Western Iowa Tech Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


WIT was an excellent school for the specialized major I was enrolled in. They also offered housing which I found so helpful as I was from California at the time. The class was Band Instrument Repair and the teacher was very patient and brilliant in my opinion. The school made me feel very welcome especially since I was from out of state and didn't know anyone. They also helped me find a part time job to help pay for the necessities for living on my own.


The best thing about this campus is the staff's willingness to learn your name and help you in anyway possible. They treat you more like an indiviudual and less like a number. The small community feel is a welcome change from the cold and severe type that I had previously visited.


Western Iowa Tech has many desirable qualitys. The most important is the teachers. Through out my life i've experienced teachers who enjoy teaching, and other who act as if they hate entering the class room each day. At Western Iowa Tech each teacher i've had really acts as if they love their job. It seems as if they actually enjoy teaching each student, and love to watch them learn.