Western Carolina University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about WCU is the sense of community. Freshman dorms are set up in a way to promote new friendships, professor are readily available and helpful, and campus services are readily available and helpful when one needs help regarding financial aid, transcripts, advising, testing, etc.


In my opinion the best think about my school in the body farm. I want to go into forensics and I think it is wonderful to get to study on human bodies.


I consider the best thing about Western Carolina University is the Honors College Program. It is a special program for a certain number of kids that allow them to succeed in their college career.


I love the location of Western Carolina. If there is nothing going on on campus then you can go hiking or to a waterfall down the street. Also, Asheville is only 45 minutes away if you are feeling "city-sick".


I would say the scenery. There are great views every which way you look. We are located in a valley and the mountians surround us. They fall is the best for the leaves turning and the spring is great because of the warm breeze.


I loved Western because it provided me with opportunities that I may not have had at a larger university. The student/teacher ratio is excellent and the faculty is amazing!


The best thing about my school is how I am not seen as just a number but rather an actual person. My professors know my name and welcome me to class everytime. I was afraid of being homesick, but because of the compassion shown by the professors, I feel like I have become part of another family.


The best thing about my school is the faculty. Everyone who works there from the RAs to the professors are great. They're always available and want you to succeed. Many professors are actively involved in the clubs on campus and offer major-specific "field trips" to presentations and events that will further your personal chances of getting into graduate schools. They offer tremendous encouragement and help with looking for grad schools, writing letters of recommendation, and in my personal experience, recommending me for a job opening that I didn't know was available, but obtained thanks to them.


The best thing I consider about WCU is the level of education and preparation for the real world it offered. My degree was actually a B.S.B.A with my major in Computer Information Systems, graduating witha 4.0 GPA. However, WCU offered cooperative education programs which I attended 2 semesters (one in the summer) with Barclays American Corporoation in Charlotte, NC as a programer/analyst. WCU also became nationally accredited in their Business department while I attended, and the level of "learning" intensified. Also, it was very easy to become friends with the staff and obtain their help.


Class sizes are small so you can get more help with your professor. Tuition is not too expensive compared to other state universities.


I consider the best thing about Western is I get a feeling of family. It is a relatively small campus and not a large population (~9,000 students). I like the outdoor programs they offer and the academic programs they have. Sport Management is hard to find in a school, and Western has it, so they scored major points with me. The faculty really care about their students and its easy to make friends on campus. Western Carolina is also very close to the Great Smokies and hiking trails.


Even though it is a full size university, the instructors are still very helpful outside of class. This is extremely comforting knowing that you can personally speak to the instructors after class about confusing subjects.


The people re the best thing about this school, and they are also the only reason i have for continuing at this school. If the people had transferred i would transfer without a doubt. Our campus community is very strong and close. We get along with most of the professors but as for the administration it sounds like a war.


the friendly enviroment. every one seemed to know each other


good surroundings, very out doors, small


Small classes allow more individual help for students, numerous activities keep students involved with one another.


WCU is one of the most incredible places, from the minute I stepped onto the campus I knew it was home. It has one of the best atmospheres, and the people are incredible. Everyone seems to genuinely care for everyone and At Western people come from all different backgrounds which creates this diversity dynamic which is incredible.


The best thing about Western is the locasion, alone in the mountions