Western Carolina University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


An oustanding educational program nestled in some of America's most beautiful country side.


My school is best known for its Marching Band. Our football team may stink but everyone goes to the first half of the football game so that it can see the marching band perform. The marching band is a very big part of the school and has played in the Rose Bowl and was invited to play at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Our marching band is called "The Pride of the Mountains" and people go to the football games to watch the band perform at half-time. Because of the success of our marching band, we have a strong music program that attracts many people interested in pursuing a music degree.


Forensic Science and Nursing, as well as Interior Design, which is my major.


My school is probably known best for our Marching Band. We actually played at a Panthers game last year. They are also well known for having a really great teaching program.


They are very well known for their Forensic Anthropology program and their Decomposition facility.


the out door activitys


I would say Western is best known for their marching band. We have one of the best around and have the oppurtunity to march in the Rose Parade for new years 2011. This is a huge oppurtunity and we take pride in the pride of the mountains marching band. They are the reason the stands are filled during the football games since our football program isn't the best it can be.


Our school is best known for mainly being in the middle of the mountains. Academic wise though, the school is getting better known for its Entrepreneurship major. They have a good program to help educate students and then help them start their business.


WCU is best know for their nursing and physical fitness learning programs.


Western Carolina is best know for our nursing and teaching programs. We are also known for the beautiful campus, and for being Appalachain State University's rival.


it is a beautiful atmosphere to go to school in


Being a teaching school. There is a significant emphasis on the quality of teachers who work here as well as the quality of the education program at the school.


Having only a walmart and nothing else to do


The marching band and the academics that we present.