Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Since you choose your classes, the academics can be either hard or easy depending. Some classes are better than others but overall the academics are okay.


Gen Eds are more rigorous than my upper level classes and i'm a freshman.


They're great.


Professors are horrible. I have had some really good ones, but compared to UK (I transferred) they are nothing alike. Half of my professors wouldn't have lasted more than a semester at UK because the students would have complained about how bad the lectures were and the unfairness. Half the teachers just don't have any clue what they are doing - they don't listen to students and literally one is rumored to be literally crazy and on psychiatric drugs. WKU keeps really bad professors around. They really couldn't care less about the education they provide to the tuition payers of the university. All they care about is putting up new buildings to impress future applicants. Half of your classes will be a pain because the teachers are so terrible - and they will really mess with your GPA because you might unfairly get a D or C when you shouldn't have.