Western Carolina University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


WCU is a medium sized school located in the pituresque Appalachain Mountains of North Carolina, with a friendly staff willing to come along side each student eager to see them succeed.


Western Carolina University is an amazing campus with very friendly professors and people in general.


Western Carolina University is a college nestled in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains promoting an engaging academic experience through a classroom education and various other learning opportunities on and off campus.


Small and quiet, but provides excellent education.


I would describe the school as adequately staffed with experienced teachers.


My school is relatively quiet, except on Halloween; this makes it a good study environment.


Western Carolina University is a highly accredited college nestled next to the Blue Ridge mountains in Cullowhee, NC where there are challenging academics, down to earth professors, and students from around the globe all with eager minds ready to learn and succeed at this four year liberal arts university.


Western is comfortable, motivational, a place to full fill my goals, and my second home.


The University of New Haven is a uniquely small campus that gives it a sense of a mini community.


Centered in the hand's of a god!


WCU is a place that not only seeks to educate you but also seeks to contribute something to your life that will further enhance your career as a student and your career in the workforce.


Western Carolina is a mid-sized, beautiful, quite university that really does encourage advanced education. Western Carolina's main focus is the sucsess of the students.


My school is what you could call, "Diamond in the ruff" or "a hide away in the mountains".


My school is inviting and opening, offering many different degrees and pathways to obtain those degrees. It has people, including professors and administrators that care about each student?s success. Western Carolina University cares about the students and always tries to help, it has a tutor center for writing and other subjects. A fitness faculties for the health of the students and also other clubs and activates for people to become involved in. It is a great school that cares about the students immensely.


WCU is a school with a positive attitude and a wonderful learning environment which inspires students to do well academicallyt as well as make long lasting personal bonds.


Western Carolina University is a wonderful college that focuses on the students and has outstanding faculty and staff, wonderful academics, and a diverse variety of activities to accomadate every student.


Mountain University that feels like home.


Beautiful, but it is still a party school, serious students should attend elsewhere.


I loved WCU's small classes, helpful/educated teachers and numerous activites to become involved in.


Very fun loving, relaxed, amiable and friendly with a dose of helpful importance on learning and you're future.


Its amazing... its perfect for me


Western is a small and relaxed place with friendly down-to-earth people.


gem in the middle of the wild


WCU is a small school in a small town that builds community and produces the best graduates in their respective fields.