Western Governors University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If one is unable to manage his or her own time and learning process, this is not the school for you


People that are not great with an online based school because I am completely online student. I take my classes in Indianapolis. The type of people that have to be in a classroom with other students. That need to be shown how to do work step by step.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who needs to be coddled or who needs a lot of time with instructors. A person with poor time-management or lack of discipline should also not attend this school.


The person who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who doesn't like being on a computer all the time.


Someone who needs to be managed or told what to do should NOT go to this school.


A person who is not driven to succeed and work independently.


Anyone who may not feel that they have the time, resources, or money to attend a "brick and mortar" traditional university.


People that are not self-motivated. Those who cannot use a computer or cannot own one. People that have to be in a classroom cannot do this.


some one who needs to have teacher up under them the whole time.


People who need very hands-on encouragement and involvement from a teacher for a specific class should not attend WGU. This school is tailored towards self-starting students who work best on their own.


The person who should not attend this University in one that requires traditional face to face instruction. Also if a person is not self motivated this school would not be a good match.


Western Governors University is a challenging school and not for those who are not self motivated. All the work involved in completing a program is done at home around the student?s schedule. A weekly call with a personal mentor is required but is not enough to keep on motivated. In order to succeed in WGU?s programs, one must be extremely self motivated and willing to put in the time and effort necessary to complete their studies. This school is not for those who cannot learn with minimal guidance and cannot learn from reading through a textbook.


I believe that Western Governor's University has been really ideal for me as far as on line classes and giving me self paced classes. This university has fit in with my busy life style. A young out going person who loves the night life would benefit from another university, not Western Governors university. This university seems to be more for adults looking to better their future and it is self paced.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who is not indepented with their studies. Someone who needs a classroom atmospher and someone to instruct them with their studies.


If you are not a fan of responsibility, distance education, and hard work then Western Governor's is not the school for you. If you are the kind of person who waits until the last minute to do your coursework, this is not the school for you. If you are the kind of person who does not believe in competency based education, this school is not for you.


None. Every person that has a dream should try their best to accomplish it. Especially when it comes to education, which is usually only the first step in reaching those dreams. It is important to me that all kinds of people are accepted in all kinds of places, it only makes the world more interesting, being able to learn from other cultures. Everyone should attend this school.


Any young adult coming straight out of High School should consider that this University requires previous online course experience and that while you will be able to finish your degree quicker at Western Governors, because the format is online, young people may miss out on the "college experience".


A person who is not willing to work hard and not be dillegent in studying.


The type of students that should not attend this school are those who enjoy being in a classroom environment with an actual teacher and peers around them. They should really consider not going fulltime to an online college.