Western Governors University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone able to manage his or her time well. Also, someone who knows a good deal abt hsi or her learning styles, strengths, and opportunities


An independent student that loves to teach themselves how to do a course load on their own with minimal questions. Someone that is well comprehended and can study self suffiecently.


The makeup of WGU students are, without a doubt, mature, experienced students. He or she is highly self-motivated and organized. They have great communication skills and they keep appointments. Students must devote 20 hours or more for study. Computer skills and internet access are also basic requirements. There are online communities in which we share advice and ask questions- a prospective student will have to have a strong sense of integrity and web etiquette knowledge.


Self-starter, motivated, independent persons.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is driven, would like an accelerated educational program, and has the discipline and time-management skills to complete assignments on their own without much guidance.


The ideal student for Western Governors University will be task oriented, able to meet deadlines, and have the ability to independently enhance learning based on concepts learned in the online classroom.


A highly self motivated individual that is able to discipline themselves enought to keep up with studies and not procarastinate or fall behind.


Someone who works full-time and needs a unique schedule.


I believe this school is best suited for someone who is a self-starter and motivator. WGU is definitely the school of choice for someone who needs a flexible schedule. You do need to be computer savvy and an independant learner. I also think the WGU student needs to be able to set and stick to goals and timelines.


A person that is self- motivated and committed to his or her education. A person that wants the degree without paying the amount of money for an on-campus experience.


some one who wants to finsh up with school as fast as they can. someone who wants to get the most education for a littile bit of money.


Someone who works in a particular field but needs a college degree to further their career or someone who has always wanted to go to college but was afraid of the cost and the time that it would take.


The type of person that should attend this school is a self-starter. You are in control of your academics.


Self motivated. Traditional or non-traditional. A person looking to complete their schooling on their own terms, and does not want to me limited by semester credit hour maximums.


A dedicated person must show great self discipline. A person without the combination of these two things will have a difficult time proving to others and themselves that their best effort was put forth in the pursuit of a higher education.


Parents who have children at home and have different times and days free due to work load and busy schedules. This university let's you work at your own pace and is cheaper than a lot of other on line schools out there. My budget does matter, I am raising four growing boys, work one full time job and one part time job; this school is fit for me.


The kind of person who should apply to this school should be self-motivated and focused. Whether it's an online school or even a on campus institution you will be faced with challenges and complications( financial,academic,or even family problems) so it's also a good idea to have a sense of persistence. More so,the person who goes to this school should realize it won't be easy to graduate and you will have to make the sacrifice and put the work in to be successful.


A person attending Western Governors University should be an organized, self-motivated, deadline-driven individual that is confident in the career field they want to advance and excel in. This school offers this type of individual an opportunity to advance their career goals at an accelerated pace, so once someone has enrolled, they need to hold on to the seat of thier pants for an experience of a lifetime.