Western Governors University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


This is an amazing school. Lots of opportunities to excel, can work at my own pace, and very affordable


Some aspects are very misleading but overall it is a really good school


I attend Western Governor University. This is an online University. At the age of 55, and being one who didn't grow up with the Internet, I was a bit worried about tackling this type of education. I am so happy I chose WGU! The Mentors at WGU are all Doctorates or above! I am so proud of my school. I love the fact I can work 24/7. Although the Mentors aren't always online, they are always there for us. By this I mean there are podcasts, videos, websites, resources out the front door that provide assistance at any point of time. I am surprised many people haven't heard of this University. I have referred multiple potential students here and so far, I am excited to say 3 made the choices to move forward and become students! Let me tell you a story of how this University works with the students. There was a class that I had to take. I will tell you, I have never dealt with any Math above the level of Algebra I, but I know I can learn anything. Well, this class gave me so many issues...nightmares, tears, fears I would never pass...and not once did my Mentors let me down. They were with me all the way. From encouragement to assistance, they made certain I passed this course. The scoring system is different at WGU than I was used to. In this course, I had to make 63 to pass. After studying, Mentoring, and attending online class, I made a 76! I must say I am proud of the fact I made this score! It would have been an A+ had I been earning a letter grade. The faculty respond to my needs and wants in the most efficient manners! I have an appointment today just to review for my Assessment with a Mentor. I know I will leave this meeting with more than enough confidence to pass this course. I recommend Western Governor University to anyone who feels the online mode of learning is for them. The last fact I want to point out is the reasonable tuition. There is one set fee and it covers all my costs. I don't have to buy textbooks, although that option is open to me. I look so forward to graduation and displaying oh, so proudly, that diploma from Western Governor University.