Western Governors University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


While I love the ability to do the work at my own pace and in my own time, I sometimes wish there was face time with instructors in certain courses.


I don't have a worst.


I can't think of anything bad to say about Western Governor's. It was a great school that gave me wonderful support and all the tools I needed to complete my Bachelor's degree. If WGU had a Nurse Practitioner Program I would be enrolled there today.


The worse thing about my school is the lack of scholarships for current students.


This school is not for new college students or for people that don't have self-discipline. I have heard of a lot of students that drop because they aren't disciplined enough to do their schoolwork, especially when they have jobs and families and other responsibilities.


It is so small. There are no sports. I have tried to start more and that is incredibly hard for how small the school is. Because theres not sports, there's not mcuh school spirit. There is nothing to do besides go to class.


Because the school is comparitively new to the education field, there are limited numbers of degree programs. It does offer several of the most popular degree programs, but does not offer a wide variety of specialties with in the various programs.


Honestly? Haven't seen a downside yet. At least for me. I guess if you aren't motivated it would be harder to finish a degree, but at the same time you get to see almost instant results, so who wouldn't be motivated?


It is not really the worst thing about the school but just something to highly consider. You must be very self motivated.


I have not been admitted yet.


Since it is at your own pase, it is easy to put off studying until its "more convenient", but convenient never arrives. You have to set time aside to study.


It is far away and I am not able to attend the graduation ceremony. The school is an online program. I live in Georgia. The school is located in Utah.


No face to face with instructors if difficulties arise.


The worst thing about my school is the harsh glare of the compuer screen.


Because it is an online college students cannot join extra curriculars or make close friends.


You must be motivated because it is self-directed.


Cost. Although if you are motivated to work hard it actually becomes cheaper than tradtional universities.


For now I found nothing worse about my current school. There is no school without its own flaws; the only things I thought needs great improvement is enough financial assistance.


I would like to have the opportunity to go to a professor with my work and discuss face to face what I need to change or what I'm doing wrong instead of through email or telephone calls...sometimes it's just better to have the face to face contact.


There is nothing bad that I would say about this school.


I actually can't come up with a negative thing to say about my experiece with WGU. If you need academic help they are there to help. They assign you a mentor who is like your very own cheerleader as you go through your causes. So eventhough it's an online school you are never without a person to help if you need it.


That I do not have face-to-face ability to understand some concepts better.