Western Kentucky University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is very expensive, teachers are rude and its hard to focus when you have to work for a living to pay for everything.


Western Kentucky University, where the spirit makes the master.


Greek life is too prevalant.


Small town feel, you always see someone you know around campus.


Western is a friendly university filled with caring professors and students who want to be there.


My university is a medium sized campus.


Western Kentucky University is a school of excellence and tradition. Students who make the most of their time spent in this college will graduate with many opprtunities. The tight bond the alumni and recently graduated students have here is a great one. Job opportunities, advice, and support are endless to the graduating classes that go through each year. The best thing about it is that as each year passes the bond with the students, staff, and school spirit is one that doesn't fade away with time. Support and pride are both traits that will forever represent WKU.


Home to the Diverse and Dilligent.


Western Kentucky is a great school, full of great teachers, and students alike, I have found many new friends in the teachers and the other students that are enrolled in the college.


Western Kentucky University has a beautiful campus, in both its architechure and its landscape, as well as am administration that makes great efforts to help its students succeed at their highest level.


Western Kentucky University is a great school that's not too big and not too small.


Western Kentucky Univesity is a small school with big opportunties.


Western Kentucky University is a school with the campus and social atmosphere you see in idealised television campuses (walking around on a nice day by all the musicians and sunbathers is like living in a recruitment video), the cultural diversity of a large city, and the charm of the South.


How I can describe my school in one sentence would be that this school is very rewarding, we learn so much from our professors and people here are wanting to see you graduate and help you get to the next level of our education.


Western Kentucky University is a school that is very diverse, and has a beautiful campus.


WKU is a diverse, interesting, but simple place with a little bit of everything that a person could be looking for.


School spirit is our motto and everyone is very active and participates in a broad range of activities.


Western Kentucky University is very ethnically, socially, culturally involved, as well as diverse.


Western Kentucky University is a school that's trying to go beyond just education but to the international aspects of education.


My school is most extravagent, FUN, international, spirited, educational school you can go too.


Western Kentucky University is amazing for many reasons: the professors are helpful, the campus is beautiful, the students are friendly, and there are several extra activities available to students.


My school is a fun and educational get away from home. Most of the time there is always something to do on campus. The food is great, and the students are pretty friendly for the most part.


Western Kentucky University is an opprotunity for a great education, and a place to meet friends that will last a lifetime.


My school is very diverse and competitive.


A wonderful place to grow as a person and to enjoy the college experience whether it be through the classroom or social events.


Western Kentucky University is a place where learning becomes a personal experience due to the professors and sense of community.


Image oreinated.


My is school is home to me, with amazing people, great classes, and a wonderful campus.


i would have to say the same thing i said about my classmates.


The best place I could have gone, it feels like home from the start.


Western Kentucky is extremely welcoming, diverse, and interactive.


My school would be described as widely diverse and accepting.


This is the perfect college, everything is well kept and the staff is fun and friendly.


A school full of small town girls and boys looking for an education for the city and friendships to last a life time.


The school I attend is mainly motivated by sports and greek life, has a small art community that I am proud to be a part of, and always means well to support the arts, but doesn't always deliver.


The classes are mostly easy and the parties and tailgating are awesome.


WKU is a beautiful campus with a rotton core.


A very relaxing environment with great teachers who are willing to help you any way they can.


The most comfortable campus is KY.


An academically challenging yet promising school. When I graduate from here, I feel confident that I have earned my degree and that it wasn't handed to me and also that I will quickly find a job within my field of study. The professors here most often care about the success of students within their class and many go beyond the scope of the class to assure success if the student needs it. The campus itself is beautiful and students here feel safe.


We are a tightly knit group of individuals who want the most out of life.


It's not the greates school on the planet, but it is a very good school with a great campus


WKU is a fun, high-spirited school for those who have no real ambitions.


Bowling Green is a great city, but you have to make it a great city.


close to home, nice, beautiful


We like to talk while we walk up the hill to class.


Very conservative and unresponsive to students' needs.


The spirit makes the master.