Western Carolina University Top Questions

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Western Carolina University has a family feel to it. All of my professors seemed as invested in my education as I was.


The location and the people are so unique. No one will ever be able to replicate what we have at WCU. We experience all four seasons, there's great hiking/kayaking/rafting/etc so close, and we're minutes from Asheville. It's more than just college, it's an experience, a way of life.


We are one of five schools in the USA with a body farm


I think what makes our school unique is the people here. Everyone is unique in their own way but we are not better or worse than any other campus. There are lots of opportunities academically and socially on this campus for people to do whatever they want or need. I love this school.


What first caught my eye about Western was the beautiful mountains surrounding the campus. During the fall when the leaves change colors, the view around campus is breathtaking. I like outdoor activities and at Western there are plenty of places to hike, swim, and enjoy the outdoors. Also, the campus is a smaller campus which makes my college experiece less overwhelming. Western is not too far from my hometown so if I needed to make a quick trip home it is possible. Western has made me feel at home and given me an awesome experience.


I fell in love with the atmostphere. Instead of being just a number, your professors will learn your name and about your life. Since Western isn't a big school, you recognize peoples faces as you walk down the sidewalk. Being surrounded by beautiful mountains there are lots of hiking trails to busy yourself with on beautful days.


I didn't really consider any other schools. Western Carolina University was my first and only choice of schools that I wanted to go to. What I do know is Western Carolina has a book rental system where you rent your textbooks for your classes instead of having to buy them and resell them back. This is better because it cuts down on costs of textbooks and can help make college more affordable.


The teachers really love what they do. They are not dead-end teachers have just resorted to teaching. Especailly in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts, the teachers are well known designers who enjoy teaching. The Conservatory is another unique aspect of Webster University. You eat, sleep, and breathe theatre: there is always something to do, so if theatre is your passion, then Webster is where it's at!


Western Carolina University is nestled in the beautiful Appalachain Mountains. Some people come to the mountains for vacation; I get to live here! The proffesors are great and there are tons of groups and activities to get involved in. The recreation center has a great climbing wall and all of the equipment is new. Come to Western Carolina University and all of your wildest dreams will come true.


My school is out in the middle of no where in the mountains. You have to enjoy the outdoors to really appreciate this university.


My school participates in a lot of school events. There is always somethig to do on this campus.


WCU has a wonderful sense of community; because we are a fairly small college you are able to see familiar faces that are welcoming and willing to help when needed.