Western Illinois University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who wish to go to into law enforcement or a science. WIU is great for these.


The type of person that should attend this school is one who wants to do well and be successful. I don't think you should pay all this money if you are not going to try or if you are just going to party all the time!


A person who truly wants an education and is completely dedicated to hardworkd.


The kind of person that should attend my university should be someone who doesn't mind a small campus, someone who is looking to have a good relationship with their professor, and someone who isn't trying to pay an enormous amount of money for tuition.


Someone who likes a big school with lots of people in it and wants semi chellanging classes.


The types of people that should attend Western Illinois are people that desire an enviornment that is a mixture of a want to learn and a good blend of a social aspect as well


Anyone and everyone looking for a good education.


A person who is well in tune with the arts and maintains a good study balance between social life and homework will love it here. A student looking to transfer or attend from high school will be welcomed in open arms by staff, faculty, and students. Prospective students will find that the campus is very simple and fast to get around and that people are very friendly. Students should be into school spirit here as well.


I think that the type of person that should atten Western Illinous University is one that has the will to be open minded to surrondings and one that has future goals for themselves. Macomb is a small town and many new students have a hard time adjusting to it, it takes time. Students that attend Western should have priorities and good work ethic. One must keep up with school work and studies or else they will fall behind.


Western is a school for someone who would excel in a diverse environment. It is a place with great people and wonderful surroundings. It is for a person who is open to many different opportunities and situations. This school is great for incoming freshman and gives a good backbone and help for those who need it. It is a school that can be useful for any one and any interest. People of all walks of life would enjoy and should consider Western Illinois University as their place to earn a higher level of education.


I believe any and all students seeking to learn should attend this school. This school would be especially approriate for pre-law majors, because Western Illinois Univiersity is 75% pre-law majors. Any fun, out going, and hardworking person would fit well into Western Illinois University. Afterall, this university is very accomadating for new and transfer students.


Someone who is willing to work hard should attend this school. It is a great place to get involved and make new friends, but you will be challenged as well, both academically and spiritually. This college is God-centered and will challenge you in many ways.


With the two different campus' the Macomb campus is the more traditional school, you would live on campus etc. The Quad City Campus is more for the non traditional student. This campus is more for the person who has to put them self through school and work at the same time or the person with a family at home. The QC campus is not as involved as the Macomb campus is.


Anyone and everyone, Western is a very good school for students majoring in a wide variety of things. People who should attend this school are ones who want to further their education and have the time of their life while doing it!


A person who wants to be involved at a semi-large school should attend WIU.


Any kind of person really. Western is mainly a college for pre-med or law enforcement students but it has other courses as well. Don't be discouraged about it being a school for them because there are loads of other courses that one may take.


Some one who is sure nt sure of what they want to become when they get older, becuase they are lots of opportunites for students to explore different career options. Also, students who want to leave the big city life and go to a place that is smaller and they can take care of your academical needs.


Someone who is career and goal oriented and ready to work hard to set themselves up for a good futrue


A very outgoing person who would enjoy meeting new people and go to school for the reason to get a degree and have a bright future.


Someone who does not have a lot of money but wants to receive a good basic education with a focus on their major.


Anyone and everyone looking for an afforable school with a greaty faculty and staff.


Someone who can live in a rural area, I'm not and didn't think I could do it but i still love it! Also someone who likes to party because western LOVES TO PARTY!


WIU is perfect for people who want to not only learn a lot in the classroom, but want life-changing experiences outside the classes as well.


Anyone who is focused on obtaining a great career. This school has a strong emphasis on Law Enforcement and Justice Administration and Social Work majors. They even help you find a job after you graduate.


Any person looking for a career in law inforcment or forensic chem, or teaching or art, basically anyone.


A person who is motivated but modest.


The type of person that should attend Western is a diverse person who is willing to make a sacrafice to small town life. Also someone who is able to adjust to things quickly such as; havig to study all the time, or being able to tolerate different enviorments.


A person who is willing to do the work while having fun.

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