Western Governors University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I am seeking my degree in Special Education (K-12) while attending Western Governor University. I was so concerned I would be on my own. That has been a baseless fear, thank goodness. I have so many classmates. We have our own forum and we use this to help each other over the hurdles. Although we each seek to attain our best scores, we are all there for each other. We applaud the successes for our student body; we cry with each other over the hard times; and, we become friends to the end of our journeys and beyond. Our Mentors, as our Professors are termed, are readily available. We attend online classes; we set individual appointments for those really tough times; and, we have the best cheerleaders in the World! My favorite class has been my History class, thus far. I love the subjects of Science, Math and History. I am blessed in the fact my schedule works within these subjects a lot. Even with the love I hold for this subjects, I have times I need help. My Mentors are there for me! My friends and classmates are there, also. I have called some of them; I have attended cohort classes with them; and I have even done projects with some of them. I feared I was in this alone, but that has been proven false. I am the member of a great University and I urge anyone to come join me! Western Governor University is absolutely the best online University!


Academics here are aggressive and comparable to any college.