Western Illinois University Top Questions

Describe how Western Illinois University looks to someone who's never seen it.


The Quad Cities campus is an up and coming part of the area, allowing students from local school the option for a much lower cost of education.


The school has many students that help out one another around the campus.


A place to learn and work hard.


Western Illinois University is a fabulous, amazing university that I would recommend attending to anyone.


Low morale, set in a rural republican town with a semi liberal university sitting in the middle.


My campus is small from any other university I have ever seen, but it allows for more relationships to be formed; and everyone is very happy to be here; it seems that all classes are different in size allowing for larger scale discussions, allowing for many different types of ideas to be passed around; and in every class teachers reassure students that all responsibilities and connections made that will help them is their responsibility.


A progressive education in a rural setting.


Decent sized school in the middle of the country with a great education and instruction tech program, not really good at helping people get jobs after graduating.


There are classrooms and professors, but it's like a constant party starting thursday night until sunday morning.


A fun-loving learning environment that prepares you for your future.