Western Illinois University Top Questions

What are the academics like at Western Illinois University?


challenging but definitely doable.


Western Illinois University has tons of Academics. I choose Broadcasting. I feel the academics are great and really get you involved in the field you are going into.


The academics at my school are great. I believe that my teachers know my name. My favorite class is my geology class because the teacher is really funny and the material is very interesting and new to me. My least favorite class is my child growth and development class because my teacher is foreign and the lessons are about her research. The most unique class I have taken would be my weight training class. My major is Elementary Education and the department is very helpful. The education is geared towards getting a job and being prepared for all types of students in the classrooms.


The academics at my school is good. The professors are very helpful especially during office hours. The professors know my name because e I talk in class and I go to office hours. Students are competitive. The class that is very unique thus far is Sociology.


I'm currently a Law Enforcement major, and that's what Western Illinois University is known for. The academic program is absolutely wonderful, classes never boring.


The academics are what you make of it, you get out what you put in. Great for teaching or if you want to be a cop. There's actually a surprising amount of people in fashion merchandising as well. Core classes can be big in the lecture hall but once you get into your major's classes, they're smaller so you can get to know your professors/classmates.