Western Illinois University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There is a large population of black people and the T.A.'s are mainly Indian so they are incredibly hard to understand. While I am not against diversity, if the teacher cannot convey what they want to teach to the class, they will fail to provide a good quality of education.


not to trust everyone you come in contact with!


Nothing, because what i didnt already know i learned by means of life experience which can not be taught or bought but only lived.


Personally, I wish I would have prepared myself to be overwhelmed by the amount of activities. There are so many and being an active guy, keeping up is impossible. Playing baseball here, its easy to forget which sport is varsity and which sport is just fun. Its very competitive intramurals as well.


I wish I had more information regarding housing financial requirements. I also would have liked to have had more information about requirements of the major I am in. I didnt learn REAL details until arriving here at school.


I wish I had known the dorm life isn't always as fun as some may think. I received a residential scholarship to live in the dorm, so I was very excited to live there; however, my academics were negatively effected due to a roommate who cared less about school and more about having fun and doing drugs.


I wish I had known this school was not near any stores i wouldn't shop at.


The one thing that I wish I knew was how much partying takes place . I realize that this is college and it happens everywhere ,but there is nothing for kids under the age of 21 . It makes for boring nights that never turn in to anything. For me, being a diabetic I absolutely cannot drink. I want to keep a healthy lifestyle and be successful . I wish I knew that there was nothing in the small farm town of Macomb. I can only wish in future years some activities come around for the kids you want to not party.


Really the only thing I can think of right now that I would have liked to realize is how much I would have to study. Although I realized that, I didn't really know the best way in which to do so, and I wish I could have been more prepared in that area.


I wish I knew about all of the activities I could be involved with my freshman year rather than later on in my schooling.


I was able to research Western Illinois very throughly and able to talk to counselors who helped answer all my questions. I knew most everything that was expected of me when i came to this school and was more than satisfied with the experiences at Western Illinois.


I wish I had known that there were so many different programs for each major. My next academic school year I plan on taking advantage of all opportunities afforded to me.


I wish I had known how much drinking goes on at Western. It's a health hazard to the students, not to mentions highly illegal for the amount of underage drinking I see. I wish I had known what little emphasis was placed on student activities, also, since I believe that student involvement is the essence of a positive college experience.


That four years here would be too long. Wish I would have known that more students are concentraited on getting drunk and going out to the bars than doing well and participating in class.


I wish that I had been in an atmosphere filled with people from this many places before I had come to college. When I got here I was surprised to see so much diversity and had trouble fitting in at first but soon found the friends that I had been seeking. It was a big change from my private high school.


That this school has many oppertunities to get involved with the surrounding communities.


I wish i had known the different clubs to join, the ammounts of financial aid available, the different ammounts of majors to choose from, the idfferent dormitories, and other activities on campus.


I wish I would have known what I really wanted to do in life. It would have made my last couple of years a lot easier as far as classes.


better communication skills


I wish I would have known about that lack of assistance when serious issues arrise. If it is after "regular business hours" you just have to suffer and wait for the next business day. The buildings/dorms are very old and moldy and it is difficult to get int certain dorms because they are cleaner. I also wish that I would have been more aware of the approved alcohol consumption by minors on this campus. Everyone here tends to drink regularly and the school police do nothing about the under age drinking in the dorms.