Western Illinois University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Lots of small town kids and a big party school. Its located in a small town so there are small town kids but its not that big of a party school as most think.


The main stereotype is that the school is a party school. Yes this is true but academics are not neglected.


I don't feel Western Illinois University has a stereotype that goes on at the college.


At first, I think it is not so good school, at least, not the first-class university, but it provides what other university could provide, the recreation center is truly good to go everyday.


The main stereotype for students at my school is that we are all just a bunch of crazy part animals. Everyone says that WIU is one of the biggest part schools in the Midwest. This is not completely accurate. There are quite a few people who go out multiple times a week, but the only reason that people know that is because it's all they have to talk about. Most of the people I talk to on a daily basis tend to spend most of their time busying themselves with other things and only going out every now and then. WIU only seems like a huge party school because the kids who go out all the time are very vocal about it and pride themselves on their partying abilities. Those kids are the minority of students, they just tend to be the most vocal about their private lives. Most students at WIU don't typically party a lot, but they may go out every now and then. This school gets a bad rap because of its loud students and even louder parties, like the Wheeler Street block party.


The main stereotypes at my school would be Greeks the Frat kids. The students representing their Fraternity gear or logos are immediately put under certain stereotypes and judgments and the Fraternity members are looked at to live up to these typical generalizations of them.


The stereotype of students at my school is that they are drunks. For the most part this is true but there are so many things that students can do instead of drinking if they just tried find another opinion.


A stereotype at my school is that you will be attending Western for at least five years and it is not accurate although very few do.


A stereotype at my school is that you will be attending Western for at lleast five years and it is not accurate although very few do.


Definitely the biggest stereotype at WIU is the "redneck." The majority of the students either come from Chicago, a suburb of Chicago, or very small town in central Illinois.


There are no particular stereotypes seen around campus. There is a very good mixture of athletic individuals, fraternity and sorority students, and many more. At times campus can be seen as a party school, however, that is mainly on the weekends.