Western Kentucky University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


A large variety of different peers. A lot from Kentucky and Nashville. The rest of us that are from other states are a little out of place at first.


My classmates are driven, passionate, helpful, spirited.


My classmates are helpful, funny, and smart.


As a music major, my classmates and I get along well because we share a passion and are a lot alike.


Most of my classmates were there to learn as I was. Some were there more for partying and "the college experience." They were what I would consider typical college students.


My classmates were very fun, energetic, and cared a great deal about their education.


Mostly white but there is a variety of different types of people.


The students in my classes come from different backgrounds and from all across the world. I enjoy the variety of ideas and creativity that flow from all the different students. I am from Bowling Green, Kentucky. In highschool, I was in classes with people who were just like me. It is interesting to be in college classes with such a variety of students.


Classmates are friendly welcoming and are willing to get to know other people and to have fun aka party.


My classmates are not very talkative while class is in session, but afterwards are very friendly and would love to help out if they can.


My classmates are focused individuals that know that they want out of their future careers.


My classmates were a very loving group of students.


An average description of my classmates would be focused, eager, and diverse in views and backgrounds.


My classmates are very fun and friendly. They're open to meeting new people and very welcoming. They make it easy to fit in to a new school.


My classmates represent a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, values, and goals.


Like any school, there are different crowds and diversity here at Western Kentucky University. More white american than black american. There are a few different cultures such as, african and chinese, but neither are out numbered by the other, more of an over-looked race here on campus. I find my classmates to be one of a kind. Alot of things can be learned and taught by being around my peers or my classmates. Although we are human, tolerance is a bit factor of being able to be apart of the diversity here at Western Kentucky University.


My classmates are either two extremes: really interactive or really detatched, but everyone is unique in their own way.


my classmates are determine to reach there goals.


My classmates are dedicated, intelligent, and know how to have a good time. They realize that our social lives and our studies need to be in complete balance so we don't mess up our opportunity on a great education. My classmates already know how to handle college-type situations because it was practiced in their high schools. They realize that they are here to get an education, but also to have a blast while you're at it.


adventure seekin with a spontaneous incentive.


Most of my classmates are semale nurses, whom I have know from previous work settings.


Student body is pretty normal. There isn't a lot of diversity. No school pride. Not the most fun university.


My theatre classmates were always more upbeat and contributed more in the classroom setting; my non-theatre classmates tended to be more quiet and reserved.


People that have been sheltered their entire lives and are realizing there's more to the world.


My classmates are creative, interesting, unique, challenging, cooperative, and fun.




Because I spend all of my time with fellow artists, I can say that they are mainly consumed with recieving a diploma to graduate but never seem to be strongly passionate about art itself.


The majority of my classmates are an intelligent, independent, and mostly straightforward mix of locals and out-of-towners,, with surprisingly heavy international numbers.


The classmates at WKU are helpful, pretty nice, and social.


My classmates are very helpful in the classroom. They are eager to form study groups and help each other out with homework and studying for tests and quizzes. They are also very friendly outside of the classroom, saying hi whenever they might see me on-campus other then in the class. Getting to know my classmates and being nice and friendly with them was a huge help to me and my studies and i highly recommend forming study groups.


Quiet in class, ready to learn


Very fun and out going.


Some are very focused, and concerned with getting a college degree, while others are less motivated and dont really apply theirselves to classes or self improvement.


focused on suceeding in class


Varied greatly, between studying a lot or not at all.


For the most part they are friendly and open-minded.