West Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who has a record of high absenteeism or simply wants to coast through the majority of your courses should not attend. This college is a top level university in its academics, so very few courses are easy. Most of our professors have doctorates degrees and maintain a high standard of excellence. However, professors will work with you to improve your abilities, as long as you are willing to put in the work. Basically, lazy individuals need not come here. My fraternity has a few men with this unbecoming character trait, and their GPAs reflect it.


I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone who considers themself to be eccentric, anyone who doesn't like preppy people, or anyone who is easily annoyed by constant noise.


West Virginia Wesleyan is an expensive school. I suggest anyone that is going to college and plans to just party should not go there. Without any scholarships, the school can cost a little over 40,000 dollars per year so, if the person is just going to party and not work on their academics then by going there they are throwing that money down the drain. That's a lot of money!


Goal oriented. Like's small towns, small classrooms and they are an athlete.


Someone who wants to be surrounded by tons of things to do, say in a big city. Also someone who just wants a degree, they have to be serious about their future.


Cool people


A small minded person who is unable to bend his/her mind around to see another's point of view. would not be very welcome here. Openmindedness is almost a prerequisite to attending this college. Also, any one expecting to cheat, sleep, or otherwise skate through four years of college should look elsewhere. If you're here you should expect to work hard and learn more that you could imagine.