Western Governors University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The sense of accomplishment as I finish each course


I tell everyone I know how flexible WGU course work is for this busy mom of three. Students can set their own pace, choose how many credit hours to work on at any given time, and even change their graduation date based on how quickly they wish to complete tasks! It is exciting for a working mom that a school like this exists and that it is fully accredited!


I say that it's so nice to be able to study anywhere I need to. I can be at a soccer game or a choir concert and can be doing my homework. It's so convenient for me. I also love that my work experience will help me accelerate my degree. I can go as fast as I want. The more time I put into it, the faster I will get my degree.


I probably brag about the cost the most, followed closely by the ability to finish coursework as fast as I want.


WGU offers a way to truly gain an education, by educating yourself. If you want to learn, WGU gives you what you need to actually get a job upon graduation, instead of being left with a usuless 4 year degree in your hands that tells employers nothing about what you can do. In a few words: Freedom. Flexibility. Actually applicable to life. Need I say more?


If I can complete my credits faster than full time requirements, I can graduate early and pay less.


I don't know a lot yet about my school first hand, but the thing that I would like to talk about my school is, the great people that they have to help me, with my studies and my goals.


I can do everything at home. I can work as fast or slow as I want.


I brag about how I don't have to sit through courses that I don't need and I can just take a test and move on. I brag about how much cheaper the school is than other schools.