Western Carolina University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I can not find anything that I think is bad about my school. I have been extremely happy this year with my school and look forward to the years I have left.


The only bad thing about Western Carolina University is that it is very hilly and that if you do not know your way around the school, you will get lost easily. Its also very small and rains alot. WCU, besides standing for Western Carolina University, stands for We Carry Umbrellas.


I think the budget cuts and classes not being offered would be the worst thing about my school as stated previously. It is completely unfair to students that can not financially afford to go extra semesters due to a class not being offered when necessary. I myself had to take a senior level course this year due to it not being offered again before I graduated. I was unprepared in many ways for this course.


It is difficult to find things to do off-campus due to the relatively isolated location of the campus. The nearest things to do are either in Sylva (15 minutes away) or in Asheville (45 minutes away). On-campus activities are nice, but frequently do not attract as many people to attend as events in other off-campus locations.


Western Carolina University's positive attributes far weigh out the negatives. In considering the worst thing about my school, I would have to choose the smoking habits of the students among campus. The University has rules for students to not smoke within 50 feet of the building, but students still smoke cigarettes throughout various places on campus and it is impossible to avoid. I personally do not like walking through or around smoke from cigarettes because it is detrimental to not only my health, but also to the nonsmoker and other smoker's health.


The location is beautiful, but it is far from anything. There is a small town that has grown up around the school, but employment opportunities are pretty limited.


How rugged and small the town the school is located in is.


The only thing I dislike about Western is the amount of snow we get in the winter. Since we are located in a valley between the mountains we do not get as much snow as the areas around us on higher elevation, but we still get a good amount of snow!


Honestly, Western Carolina University is a great school and i cannot think of any negitives about it.


The word thing about Western Carolina University is that there is not many things to do off campus, besides eat.


I hate how the transportation around school is slow and unreliable even though they state they are never late.


Being in the mountains. The weather is unpredictable in the winter.


The administrations attempts to kill any social life our school could ever have. Tailgating is just about depleated because of harsh codes not just for tailgating but for just about every aspect of the school.


Some people come to this school and have no desire to hike, camp, raft, ect. They usually have a hard time finding recreational activities that they enjoy and resort to partying too much.


There are several classes that you are forced to take as a student that have absolutley nothing to do with the major that you are trying to get a degree in. The school is rediculious when it comes to classes that you have to take to graduate.


amount of alcohol and smoking done by students


it gets cold


If you don't have a car you have to plan your shopping trips with your friends. Oh and you have to buy a meal plan and health insurance. Those are really expensive


The lack of activities that do not involve drinking on campus instead of in the surronding town


the worst thing is that everyone goes home on the weekend and there is sometimes not much to do here on those days. there is also a lack of fun things to do off campus without driving an hour away.


Parking sucks...need more spots