Western Illinois University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The school provides a great education for law enforcement and nursing majors!


Having a location in the Quad City area has allowed me to stay in the area, instead of having to move to the main campus in Macomb. Being along the river has allowed me the opportunity to study on benches along it. It also has a bike path that helps me reduce the effects on the environment.


This university boasts friendly people, intelligent professors, many great associations and fraternities and and great night life. I can enjoy studying and making friends while here.


The staff is the best thing about the school. Every staff and facualty memeber I have encountered are very helpful. They go above and beyond for their students, hard working students.


It is beautiful and have a lot of cool cites and classes are close by.


Location! Western Illinois University is nestled in the west-central portion of Illinois in a city that counts a population of 20,000 people (during the Universities school year). WIU is a well established school in, for the most part, a safe community that promotes family life. Western Illinois University has a diverse student body and offers activities and instruction that is suitable to various ethnicities. The faculty to student ratio varies as well, with class sizes being approximately 20-30 students per class.


The best thing about my school is the Law Enforcement Major, we are known for our school having a good Law Enforcement Program and I love how our advisors are a big part in our education helping us find the right classes to take, and also helping us stay on task with all of our work.


The best thing is since it is a small school our campus rec is rarely full. Also I go to school with alot of my friends. Lastly the library is only packed during finals so i get alot done there during the week.


I enjoyed the one on one attention students got from their teachers. You recieved the help you needed ina timely fashion. I liked that Western was a large enugh school you met new people every day, but small enough to have that one on one time with teachers.


The factly and their connection to the students