Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There are three steps to success in college: 1)Go to class. 2)Have your work finished. 3)Make friends. I know you don’t think our social life is imperative to your academic life, but what you will learn is that exchange of ideas with your peers helps you grow. Hearing from others will expand your own creativity and life perceptions. Don’t be afraid to speak!


If I could go back and tell myself about college life, I'd tell myself to calm down. I came to realize that college is very challenging, but I have prepared myself for college by being an excellent student from kindergarden through senior year of high school. I would tell myself that I can handle what is coming, and even though I need to prepare for an intense year, it will not be as bad at it seems. The one negative thing I would tell myself is that you have a lot of freedom, and you need to use it wisely. I did very well my first year of college, all A's and B's, but I could still have studied harder. I would have told myself to be even more responsible than I thought I should be, and to study before hanging out with friends.


Dear High School Self, I want to advise you to not be so nervous about starting college. You are going to love college life. You are going to make many great friends and memories. You will get through this big transition from high school to college. I advise you to look ahead, but to still focus on the current semester. Do not worry so much about when you are graduating or if you will get done in four years. It will all work out for the best. I want to tell you that you are capable of doing this. Also, do not be so quick to turn down opportunities for new friends, new experiences. Believe in yourself more and you will be fine. You should not worry about whether you can handle a certain class. You get an A in Western Civilization Since 1648, therefore you can get an A in any other class you take! Just take risks, and I promise it will be worth it. You have your family and friends right there by your side, who believe in you more than you even believe in yourself. Sincerely, College Self


Caps tossed in the air Celebrations begin In a flash you’ll enter another world You think you know who you are You think you have control But trust me when I say Everything will be challenged What you think makes sense no longer will What you thought you had will threaten to go You’ll teeter on edge as the wind comes to blow And facts you think have been subdued will rise again with a daring face ...but relax This isn’t meant to scare You choose Life will find solid ground once more As a college freshman, I clearly remember High School but I'm now engrossed in college life. It really is as amazing as people say. However, it takes work and effort. You must put the effort into making it another "home" and somewhere you feel comfortable. Nothing is handed to you here. Everything is earned one way or another. Leaving High School can be scary, and for some, more so than others. Be brave and step out of your comfort zone. College is about experimenting and expanding your life. Remember who you are, and who you want to be, but enjoy yourself.


Sabina, make sure you are searching online for scholarships and grants, you know exactly why you are attending university. Plan to study abroad. Also dont forget that college is not only time for studying, but also making life long friends, meeting people with the same hobbies and interest as yours. Experiencing exciting and amazing new things. When scheduling for classes, make sure that the distance between the buldings that your classes will be in are close When scheduling for classes make sure that the distance between the bultings that your classes will be in are close enough to each other, so you get to the class at a time and wont suffer and run from one place to another and come in to the class breathing hardly. And always remember," "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." — Nelson Mandela


I have a gained a new sense of freedom and of responsibility. I am responsible for getting to class and getting my assignments done. I am responsible for doing the right thing and staying out of trouble. It is a good stepping stone for learning to live on my own, away from my parents and those who have nurtured me my whole life.


I've made some very close friends here at WKU. I've never had school spirit in my entire life. I never cheered at any highschool sporting events, but here I can't help but have pride in my school. I don't feel like I'm forced to be here and I love it.


As a college student, I have become more independent, and learned to take on my own responsibilities. Also, I've learned how to stay organized and focused, and have found the best and most effective ways to study and be successful. Besides the academic take on things, I've also learned very valuable people skills. Before coming to college, I was a quiet and shy individual, but since coming to college, I've become so much more outgoing and involved. Living on a college campus has opened my eyes to new opportunities and new people, and I've learned how to react and deal with the trickiest situations.


I have got out of that you have to work for you want, nothing is ever handed to you. In college I have learned as an adult you have to take care of yourself and defend yourelf because no one else is.


My college experience has been magical. Before attending college, I had never spent more than a week from home, so I was very nervous to spend 4 months, 5 hours away from home. It was challenging, I was homesick many times, but I am so glad that i stuck through it. By going to college, I have broken out of my shell. It is hard living away from home and all of your friends, you have to become more outgoing in order to survive. Before college, I was this shy girl with low self-esteem. Being in college has opened me up to new ideas, new aspirations, and new beginnings. It has been a life changing experince that I would reccomend anyone to do!


College is something that I took for granted. I failed to realize how valuable a college education can be to me. After taking a 2 year break, I decided to re-enroll this year. This was my last chance to recieve finacial aid and do something with my life. I took on the responsibility of going to school, raising a child, and working full-time. Needless to say I failed. Now at 24, with a 3 year old daughter, I find my self wanting an eductaion more than ever. My past college experiences have been miserable. I want my future experience to mold the rest of my life in the best way possible. I'm ready to make something of myself and procure a future for me and my child. She deserves it and so do I!


As a part of Western Kentucky University I have gained a family, knowledge in my field, leadership opportunities, as well as club membership opportunities. I have met wonderful people who are all striving for success. This campus-wide determination has inspired me to work my hardest in each class. One of Western's stronger counterparts is the opportunity to take classes in your decided major as a freshmen. This option gives you the chance to get a feel for the career before you are too far in for a change. Western also has many interesting clubs that accept students from any classification. The clubs also help you take a look into your deisred major or even help the community.


What I have gotten out of college since I've been there is finding my desire. I have experienced a desire to excelle in my academics that I did not have before. I will study on Friday nights when all my friends are out if I need to. I've realized that I love to see the good grades and that is how I gain my self-esteem. If I do well on test or in the class overall I will have a huge smile on my face and it feels like I am on top of the world. I wanted to mainly please my parents and professors in high school, but now I have the need to make myself happy. I put the time into my studies for me, because school is my job right now. School is valuable because it will get me the life I want in the future for me and my future family. School is everything, and the desire I have to succeed in school is so great.


Attending any college is beneficial and valuable to any and everyone. Here, at Western Kentcuky University, everyone will help you with any thing you could possibly need. I have sat down with professors, for hours, who have taught me one on one to help me understand what I was having trouble with. Besides the academic aspect, I am a competitive diver for this school. I have been here merely 4 months, and I have already competed all around the United States. I have a fantastic team that won our Conference last year. The only reason I can get through three classes and two practices each and every day is because of the great support system at this school. Anyone and everyone can get free tutoring in any course they desire, there is unlimited resources, and many of the teachers are very helpful and put your best interest first. All-in-all I know I made the right choice to come here and experience this wonderful opportunity!


I have not attended college yet, so I am unable to answer the question intelligently. I can describe what it has been like for the past 12 years without a college degree. I have had to work extremely hard just to see others in the same position as me earn a higher income or get promoted due to holding a degree. I have seen doors shut for me, while they have been opened for others, just by attending college. I have lived the past 12 years of my life working hard to support my family in a job that I was not crazy about. I have seen my friends graduate from college and go on to work in fields of which they have passion. I am an extremely hard worker with a wonderful husband and two little girls that have all supported my decision to go back to school and follow my dream of becoming a teacher.


So far out of my college experience I have matured and have learned that everything depends on me. In high school everything came so easily that you could do it without studying. Now in college I have to study more and I have realize that if I don't I am the blame. No one else. Since I have been able to grow as a person and a young lady it has become valuable to my character and my personality. My perspective on life is different than what it was just last summer.


I have gotten a lot more than I expected out of my college experience. I have really learned independence and time management. In high school, I didn't study a whole lot so college, for me, started out rough. I had to learn to manage my time without someone there telling me that I have to do this or have to do that. I have learned that I cannot rely on others to help me get things done or make me do what I need to. I have to rely on myself to study for my big chemistry test or get my ten-page paper done. This is super valuable to me because as an aspiring doctor, I cannot rely on others to treat or help my patients. It will be up to me to get the job done and college has really shown me that, the hard way, but I would not trade this experience for anything.


I've become more independent. I'm honing in my study skills and learning every day. I'm changing every day as a person. I've grown so much mentally. I'm better at dealing with day to day situations and have also found ways to better deal with emotional stress in positive ways.


I am returning to school after 20+ years in the work-a-day world. I will be attending an online college. I expect to gain knowledge and experience to further my career.


First, I attended Job Corp training. I quickly realized that the Job Corp was not the place for me. With my mother’s encouragement, I enrolled at a community college. I spent more time trying to get paperwork in order than in class. This time I was going to take my time and research what schools were out there. I knew I could not waste any more time. When I spoke to the representative from Virginia College, I was immediately curious. Each time I visited I became more excited. Everyone was encouraging. This school was going to get me to my goals. The first day was different from any of my other experiences. The President of the college came to each class. All of the teachers are amazing. They have helped me up before I could fall. This has been different from my other experiences. This school has helped me learn the skills I need for my degree but has expanded my outlook on life. I have learned from earlier schools that it is always good to know what you want and need. But you need to find the place that fulfills those needs; otherwise you are just swimming upstream.


I have learned a lot from attending Saint Petersburg College. Being homeschooled from 1st-11th Grade, when I started dual-enrolling for my senior year, it was really exciting for me to head to my first "school" experience. In college life you are really expected to propell yourself into your academic studies, where as I had always had my mom to push me. Though I have learned immensly from my professors, I found myself settling for an A when I knew I could do much better. When you only have one teacher focused on only you, they get to know what you're capable of, and can push you past what you think you can do. Attending college has been of great value to me I have learned so much in the 3 semesters I have spent here. This knowledge will definately benefit me later in life. Even in classes that I thought would have nothing to do with my future career, I've found useful information to benefit my life. I've learned to push myself farther than I thought possible, and have even made a few friends. I'm really enjoying it!


When my high school told me that I could attend a local community college and still earn my high school diploma, I jumped at the chance. Many people criticized me and told me that I would be missing out on an important stage in life. I was determined to prove them wrong. In college I felt like i was actually doing something for my life. I was becoming a better person while working towards my career goal. In high school I had always felt like there was no point to be there. I was not learning anything and the teachers seemed to be burned out and not helpful. College has given me pride. I am proud of the work that I do and the things that I accomplish. This spring i will be graduating high school with my Associate's degree and transferring in the fall to a university. I could not be more proud of myself.


I previously attended The University of Akron, I went there for only one semester. I have been here at WKU, since August 22. The overall feeling of being here at WKU is just amazing, my friends and I discuss how it has the home feeling. My experience here has been by far, the best yet! If you are a freshmen/transfer student they highly recommend this program called :Master Plan. I attended and we got to move in our dorms early and meet new friends, RAs, staff, teachers, and found out where all our classes were. That lets me know, that they really care, they just don’t want to throw you out there to the "wolves!" Knowing that my school cares, makes me feel special and in a way want to achieve even greater things in life. It’s a great feeling to know, that your university has your back, and they really want you to walk across that stage and get your diploma!


Besides on the correct path that I want to lead. I have also meet alot of defferent people, and comming from a small town that was the best thing in the world for me. I have made inportan frainds who will hopefully get me into the student teching possition in Russia, that I am corrently after. The college experience wasn't about getting drunk or things like that for me, it was I have a whole world at my feet, all I have to do is reach out a take hold. If your strong enought and don't givee up, College is the best place for you and it was for me as well.


I learn about being persistant and pushing through at all cost. I also learned that when I want something it left up to me to accomplish it. I can't blame others if I don't get an education because there are so many resources available to make it happen. I am so thankful for financial aid and what it has provided for me through the years. If I hadn't recieved aid then I wouldn't have gotten an education.


Coming from a background of low income, I have strived to achive for the best. My college experiances have help me mature and gain knowledge beyond my years. It was valuable to attend college because not only have I been able to achieve goals but have helped others achive goals aswell.


I love learning so college is extremely enjoyable for me regardless of my experience, but it has been even more than that for me. College has taught me more than just curriculum, it has taught me responsibility. To me responsibility is all about how you prioritize and that is what college is all about. You learn to prioritize your homework according to your strengths, as well as your time, and really if you think about it that is the trick to a stress free life. You will use the gift of prioritizing in work, in your social life, as well as with your family and kids.


Out of my college experience I now understand and recognize the value of education. I have found my stregnth and intelligence and I know how much I can handle. The experience I've learned form attending college has made me a better person it has made me a more education oriented person. Out of this experience I've learned how to respect different people and understand their differences and express and honor them. I feel without the college experience you dont really know how to find the person you are meant to become, having that experience broadens your horizon and prepares you for what you deal with in life. I have come to respect, cherish, admire and love the experience I've recieved so far from college. I do hope that I will continue to grow and have many experieces from this point on. Like forming friendship and sisterhood bonds. And that ammunition I need to succeed in life . Also remembering the many lessons that was taught and the many people that I met a college experience is a life changing experience. At Tarrant County College I am surrounded by people whom I admire and respect.


I have learned so much from my college experience. However, I feel that the best thing that I learned in college is how much I actually enjoy learning. It has been very valuable to me because it has shown me the direction I would like to take with my life. It also gives me something in my life to look towards in the future and thereby allows me to let go of the past more. It has helped me to make more intelligent decisions, which has in turn affected my entire life.


I have gotten many experiences out of my college career so far. I've learned how diversity in our society is so important, recieved a more social life, completing tasks on my own, and how to deal with real world problems. Diversity never occurred to me how important it was until I came to Western. I applied for a RA position and that was the majority of the questions in the interview. I've always been a social person but I have gained more experience in college. I attended campus activities as well as clubs. I met so many people and I had fun doing it. Completing tasks on my own was one of my biggest fears. I was afraid to do it myself. Being at a University made me have to. This tought me alot and how much I can accomplish on my own. Now, I've had finacial problems since I got to college. I've ended up oweing money every semester and that right there gave me a taste of the real world. Having problems that are difficult to solve. These qualies right there are why it has been valuable to attend college.


I attendend college in 2005 for a couple months then had to leave due to a family emergency. I have not been able to go back to school until now and I'm married with a daughter. I am trying to get back into college so I can support my family and give my daughter a good life and the ability to go to college when she is old enough.


i wont start my first year untill Aug. 30 2010, but i can already tell that the experience will me help to become a more idependent, strong individual. everything about it is valuable, if you plan on expanding your knowledge and career opportunies throughout your life.


My time in college has taught me that I can push myself to do better. I can do better academically. I can do better financially. I can do better personally. Earlier in my life I doubted my abilities but now I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Beyond the coursework and professor, this is the most valuable lesson I have learned in my years at college. With this new found perspective who knows what I will accomplish.


Throughout my first year of college, I have experienced an exceptional learning program, diversity of cultures, new friendships, old friendships, and definitely realized the responsibilities of living on your own. My high school years were very tough, to say the least. I was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease my sophmore year and enrolled in a homebound program. From then on I had to teach myself at home because I was always either at the doctor or in the hospital. I can tell you this was very difficult for me because I was a very social and energetic girl. Having to be seperated from my classmates and my sports saddend me, but I achieved my goals and graduated in four years, Suma cum laude. Going to college is another valuable goal I am determined to achieve. I recieved a kidney trasplant in March of 2009, but they discovered my disease was returning in my new kidney. I would love to finish my education in four years before anything tragic happens again. Learning new things help keep my mind off my dilema. I am looking forward to attending my university in the fall, with high hopes of achieving academic excellence.


A magnificent awakening of the splendid diversity of the human race is the primary influence I have gained from my college experience. Not only has my knowledge base in all general areas been beautifully expanded, but I have also begun acquiring the skills I need to obtain a career where I can make my education count out in the world. I have also developed a more proficient leadership base, which has taught me how to more positively and effectively influence others. Gratitude is the overwhelming emotion I have when thinking of the value of my college education. I realize the opportunity I have had and want to be diligent in using and maximizing the tools I have learned and earned. I consider my college education to be so much more than a degree or a level of prestige, but more so an intriguing experience that could not be duplicated through any other means. The college experience I have had thus far has equipped me with the confidence and competence I feel will motivate me sustain and further obtain satisfaction and success.

Going to a community college before transferring to a four year school has taught me better organization skills as well as better study techniques. In highschool, i hated to study. Once I started college, it was a shock to me how much studying I need to do. Getting a college degree is the most important thing I can do for my future and it's great for me to be a good role model for my younger sister. Being a role model to my sister and teaching her how to be organized and how to study will go with her through her up-coming highschool years and it will also show her that going to college is also very important.


When i first started school i was very unsure of myself! I was nervous i would fail all my classes or that people wouldnt like me. . . however it has been quite the opposite! I have done well in all of my classes so far, i have a 4.0 GPA and everyone at my school is super friendly! I wish i could tell all the people my age not to be afraid to go back to school like i was, so far it has been very rewarding and i enjoy the time that i spend there! Being in school has taught me that i can be more than just a waitress, and that i can still me a great mom and wife even if Im not home as much! I think there is no price on a good education, its one of the most valuable things you can have!


I have gotten new friends, new identity aka the true identity of myself, a soulmate, great advisors, ambition, ideas, and a positive outlook on life after college. The college experience has helped me to become and independent individual with the ability to take on the responsibillities of life as they are added to my life. High school has nothing on college. College is this wonderful "limbo" for one to figure out things in their life such as, where one might want to live, to study, to make a career out of, and how to network. The college experience means so much to me. Without this experience I do not believe that I would get to where I want be without it. I would have never have left the broken down town I call home. And I certainly would have never found the path I'm supposed to take or the love of my life. The college experience is the gateway to starting my life.


I have not yet attended college.


In 2007, my husband left me with two children to raise alone. I had no money, and nothing but a high-school diploma. I worked a few jobs here and there to get by, and then one day I had an epiphany?this wasn't what I wanted for myself, or my children. So I gave up everything and started college. I was scared, and didn't know what to expect, but now it?s 2010, and I have 59 hours under my belt and a 3.5 GPA. From the two years I've spent in college, I've learned there is nothing more valuable than an education. I?ve faced reality, it?s not pretty and in today?s times without a college education, you'll go nowhere. College has given me a second chance to start my life over?for myself, and my children. This opportunity has given me so much to hope for, and look forward to. It has inspired me in ways I never thought possible, and has made me so appreciative of this opportunity I?ve been given to start my life over?with a college education.


College is definitely a whole lot different than high school. I think mainly because you're allowed more freedom than in high school. But also because I can finally sit in a classroom with mature people and learn all I want, which was actually quite difficult in high school. But when you think of college, you think of time to grow up and experience new things; you think of getting out of your parents' house and living on your own. I, however, chose a different route and decided to stay living at home while attending college. While my parents aren't very strict, I feel like I have still yet to experience the living on my own (which I believe is where most of the growing up takes place) and taking on more responsibilities. But, of the college that I've seen so far, I have learned to take on some more responsibilities in going to class and doing well. The most valuable part of it all is that everything I learn here at college will be very helpful in becoming a successful member of my community now and in the future.


I have learned the basics graphic designing, and the fundamentals of design. With this knowledge, it will be easy to create pieces of art that I am commissioned to do or even develop on my own. Other then the basics of art, I have learned plenty of different programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, 3D Studio Max, and InDesign. All of which have their strengths and weaknesses, but by combining them, your abilities as an artist are unlimited.


I was in community college and I liked it - I did well in my classes, but I felt like I wanted more. I wanted to know that I could get an actual career out of what I was going through school for. But attending a school like that also helped me realize that I wanted to know that my education was really gonna take me somewhere instead of simply allowing me to say "yes, I went to school." "Yes, I have my degree." I want to be able to say "Yes, I have my licence to do this, this and this." "I'm already trained to know how to do this and that...". I want to be proud of what I've achieved and what I'll be able to do. With this scholarship, I'll be able to feel like I can help people with what I'm able to do, without limitations.


This campus has been integrated into my life for many more years than I have attended it. I fell in love with the school during the first summer I spent there with a TRIO group. Western built me into an in charge, outgoing woman. Going here has helped me become a more well rounded, knowledgable woman. I have made friends, found love and acceptance, and where I have found a passion for my future I did not have before. I cannot imagine attending another university because this one is my home. Being here will make me the best elementary school teacher I can be.


The search for the perfect college is a difficult and confusing process. Take some time to think about who you are and what is truly important to you. It is hard to envision the perfect college when you have yet to experience life on a college campus. My experiences have shown me that the perfect college is what you make of it. Although all colleges offer differing opportunities, the secret is to embrace whatever options arise. I do not regret my decision to attend Western Kentucky University, however, if I had the opportunity to redo the application process, I would strive to attend a university tailored more to my interests. I would look for a smaller university that provides a greater sense of community and a shared desire to succeed. Focus more on locating outside scholarships, than finding a college with great financial aid. When thinking about what lies ahead in the transition to college life, try not to worry so much. Coursework is not overwhelmingly difficult and friendships are easily formed. Take the time to enjoy your last year of high school and remember that you should just be a kid sometimes.


Understanding the importance of financial aid and how much money it actually takes to attend a college, going back in time I would have tryed harder to make the grades that I know I could make. Also going to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to start these scholarships early. There are so many oppurtunites to gain money, to help you get to college just taking the time and effort is up to you. Money is an illusion from getting what you want. When you let money get in the way of your school work or prevent you from going to school than thats when you need to make that illusion go away and turn into a positive perspective. The transition from High School to College as been beneficial to becoming more mature and more than anything don't change when you get to college just be yourself.


the number one advice that would tell myself is to NOT room with a friend....it is NOT good idea and i had to learn that the hardway despite al the people telling me that it wouldn't work out and not to do it but i went against all that and shouldn't have...i would have also went with my first choice for deciding a major and would have picked criminal justice rather than my current, psychology. although its quite simple to switch a major, a wku you have papers to fill out and have to meet with a whole different advisor, which could have been prevented if i would have just stuck with my gut first feeling and that was to stay in the law field


Take all the AP classes you can! Save yourself a ton of time and money paying back student loans by getting what you can now. And don't worry if you are unsure about your major. Switching is not set in stone, and you're not the only one. Don't hole up in your dorm room, go looking for fun in town. A good time doesn't have to involve acohol and parties. Don't be afraid to try some new things and to let some old ones go. Most importantly, don't get discouraged if college isn't everything you made it out to be. Yes, it's an excellent time in your life, but it's just one stop on the journey. Just remember who you are, what you value, and you'll be fine.


Knowing what I know now, if I had to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to research each teacher before you sign up for the class. Some teachers are very hard and strict and as an incoming freshman that is a lot to take on. I would also tell myself that even though you are moving to a school with eight other friends, be sure to branch out and make new friends. Sometimes friends cannot afford college anymore or transfer and if you have not made new friends you will be left alone. Finally, do not be shy. Learn to speak up in class and say hello to people walking to class. This will help you become more confident in yourself.


If I could go back as a senior I would tell myself to not take everything for granted. I would be mainly focused and study strictly more on school and been a better balanced student. The key is not be caught up in any disruptences in life such as: girls, texting, football and basketball games, work, church, video games, the internet, talking on the phone too late, and etc. I mean all those things are fine if you don't abuse them and you manage time pretty well. When I was a senior in school I was nominated as most-popular, I was on the coming home court for three straight years, I won best dressed, I worked two jobs, had plenty of friends, went to church, and also had a steady girlfriend. The transition you have to make is to learn how to balance time for school, friends, church, work, or any other activity you have outside of school. If I could've told myself this when I was in high school coming from an college student then I would've took college a bit more seriously than my teachers told me in high school.

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