Western Carolina University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag mostly about how beautiful the school is, both the campus and the people that attend Western Carolina University. Western is sitting in a valley surrounded by the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. The people at Western are the friendly and vibrant members of the "Catamount Nation". The diverse students are kind, friendly,and will welcome any person no matter what background they come from. The teachers work one-on-one with each of their students and take time to get to know and help each and every one.


The fact that I got to do real research and that the professors were really open and willing to work with you one on one both in class and on a more individual aspect. I loved the fact that I met one of the faculty as a freshman and asked her for advice, which she was happy to give. The next year when I was interested in research, she let me have a position in her lab and taught me a great deal about lab procedures and the basic field of genetics.


The surroundings. The campus is so peaceful and you are able to sit outside and study. You can do this since Cullowhee is a small town and very quiet.


I loved the diversity that my Speech and Theatre Arts Degree gave me. I truly can handle anything now.


The people at my school are the best! We have a new program, started by students, for severely disabled students and one of the participants was just accepted to a fraternity. How awesome are these kids? And the professors are out of this world! I have yet to meet a person, student or faculty, that was not friendly, helpful, and just genuinely nice.


When I talk about Western Carolina University to my friends, I talk about the area around the school and the diverse amount of outdoor recreational activities to do. I also talk about how Western has a good social life among students since the campus is smaller than the average college campus.


I brag about how great my professors have been. The genuinely care about the success of their students and they have been such a tremendous help in times of need.


I brag mostly about how beautiful the campus and the surounding areas are. There is also the up and coming engineering program and the already running antroplolgy program, as well as nursing and business.


I brag about how cold the weather is and how it snows the first week in November! I also brag about how laid back the professors are and how different the classes are from what they are used to in high school.


I love the teachers; I always have close relationships with my teacher. I also worked hard enough to get into the honors college and it is a very phenomenal program. It is also a very nice campus, with a nice atmosphere. The Pride of the Mountains Marching Band is also a very excellent program, It is very hard program, but you make lifelong friends. We are attending the Rose Bowl Parade in 2011. This will be an amazing experience. I also joined the Baptist Student Union. It is another phenomenal program on campus. I would recommend this campus to anyone.


The Study Abroad Program is amazing. School Spirit is alive and well in the Whee! The food is GREAT! There is ALWAYS PLENTY to do on and off campus. WCU provides the BEST undergrauate experience possible.


Dutchess Community College is said to be one of the best community colleges in the country! It is also the cheapest in the state! I get a great education for a great price. Therefore, I get to save money for when I transfer to a university in the fall. Also, the friends I've made at DCC have been amazing! I did not expect to make as many friends as I have in a community college since it is not residential, but the people are amazing.


have fun


the classes an the class times


The scenery is amazing. The mountains are breath-taking, especially around the end of October. The leaves changing mixed with the snow is beautiful.


The wonderful people that I have met and how much my teachers really care for their students.


The acamdemics that we offer, and the scenery