West Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How much fun the extra activities our around the school. From the basketball games to the football games there is always something fun todo. I also brag about how much help i get from my professors and how they will do anything for you iif you put in the work to pass their class.


This college has many activities open to students from sports, cultural, service and social gatherings. The professors know their students by name and are willing to take extra time with them to encourage them in future studies. It a school that focuses not only on academics but most of the students participate in sports. This college is very competitive in all sports.


I brag about the fact that my campus is very hands-on with its students. The times and where you can meet professors, counselors, faculty, and tutors is only aimed towards the convenience of the students. The faculty of our college always goes the extra mile to accommodate its students. I also brag about the overall environment of our college and the excellent activities we have after class: theater plays, musical performers, readings from local authors and faculty, and other miscellaneous, fun events held on and off our excellent campus!


The atmosphere. The school is well kept up and the professors are always there for you. The majority of the students here are athletes and the professors are great at working with us. The class sizes are amazing and the quality of education is great as well.