Western Governors University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


"Innovative." and "Unique." are two important words missing from Western Governors University motto of, "Online. Accelerated. Affordable. Accredited."


You work from places you know so everyone already knows what it looks like.


Western Governor's Univeristy is accelerated, afforadable and accredited which is exactly what I was looking for.


This college is online, convenient, at your own pace and awesome!


The best online school I have found.


The programs at Western Governors University that are delivered via an online format are academically challenging and require diligence to keep oneself on track and on time with course policies and schedules.


WGU is a fully accredited, completely on-line university with knowledgeable and caring mentors and professors that want to help you succeed.


I will be a new student to WGU. I am applying to obtain my Elementary Education Bachelors.


I will begin classes October 1, 2011.


WGU is professionally managed and inspiring to all areas of learning.


WGU is an online school that allows me to work at my own pace.


WGU provides the maximum educational opportunity for all life time learners.


A school to help you finish or complete a degree on your own schedule.


My school is self paced to what you need and goes how ever you want it to be.


Western Governors University is a great school to get an education limited only by you're own ability to succeed.


Western Governors Universtiy is a large, accredited school that offers highly competitive degrees, focuses on the needs of each individual student as each person is assigned a personal mentor to guide, monitor, and motivate their learnings, and offers courses that are specialized to the choosen degree that is challenging, degree-focused, and set-up for each individual to progress at their own pace.

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