Western Illinois University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The amount of things you cna buy with the meal plan. Food is over priced and has tripled in price since last year.


Activities. There arent a ton to do because of the location.


The worst thing about our school is we don't have enough programs and things to do on campus for us students to get more involved on campus.


The worst thing about Western Illinois University is the location. Macomb, Illinois is not the most fun place to have to live. The town consists of a couple grocery stores, some old fashioned diners and resturants, and...corn! Besides living in the middle of corn fields, Macomb really does not have much to offer. WIU takes up almost all of the population, and the only thing that ever seems to be going on are parties. Partying gets extremely old! Also, for people who love to shop, you are completely out of luck. There are no malls. Boring!


i feel that my school doesn't offer enough classes for my major.


i think the worst thing about my school is the over emphasis on obaying rules. They give way too many fines for dumb things


It's kind of out in the middle of the country.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the lack of school spirit. Yes a lot of people go to the football games I guess you could say but other than that there is never anyone at the basketball games or volleyball games. Our sporting teams are not well known.


The worst thing about the school is the partying some weekends. It is not too often, but sometimes those coming home at night from parties can be rather loud and obnoxious.


The worst thing about WIU is the roommate policy. Currently, students who have issues with their roommates have very few options to change their room situation. When I talked to my resident hall director, I was told even though my roommate had done many things he shouldn't have, such as drugs in the room and breaking my laptop, I would be the one who had to leave because I was the one with the problem. Since this, I have worked on a paper which I plan to turn into the housing department to change their policy.


I think the worse thing about my school is the dorms because they look very old


The worst thing would be very similar to many other Universities; the drinking, drugs and choices that students are faced with on a daily basis. Although this can also be a good thing, it allows students to decipher their life, plans and decisions on their own. College is a time to grow and develop so with no obstacles in the way it would almost be too easy.


Wow, this might be a hard question to answer considering I dont think there is nothing horribely wrong. The one thing I might comment about is the off campus surrounding area; it has a very country feel to it. For someone who is use to city life, this may seem like a downfall.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the lack of surrounding hot spots. There are mostly bars and I wish there were more restaurants where people could hang out.


The thing i don't really like about my school is that we have community bathrooms. Also, since macomb is such a small city its not much to do. Everything else is amazing.


The Advisors have no idea which degrees require which classes.




Everyone you talk to says that Western Illinois is such a big party school and that anyone that goes there drinks alcohol and does drugs. Being in the law enforcement program and Western i feel as though this hurts the reputation of our school because there are many other activities students participate in to have fun without doing alcohol or drugs.


The worst thing is the freshman/new student expectations. They require that at least one class, having nothing to do with your major, is taken. It is called a First Year Experience (FYE) Course and it feels like a waste of time by everyone including the teachers who know everyone's only in that class because they have to be. It feels like a big waste of money as well since I could have replaced that class with something admissable to my major.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the lack of stuff to do off campus.


There is not a mall in the city


I think theres too much leniency at times with my school. I hate seeing kids not having to work hard or focus and still have grades they are content with. There needs to be more of a challenge.


Westerns Reputation... We get the reputation of being a party school. When in reality not everyone parties. The reason you hear our school as one of the biggest party schools is because the partiers are really attention hungry and they get the attention of many people.


I attend Western Illinois University at the Quad Cities Campus in Moline, Illinois. (This is not something bad.) However, I do not consider anything bad about this school. I have thouroughly enjoyed attending Western Illinois University! This location for WIU was not an option at the beginning of this survey.


The Grad school classes in my major are held all over the state on weekends so I have to drive all over, stay in hotels and request all of the weekends off.


They let pretty much just anyone in, and more people are here to party than to actually work hard.


It would have to be the location, theres not a very diverse environment around the school.


It's a long way from home, don't get to go home very often and not much to do on campus on weekends.


The worst thing about this school is that there is a lot of alcohol on campus and it can become distracting to many students.


the worst thing i would considerabout western is the fact that some professors don't care about it more than half the class is failing thier class...


nothing to do besides drink.. and even the bars suck... campus is in an awkward town in awkward part of state. food services suck and it feels like a large high school


The only thing that is really bad about this school is that it is far away from most of the student's home towns. It feels like this school is out in the middle of nowhere. But other than that I think this school is the best school.


There is not a variety of food choices.


I believe the worst thing is the availibility of jobs or the people not calling back when you have applied for a job.


I really wouldn't consider anything to be worst at Western simply because Western is the best school ever!


Nothing really and its pretty well-rounded school.


I believe that my school should be bigger, so that those who are from a bigger population won't feel confined.


The unorganization by the school cause it slows down the whole process and makes things take longer than what they should take.