Western Illinois University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Popularity aren't a necessity, but the Greeks are well known.


Greeks are always popular!


I'm a part of the BAC Squad on campus. It's about battling alcohol consequences. We educate students on the dangers of drinking and how to drink responsibly. It's a really fun group to be a part of and it's really flexible around my schedule. We do a lot of really fun events each semester, and if you can't make it to an event then it's not a huge deal, as long as you try to make it to as many as possible. There is quite a bit of advertising for the different events on campus. I don't typically go to sporting events because of my schedule, but I do go to some plays and different shows when I can. Usually the plays have a pretty big audience, and if it's a really popular play it will sell out quickly. Most of my friends came from talking in classes. People are really talkative and almost anyone can join into conversations in the classroom before class starts. I'm usually not awake at 2 am on Tuesdays, but if I am I'm probably out hanging out with friends. My friends and I like to watch movies when we're together so if I'm up that late, that's probably what I'm doing. Usually the school has a big comedian every year. I love these shows. It's a huge event and it gets a lot of people to go. That's the one major event I look forward to every year. There are a lot of other events that happen each year too.


The most popular groups of students at my school are Sports team mostly Basketball and Football. also Fraternities play a big role in the influence on first year undecided students; most students look up to these groups of people.


There are a lot of things to do if you're a student at Western Illinois University! To start with, there are over 200 student organizations that you can join. These can range from sports clubs, such as the Lacrosse team, clubs pertaining to your major, such as the Economic Student Association, honors organizations, such as the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and many others. A student group I'm involved in is Western's All Volunteer Effort or WAVE for short. They are the universities largest volunteer organization and they perform weekly volunteer events as well as special events throughout the year. They volunteer on campus as well as in the local community. Most students here have a perception that our athletic programs are not very good and many students do not pay attention unfortunately. However, this should start to change as the basketball team was just in the Summit League Championship and almost made the NCAA tournament! Other programs are looking up as well such as baseball, football, and women's basketball.


Some popular groups is the people that are involved in Greek life. I am involved in Black student Association and the Law program. I party every other weekend.


There are lots of group and activities on campus for almost anybody. The honors program is fantastic and provides students with an even higher level of learning.


Homecoming is awesome, as it tailgating. Many people go to the bars but if you're not a big drinker, a lot of people hang out at their apartments/ see movies. Dorms are a good place to meet people freshman/sophomore years, usually doors are open and you can walk in and introduce yourself. RA's usually set up nights throughout the semester so floors can get to know each other.