West Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The teachers are almost always willing to help you, even if it means changing their schedules around.


The best thing about the school is the ability to understand the curriculum. Classes are small making it easy to ask professors questions and to get a further explanation. It also bring class to a personal level, enabling you to learn more about the other students and your professor. Most professors are more than willing to give advice and to help you understand.


The best thing about my school is the size. There are such small class sizes, and the campus is so compact. Everyone knows each other on a personal level, and even the professors get to know their students by connecting with them in a way that is deeper than the traditional student teacher relationship.


I feel that the best thing about West Virginia Wesleyan College, is that it is Academically respected. Last year it got rated the best college in the southeast. This is the best thing about WVWC because we are a very athletic college and our coaches clear down to our custodial staff take alot of pride in our academics and our successfulness as students rather than Athletics. Our professors are knowledgable, and very original they build everlasting bonds with us as students because we are small which helps us to succeed in our field of study.


The greatest attribute of West Virginia Wesleyan College is its small size. This quality creates a friendly and personal atmosphere that may not be achieved by larger campuses. Professors strive to know each student?s name and to engage students in classroom discussion; thus students are enabled to better learn their materials. Campus staff such as cafeteria and shop employees are also enabled to form relationships with students. This personal relationship, however, is not limited to faculty. Students exhibit immense respect and kindness due to their familiarity with one another. Such qualities conjunctively create a unique "homey" atmosphere.


The small community makes everyone very close knit. It is a great school to make contacts.