Western Illinois University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?




I do not have any complaints about the university; the town could use a few mainstream restaurants.


Sometimes the students do like to do homework and then it puts us behind in class. Also some students are lazy but i am sure that is at any college or school. It gets frustrating when I do my work and others do not do there work. It makes me angry because sometimes teachers are easy on them and allow them to make up the work or give them a second chance.


The most frustrating thing about Western Illinois University is the conservative nature of the surrounding town. The school is nowhere near a legitimate level of diversity. The student population should be more cultural diverse in order to ensure greater student achievement and awareness.


Being a Sophmore now, I found it extremly difficult to find employment. Once i was able to secure a part-time job on campus, I am finding that my employer is less then understanding when it comes to scheduling.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the large amount of people in my lecture classes.


College life is a bit frustrating. It can all be avoided if you are willing to put in the energy to succeed. I would have to say the most frustrating thing is the winter weather. At the end my fall semester, it started to become very cold. I saw many become sick . Classes had weak attendance and extra activities were canceled due to no one showing up. So the most frustrating thing I came across was not having a large group get involved in activities. I felt like I didn?t meet as many people as I wanted to.


Lack of helpful counseling


There are some areas that are alittle unorangized. It is important that you keep track of the classes you are taking and need to take. Do not rely solely on your advisor.


How a lot of students can talk about alcohol in many different ways.


If you do not have a car it is pretty hard to get around if the buses are not running,


The most frustrating thing is that there isn't a lot of school spirit. Homecoming week is the only time that students really get involved with campus spirit activities. As a cheerleader, I see how many people attend every game, and it is usually very disappointing. Also, there are incentives to come to the games, for some reason the students don't care. They also don't seem to realize how much the team really needs them there. I attend every single game and it would make our school look and feel much better if the other students were also.


the parking sucks sometimes


Some professors not always being on campus to talk to.


How certain things work sometimes, and how some of the decisions administration makes dosent make sense.


That it is guarunteed to get a dorm room but it is hard to get the room or the parking especially that you want.


Having plenty of activities to do but not knowing which one to engage in.