Western Governors University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I am taking online courses so I have never had the opportunity to meet any other students


Students at this school are working professionals looking to further themselves in their fields, or to change fields.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.


This is online study, and have not begun yet.


Most are very friendly, and want to help, but do not want to hang out or be friends outside of class.


Eclectic. Students from around the country and even around the world are a part of WGU.


My classmates are very diverse and are from all over the world.


The students at WGU are serious students focused on their future who work and/or have families, and have clear goals and motivations for their future. We can't afford the high costs or the personal sacrifices of traditional colleges/universities. WGU allows us to get the education we need where it is convenient for us at a price we can afford.


My start date at Western Governors University is April first, so I have not yet met my classmates.


Western Govenors University is an online college; therefore, I do not have the advantage of knowing any of my classmates.


My classmates are intelligent, professional, independent learners who appreciate a flexible learning schedule.


very studious and serious people, who really love what they are doing


I have no classmates except for those who are on the blog. This an in home online program


Rarely had interaction with online classmates.


My online classmates are independent because the do their work on their own, supportive because they use the online community and provide encouraging words when needed, unique because we have students from all over the world, and respectful because they know we are all in the same boat.


My classmates are unknown entities.


Supportive and helpful


One does not interact with classmates very often as this is an online college.


My classmates are dedicated, focused, committed, and driven by a desire to succeed. We want to make a difference in the world, and at Western Governors University, we all have been given that chance to hone our skills, knowledge, education and experience for life in the real world.


Although I have not begun attending classes and this is an online school, I attending classes before at another college. There, my classmates became my firends and private tutors. It was nice to be able to have a good time in class while learning the material. It made school a place we all wanted to be.


I don't know my classmates because we all work independently and live all over the world.