a huge transistion since I had taken numerous honor classes in high school, so my freshman year was pretty simple. Knowing to be friendly to everyone instead of closed off would have been a huge plus too.


I wish I knew the transportation situation before coming to this school. I live outside of Morgantown, but the school does not support commuters that live outside of town. Morgantown has a transportation network with buses and a PRT. However, only one bus goes outside of Morgantown and its hours are inconvenient. Getting my drivers license is a struggle I have endured for nearly two years, because the state's instructional permit only lasts three months and it's hard to find the time to practice driving. I wish I got my license before moving to West Virginia.


That you had to be in a sorority/fraternity, or work at a bar/club to be the most popular.


I wish I would have known what I wanted to major in and all the majors that were offered.


I wish I knew how bad traffic got in town and how hard it is to travel on buses. I wish I knew that there would be professors that don't speak English very well. I wish I knew how many people actually went to the bars and that besides drinking that there would be other things to do at night.


Nothing... Knew all of the bad and the good about the school


That tuition goes up a lot every semester and that I would be struggling with paying my tuition within 2 years so that I could have prepared better.


I wish I would have known how hard it was to keep up with school work and it is something that needs to be done on a daily basis.


I wish I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. Not knowing really hurt my academic progress and has delayed my graduation date by a semester. However, West Virginia University helped me focus on what I truely love to do. Having a general idea now, I feel a lot better about my future and how prosperous it can be.


I wish I would have known how much it really costs to live on your own, and been more aware of my financial status.


On campus job opportunities


Applied for more scholarships. Become more familiar with my financial situation before coming to school.


I don't think that I could have known anything that I didn't.


How to better budget my time as a Freshman.


Wish i knew the proper way to manage my time.


I would have tried to get more financial aid


I wish I would have known more about the difference between college academics and high school classes. I would have like to learn better ways to study in high school.




how to better mange time


I wish I know about WVU before I applied for college and came here as a freshmen rather then a transfer!


that the dorms were over crowded.


I wish i'd known a little more about the community around the college itself.


I was completely satisfied with this school and what i knew about it before coming, upon arrival I learned more about how great the people here really are from the professors to the ra's and other students. There is nothing I would have wanted to know before coming here, nothing was a surprise or weird so that I had to adjust.


Really nothing as I was searching for a school to go to I had done research on this school. I knew when I came down here for a visit I had chosen the right one. You know sometimes how things just feel right well this was one of those times.




I wish I knew how much more difficult it is to work, wrestle, and do well academically. I just assumed it would be easy, but it takes a lot of hours. With there being so much going on socially, it is hard to juggle all of it and still get the necessary sleep.