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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Find what you want to do in life and find an appropriate program that will fit it. Also, go somewhere that you feel comfortable ON campus. Visit the campus on a NICE day. Ask about the different activities and groups that are available if you are not an athlete. When you attend the university, GET INVOLVED; whether it is atheltics/greek life/volunteer groups... whatever. The more you are involved, the more people you will meet and the more fun you will have. Go Tops!


go to class everyday, study as much as possible.. make as many friends as you possibly can make.. research what you like to do/research what colleges offer the major of your choice... research the city the potential college is in... have a blast because this is the last step before being a full grown independent adult!! make your college experience count.. youre paying for your education, might as well get the best for it!!!


The one thing I would say is go for your passion and find the school that has a path for you to complete your education to further your integration into your career. It is very important that you not waste your money on a job that may make you wealthy that you really don't enjoy. After all you are paying thousands of dollars to pursue a higher education. Don't let that money go to waste and end up with a job that you hate getting up for and could possibly have for a long time. Focus on your studies first, and then let everything else fall in to place.


College is an endurance battle. It goes by really quick so try your best and it will be over before you know it. Staying motivated and keeping a positive attitude is key to college success.


Make sure the college that you choose fills all your needs. The needs that need to be met are intellectual needs, social needs, and enviornmental needs. When all those needs are met its a good idea to apply for the college. However, if you are not accepted to the college of your choice it is good to have a back up college. Never put all of you eggs in one basket because you never know what might happen. Above all choose the major you want and stick with it untill you master it because that is what college is all about.


Do not let cost or high school academics keep you from applying to the college of your dreams. Don't stay in your home town, move away are really streach your wings. Know what you want to do and meet with you on campus advisor to help you make it happen in a timely manor. 3 year or 4 year degrees are very possible with good planning.


To make the best decision possible for the student. Take into account the cost, but don't make it the main priority. Realize that it's four years of your life... make the best of it wherever you go. Each university has something special to offer, research what that is, and go for which one is going to make you the happiest.


Visit the school before you accept, and once you get there be outgoing and meet as many people as possible. But don't stretch yourself too thin in extra-curriculars. Remember that the academic aspect of college is incredibly important and it is not easy to succeed academically in college.


College is all about finding out who you are! It's a place for discovery, learning, adventures and so much more. Be open-minded to a lot of different opinions and types of people. College is a place to learn about diversity. As long as you get plugged in to an activity on-campus, just about any college can be the right college. College isn't all about the classes, or all about the athletics. It's about a give and take, experiencing a lot of different levels of college life and gaining something from every experience. Parents - let your kids fly! Let them experience life! Let them choose what school is best for them and then leave them alone. It's time for them to figure out their way. College can be lonely, and scary and can come with speedbumps and late night studying. But it also comes with lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of homework and a lot of memories. One thing college shouldnt come with is regrets, except for maybe that star tattoo that was inked on in a drunken state. But really, college is the life - I kind of want to stay here forever!


Try to find somewhere for you too feel comportable. Sit in on classes and visit the campus. Also, talk to students and professors to learn theirs views on how the school is. Last but not least, get to know the pricident of the school.


I think that students should try to visit every college they are interested in attending. I firmly believe that no book, teacher or article can tell you which school is best for you; you simply know the moment you step on campus where you belong. I would advise students to take chances and risks, to attend as maybe on campus events as possible. I would tell both parents and students to not be afraid to ask questions regardless of how unimportant they may seem. Most importantly, I would tell students not to change their values for others, be yourself!


To find the best college for you, remember that in the end you'll be leaving with a degree. Choose a school that's well-credited for your field of interest. Then when you find that great school make the best of it. College is about a degree, but that doesn't mean you can't live a little in the meantime. Make friends who you'll remember you're entire lifetime, go to parties that you'll regret the next morning. And if nothing else, just promise not to be a hermit that just sits in their room all the time studying. Getting an A is great... but memories are priceless.


should not live on campus


Start as early as possible. Gather the information and make pro and con list of each school. Take every campus tour you can, and actually discuss the campus with students, don't believe all the hype from school published material. Then ranks the schools in order of what you like and don't like. This needs to be done by both the parents and student separately, then compare the two list. You'll find two or three that you both rated highly, these will be your best choices. enjoy the process. sharayha clingenpeel


Pray about it. It is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make in life and you need to make sure as a family that, it is where God wants you to be.


Visit the campus. Be realistic in your expectations. Do what you want to do, and don't let other people's opinions affect your decision Find a place that fits you. Don't try to fit into a place where you don't feel comfortable.


I think the best advice I could ever give anyone when trying to pick the best college for them is to find the place where they fit in the best and where they are the most comfortable. You are at college for four years of your life, while I know this doesn't seem like a lot, I can ensure you that it really is. It is not until you come to college that you really learn the most about yourself. Your learn that you're friends you had in high school might not be the best. You have to go to the school that feels right for you, you can't go to the one that all your friends want you to go to. It really is the best four years of your life.


For parents who are sending their child to college for the first time, my advice is give lots of motivation and encoragement--you can't give enough. Make sure your student is on track and hold them accountable. So many college student do worse than they should in college because no one is pushing them to do their very best. And college, after all, is hard! I have a nervous break down at least once a semester, and then I talk to my parents and they tell me how smart I am and how proud they are. They say, "If college was easy everyone would do it." And they believe in me. For students who are entering college, my advice is work hard ALL week and have fun on the weekends. It is so easy to fall behind in a class. So if you are planning on having a late night out, make sure you finish your work and studying first. And above all do not skip class, because you will reget it.


The best advice I can give to parents and/or students about finding the right college is to go and visit. You should always take advantage of orientation days and other focus days. Taking these "college days" allows you see what actually goes on here. You're not just looking at a brochure and crossing your fingers that it looks as good as it does in the pictures. Also, think about what you would want out of a college and then start researching, don't be scared to ask a million questions! I did. Don't just look at one particular thing, make your decision based on what you want. It's that simple! You know what you want, so go for it! As far as making the most of your college exprience goes, well, just never be scared to try anything new! You never know what you might like or actually love! OH! And also, make friends with your professors. They may seem mean and scary, but really...they are there for us. Always remember, everyone is there for us. We are the future! They are just helping us gain the knowledge and exprience we need to be ready.


I would give students and parents the advice of surfing the internet and looking into every possibility out there to try and find the best school that is suited to their own individual needs. I would also tell the students to socialize as much as possible once they do enroll in a school, because that will give them the opportunity to meet some really interesting people. I would also tell them not to overdue it, because the outcome that matters the most is how satisfied they are going to be with their education and what their career ends up being in the future, because they will be the one living with their decisions later, and they may not ever have the opportunity to go back to school again, because changes occur as life goes on.


College is what you make of it! There are plenty of schools to choose from and higher education is a can't go wrong option. Choose a school that makes you feel like you are in control of your future and they are just there to guide you along. While you are at school realize that you doing something great. College is nothing more than an empty storyboard waiting for you to fill in the storyline. There will be times where the storyboard gets a little messy and confusing but stay strong and focused on the story's ending. No two storyboards will ever be the same and I promise no storyboard will ever be perfect. It is the ability of the author to regain control of the story that truly makes college special. Get involved and evolve, because college is the time of your life where things start to make sense and lifetime friends and partnerships are formed. Fear finals time and know that everyone will have a nervous breakdown that will make you want to stop the story. Remember every story has a plot, but only great ones have a true happy ending. It's all on you!


Finding the right college is essential to a student?s potential career and future. I find that it?s a great bonding experience between parents and their children. I think it brought me and my parents closer together for sure. I am not saying it?s easy because it most certainly is not, but I believe it makes you into a more wise and responsible individual. I encourage parents to be there to help support their child?s decision in school but to also sit back and really listen to their child?s perspective. Students, I will be the first one to admit that your parents will never give you advice if they didn?t think it was for your best benefit, so trust them and their opinions as well. I have learned from my college experiences that life is like a hard juggling act among your academics, friends, activities, and family. I believe to make the most of your college experience, students should get to know their professors and let them know you care about your grades. Earn public speaking skills, make incredible friends for life, and enjoy the years, because trust me; they pass you by so quickly.

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