Western Carolina University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The person who should not attend Western Carolina University would be a lazy person who is not motivated or just wanting to go to college to party or drink.


Western Carolina University houses a large variety of students, but there are some people that should not attend this school. To attend this school, a student should be active in your community. If the student states that they need to be in a big university located in a big city with many attractions and shopping centers, this is not the school for them. This is a smaller university that is connected to nature and many hours from the beach. Regardless, this school is open to anyone that wishes to apply and accepts people regardless of diversity.


The type of person that shouldn't attend Western Carolina University is someone who will not put their full attention to their education, who believes in taking the easy way out, who is not willing to communicate with others or someone who will not put forth the effort to achieve their goals.


Someone who needs to be able to have access to a wide array of shops, or someone who enjoys being in a city environment. Someone who just wants to fit in in class, or hide in the back and not have to participate, should not attend this school.


The kind of person that would not want to attend this school would be someone that does not like the mountains or the outdoors. Most things that are involved on this campus, happen outdoors. Western is also surrounded by beautiful mountains. I also suggest that if a person is interested in being close to a city or shopping mall that they do not attend Western. The closest and most visited city by students is Asheville.




This is a small university so the people who should not attend this university are those who do not like small places. Not a lot of people stay on campus on the weekend. If you are looking for a university that offers a lot of extra cirricular weekend activities than Western may not be the palce for you.


I would never defer someone from this university. However, persons who would not like this campus would include: people who like the city or who enjoy many city options, people with high allergies, and possibly people who are prefer a big party school. WCU is not a big party university.


likes out door activitys


The type of person that should not go to this school is someone who doesnt like to walk or go long distances for classes. Also someone who likes to be at a very large school with a lot of people. Western Carolina is a very small school. Also consider the idea of someone who likes to have a good football game and win, the team here has alot of pride but sadly isnt that good.


I think that anyone who wants to come here should be able to come here. We have a variety of groups and opportunities on this campus. I didn't want to come here at first, but it turns out that God had other plans for me. And I am so glad for it. There is a place here for anyone who wants to be here.


If you do not enjoy outdoor activites this probably isnt the best place to attend school. If you are a person who doesnt like to see the same people each day this isnt the school to attend either because the class sizes are very small and personal.


Very out going person that loves the outdoors.


Unmotivated people looking to waste time shouldn't attend this school.


A person who would not fit in at this school is a difficult question. I guess if you prefere to be with large groups of people and much closer to a town or city than Western Carolina University is not for you.


one who has problems with his studies, or an underachiever


Anyone who likes big cities and hates out door activaties.


people how like out doors


Most people think of community college as the 13th grade, or an easy way out. However, DCC is a very respected 2 year college and should not be taken lightly. The professors love to teach, and will make sure you learn. So if you're lazy and are looking to take the easy way out, DCC is not for you.


The only people that should not attend Western Carolina is a person who doesn't want to learn. College is a lot of hard work, but fun when taken seriously.


A person who likes to be in the city because the closes city with a mall is 45 minutes away. People who hate being outdoors or walking everywhere.


A person that does not like really cold weather in winter or rain, since it rains a lot throughout the year. If you do not like mountains or the effects of mountains, a person should not attend this school, since mountains are all around it. If a person is considered to be a "social butterfly" think twice about this school. It's Cullowhee, there's not malls or movie theaters or lots of places to eat. It is exactly what the definition of a college town is.


If you enjoy the city life, I would not suggest Western Carolina University. It is a small score and the people who attend school here like to do more outdoors activites rather than indoor. If you dislike the mountains or the cold I would not come to Western.


People who are not independent, people who want to have everything handed to them or readily available. People lacking initiative won't do well. People who are very peer oriented stand a large chance of becoming drug addicts or alcoholics, as that's the main social scene in off campus housing.


Anyone who wants to have a large social life, loves to be in the city, fast paced life, doesn't like to drive a lot, or enjoys to shop.


any person that needs to be in the city


A person that needs a lot of excitement. There is not a lot to do around this town. After 11:00pm everything is closed.


Anyone who is easily bored or doesn't like the outdoors should not attend this university. You have to be very creative to occupy your time, and the weather here is unpredictable.


Someone who hates the outdoors and the mountians.


The type of person who should attend this school is one who is content with very peaceful surroundings and social enough to out reach to social groups, organizations, and other students for friends and/or help.


A person of upper class. WCU is a collage with a extermly high number of lower and middle class people.