West Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating things about West Virginia Wesleyan: 1) the high amount of non-intellects/obnoxious students; 2) the disorganization of student accounts, the registrar's office, housing, etc.; 3)the lack of things to do off-campus; and 4) the cafeteria food/prices of the goods available at the convenience store and the restaurant.


Some students are very close minded and racist. A small population but enough to make things uncomfortable.


It is common for certain professors to disregard a student's course load and demand that he/she take a course or be involved in something that he/she simply cannot fit in between courses. Many professors also disregard the dates of research papers, exams, and other big assignments due in other courses within the same department.


Sometimes repairs are slow because the smaller student problems get pushed back if larger problems happen.