West Virginia University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about West Virginia University is the "at home me" feeling that every one feels while attending this University. No matter where you go on campus there is always someone there to help or talk to. This was the most reassuring feeling while being a freshman here at West Virginia University.


The community atmosphere and the way all of the students rally around one naother especially when it comes to sports more specifically football.


The best thing about my school are the number of things that are available to you as a student. There are over 200 clubs/sports here, you can get tutoring when ever you need it, theres many types of colleges here for you; even one for the people who are undecided, and the number of activities that people put on to help students have fun and learn at the same time.


The sports complex and the atmosphere of the school


This school provides a lot of opportunities to pursue a degree, and places you in a good position to succeced.


Location, location, location. Being able to attend a Big XII D-1 college and play baseball at the next level while obtaining my degree. WVU was originally founded as a research institute and is considered one of the safest campuses in America.


There's three of them.


I'm the fourth generation of my family to attend West Virginia Univesity. Growing up there was alway pride in attending this school. Attending this school has taught me that I am not the only one with pride, everyone here takes pride. I love going to all the different sporting events and seeing thousands of students cheering on the Moutaineers. West Virginia is a small state, so WVU is the pride of the state. Every student knows this and everyone does their part to make this the best university around. The best part about WVU is the pride.


The professors are very willing to help their students


The atmosphere was great and the emphasis on academics


I feel as though the best thing about my school is its sense of unity and pride. School colors are displayed everywhere and you won't walk down the street without seeing someone wearing gold and blue. We love our sports teams and our marching band. These prideful aspects of the university allow for a sense of unity to be felt by all. This unity brings new students and old together and creates a 'family' type atmosphere.


the best thing about my school is the people there are many different types of people and there is always a group you will fit in. no one is left out.


We are the only University in the US that has 2 colleges ranked top 100 nationally, sports teams ranked top 25, and a lively social atmosphere. Its a great mix of academics, and having fun.


The campus is located along the Monogahala River and is very hilly. However, it is very beautiful, especially in the Fall and Spring.


I love the WVU Speech Pathology program because I get to learn in an academic setting as well as in a hands-on clinical setting. All the supervisors have credentials and a long history in many different backgrounds making our department well rounded and knowledgeable. I have learned so much in the one year I have been in graduate school and cannot wait for the Fall semester!


The best thing about my school I would have to say is the way that school spirit for our sports teams brings students, professors, and alumni alike. The pride that is instilled in this school by our sports teams is incredible. On any given game day the people gathered become a family rejoicing in our wins together and coping with our losses together. Pride for West Virginia University really brings everyone on this campus together and creates a strong willingness for everyone to get along.


The teachers and students are very friendly and helpful. There is also many resources to consider if help is needed academically. The school wants you to do well, so many opportunities are available. The social life is also lively and variety of options are available for each individual. Finally, its a very diverse campus, so you are bound to learn about one another.


WVU was a wonderful school! The student union was always doing things for the student population and the teachers were consistantly attentave and top notch. WVU has a rail system that gets you all around campus so you dont have to worry about parking and such. The diversity of the students was varied and that introduced me to many different lifestyles and cultures. The price of tuition was low enough that it made sence to choose to attend.


morgantown, wv is a very unique setting for a college. the university is a really honored place in the town and presents a lot of opportunities. the school is diverse and the learning experiences are surprisingly vast.


The resources that are available. All of the teachers are very helpful, there are study groups, free tutoring and so many other people around campus to help you out. A lot of the campus courses post stuff online too so things are available in your dorm room and in class. The city itself rests in the hills and by a river. It is just a great atmosphere to learn in and the people you are surrounded by are the nicest people in the world.


The best thing about West Virginia Univeristy is the exceptional school pride and loyalty palpable around campus. The saying, "Once a mountaineer, always a mountaineer," rings true for students and alumni alike and WVU is the picute of pride, tradition, and support from fellow mountaineers. Pride is the best thing about my shool because when you're on campus you feel a sense that you belong to something great and bigger than anyone can imagine.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. I grew up in a place where there was no major difference between anyone. At my college, I learned so much more about different religions, opinions, and situations that people believe in or grew up around. I believe that this has really made me a better person because I am more open to hear the opinions of others and to try and understand where they are coming from in different situations.


The best thing about WVU, is the student body. Our students are extremely friendly and helpful. You can ask any random person on the street for directions and they will help you and make sure you get to where you need to go. They also have more school spirit than any school I have ever seen.


The best thing about my school would have to be the people. There is always someone there to help you if you need it or if you need to know where a room or place is there is always someone that you can call or ask on the sidewalk and they don't hesitate to give you some guidence.


WVU is a really big school which is kind of nice if you are looking forward to meeting a lot of people. The courses are usually very well organized, and the teachers are generally pretty nice. Most teachers are very responsive to e-mail and have office hours in which they can help you one on one.


The best thing about my school is its overall diversity. While WVU offers hundreds of different types of degrees and programs, it consists of people from every one of the fifty states and from countries from all over the world.


The atmosphere is great. The teachers and the students make the school a great place to be. Everybody in the area love the school and try there best to show pride for it.


I think the best thing about my school is the close-knit community we have. First of all, there is an amazing support group across campus that is willing and ready to listen to students. This group contains students as well as faculty, professors, and staff members. Secondly, we are all like-minded. We are at school to learn and have fun also. If you have a group of like-minded people, things will go well. Finally, we have one common bond, and that is Jesus Christ. We are able to encourage each other in the good and bad times.


The best thing about this school is the friends I am making, they will last my lifetime. The professional people I have been introduced to or worked with will help me in my carreer. The organized clubs and band I have been a part of for four years have helped me to grow as a person.


The best thing was the educational experience as an international student. It was great to learn in a different enviroment and to experince a different culture


I consider the best thing about West Virginia University is the social life. I have heard from many of my peers they chose this school over a better academic college, because of the social life that's possible here. The atmosphere on weekends and especially during football games is everything I imagined when I was younger . The academics at this school is not as rigorous, but it still challenges me enough to study nightly. Just because the social life is so big does not mean that you can party away the week and expect to get good grades.


The school spirit here is amazing! No matter race, religion, or background, everyone in this university town comes together around sporting events. It's easy to feel like you're a part of something at WVU.


I think the best part about my school is the location. It is located in a college-town, it is easy to get around, and the campus is basically the entire neighborhood. No matter where you go, WVU is the main focus. It is easy to meet people and figure out how go get around. THe people are friendly and there is always something to do. Also, there are plenty of places to keep to yourself and study if need be. I love it! I am so lucky to have found my perfect school!


There is a sense of welcome and belonging here. When you go here, it's like being part of a family. We are all united by the old gold and blue.


the extra curricular activities


The spirit of the school is amazingly strong. I love how everyone comes together for school events and how everyone is proud to be here. It makes me feel at home and accepted for doing nothing more than going to school here. It's a great level of comodery that I love.


The overall school spirit of west virginia no matter the time of day or mood of the students when someone screams out LET'S GO everyone always responds MOUNTAINERRS! As well as the amount of support i receive for my teachers they always will work with you and encourage you to do your best in every situation.


Very laid back atmospehere. Great library to study at.


The school has a lot of trips and activities for people who like the outdoors. There are backpacking trips to south america every year over the winter break and it looks like so much fun. I am going on a backpacking trip over the spring break to Utah and I am so excited for it. If it wasn't for this school trip I wouldn't have a way of going on this trip. There are also other trips for people with all different interests!


The over all feeling on game day. People LOVE mountianeer football. I know of many alumni who have season tickets and have barely missed a game since they graduated.


The best thing about my school probably would be the actual campus and classrooms, libraries, rec center.


School spirit at WVU is amazing. The turn out for basketball games and football games by the students is very impressive. WVU is located in a state where there are no pro teams in the area, so the state backs and supports the school with everything they have.


the avid social life ties in nice with studies


School spirit


Ability to succeed and prosper. The course work actually correlates to real life situations. I was fortunate to participate in the Cooperative Education Program and got to work for The Hershey Company and Exleon which are two Fortune 500 companies. Gained valuable experience and related course work to the real thing.


The quality of education for the price and the atmosphere of pride.


The best thing about this school is that it is so diverse in activities. Not only does it have good academic programs, there are so many different opportunities for tons of different recreational activities.


WVU is a large, diverse campus with endless opportunities.


PRIDE, teachers, curriculum, feasibility, enviroment.


There are tremendous amounts of school spirit, even after graduating. There are many alumni who travel all over the country for our school's football and basketball games. It is almost impossible to get season tickets for any sports, because most alumni will travel from all over to come back for home sporting events as well. Even those who have not yet attended the school have just as much spirit, and participate in school events. I was attending university footballs games from the time I was born, and now my family's young children are carrying on the tradition.