Western Illinois University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




Every one at Western Illinois is nice and people will help you if you need it.


My classmates are very kind and curtious, they are always willing to step in and help whenever anyone needs it.


All of my class mates are friendly, helpful people who have drive and are willing to make connections to further the success of themselves and others.


For every class that I've been in, my classmates have been unique and unpredicatble.


My classmates are all very different. Most of the students know how to be prompt to class, however, there are always some students who choose not to go to class. Classes are usually twenty to thirty students, so you get to know you classmates better. They are all usually very friendly and helpful if necessary.


Most students are from Chicago. A lot of students I interact with fail to talk intelligently and lack confidence in where their knowledge will take them. Some students come to college for the wrong reasons; some came for parties and others came for academics.


Western Illinois University has approximately 11,500 undergraduates on its campus. Even though most students on campus identify themselves as white, this school has a diverse student population. One of the school's initiatives over the years has been to increase diversity and cultural awareness, and this can easily be seen. To begin with, a brand new cultural center was completed two years ago and it houses the Black Student Association, Casa Latina student group, the women's center, and the LGBT student organization. Western is also represented by students from over 70 countries and many events are held throughout the year to celebrate diversity. An example is the International Bazaar, where students from different countries have booths with authentic cuisine from their country and a stage where students perform dances that are from their country. Even though Western is over 3 hours away from Chicago, a majority of students on campus here come from the Chicago land area. Others come from other places in Illinois and a few people that go here are from Iowa since it's close by.


The students at my school are not as social. Many students hang with there own group and they do not try branching off to meet others. Most students wear jeans and shirts to class the do not wear pajamas.


Western is an extremely diverse school. Any new student would have no trouble falling into the right crowd that they feel most comfortable in.


You won't find a student body of extrememly competitive, academic achievers at Western, but there are still students who try their hardest to do well.


Very down to earth, people from all over mainly IL. There is a good amount of Greek life on campus but there are plently of people that are also not a part of it.


Productive when need be. Others are uninvolved and unenthusiastic.


They are people I will cherish forever and I know I'll be friends with at least most of them for a very long time.


The students at Western Illinois University are very friendly to eachother and always willing to help out their fellow students.


Students, in a classroom setting, are interested in using the knowledge professors provide to the best of their ability.


My classmates are off a good mix of off the wall and down to earth people.


Some are eager to learn however some are eager to drink. Some of my friends don't even go to class. because they just drink instead.


Fun loving and ready to learn new material and use it in their everyday life.


Shy but friendly


My classmates are all very hardworking and fun people to be around!


The students in my classes are very dedicated and excited about our major. As education majors i feel that enthusiasm is quite important, so I enjoy the fact that I am in classes with students who feel the same way I do about our education.


My classes mates, for the most part, are driven.


They are Friendly, helpful and encouraging.


My classmates are not serious about their schoolwork, nor do they have much drive towards any sort of career at this point in their lives.


Most of the classmates in my classes are willing to help if you ask for it. Some don't speak the best English but they will try to help you if you ask. When working in groups work is not usually done equally there is always some one that don't want to carry their part of the load. Over all the classmates are nice and most are there to learn. Occasionally, you have one or so in the class that really don't care if they are there or not.


They're intelligent, collaborative, and very focused.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and overall great people!


Classmates are good and easy to work with. Have had several projects and we worked together well.


My classmates are very helpful, friendly, smart, and reliable.


My classmates and I are like a tight-knit family.


My classmates are a mixture of creative, open, dumb, smart, funny, sometimes challenging people.


Middle class, looking for a cheap degree, drinkers/partiers.


Chi town people mostly


They are very quiet, and unresponsive to the instructors requests for group participation.


My classmates are smart, down-to-earth and caring.


Easy going people


My classmates are nice and helpful.


My classmates are fun loving and free spirited!