Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How friendly it is, the low price, and how some of the teachers actually work with you.


The things I mostly brag about at my school are the food, the concerts, and being able to live on your own.


I mostly brag about the gorgeous weather, our gym facility (it's beautiful, really), the Van Meter auditorium, and the beautifully landscaped campus. I haven't seen any other college campus as pretty as this one.


I brag to my friends about my professors because there really is a lot that I tend to like.


The friends I have made during my time at WKU. I have made the best friends who I will keep for life. They have been by my side through my college career. They have encouraged and lifted me up. I wouldn't have made it through school without them. And, they say the same about me! Another great thing about campus is its natural beauty. The campus is spectacularly beautiful which makes studying outside an great experience! And, luckily the campus provides lots of green space for students to play sports, read books, hang out or study outside!


WKU has an atmosphere that is homey and inviting. It really does feel like a home away from home. The campus is green with beautiful landscaping every where. The residence halls are also all close to each other. This makes it easy to connect with people.


WKU has a diverse population. People from all over Kentucky attend as well as out of state. The International students are all really great people as well as a lot of fun. Classes are simple, not too hard but still challenging with variations in major, and there is a wide variety so you can experiment and determine just what you want to major in. Extracurricular activies also cover a wide range from sports to volunteer to music. There's something for everyone if you look in the right place. Many possibilities for growth and expansion await atop top "the hill".


I tell them about how beautiful the campus is. I brag of how close knit the campus feels. We have some great food. We have great services for the students. We have a pretty awesome gym facility.


The campus is beautiful, there are always activities to do, and people walking around. Almost everyone you meet you can talk to-a very friendly campus.


The spirit of the campus. On my first visit to Western the people staff as well as students were very welcoming. I have only been there for one semester and already feel like I have made an impact on the campus. . The university is extremely connected and very supportive to other members of the family. As a student on Western's campus you imediately get accepted into the university family which is something I truly enjoy.


The campus. The campus is gorgous and it makes walking to classes easier. The school sits on a hill and there are trees everywhere. In the fall it is like a rainbow of reds, oranges, and yellows. Just beautiful.


When I brag to my friends about WKU, I brag about the Agriculture Department. The Ag Department is amazing with its professors, students and programs. There is so much they offer, from the FFA to research projects. It recognizes so many different areas of study, that there is something for everyone.


we dont get a lot of snow where i'm from [nashville---we barely get any there], but in bowling green there's ALWAYS snow and I'm always calling home telling y friends and family "its snowing its snowing..no chool, but you guys do have school haha"....


That my schedule is that I can go 3 days a week and still be full time.


Attending a school that is world wide known for It's partying and campus ruins (suicides, rapes, etc.) is very hard to persuade others or better yet get people to understand the reason of why this Univeristy is right for me. I came to WKU because i was interested into becomming a journalist. Looking up facts off the computer, i found out that Western has a top notch journalism and broadcasting course. One thing that people may not see right off back is how helpful our alumni has been. Our alumni of years and above contribute to the University; WKU.


That the teachers are nice and are willing to help you out along you stay on tp of your stuff while in school.


There's always something to do here!


When I tell friends about my school, i like to brag about the environment. It is very peaceful and i like the space of the buildings. The college in it's entirety is large. The buildings and droms are not close together. I have to say that's probably what I brag to friends about.


I like how the school is set up and how it is close to everything.


The good food options.


The Beautiful Campus


There is always something going on whether off or on campus, so there is always something to do. Because WKU and Bowling Green are both so small it's easy to run into people and form close friendships. I especially got really close with people in my classes, which made the learning environment that much better!


It's pretty


Our school spirit and the numerous organizations to get involved in.


It is a quality school with a drive for excellence. The academic studies here are great and the professors in the school are well qualified to teach. Each semester the school has students to fill out evaluations which truely help both the teachers and faculty at the college to succeed.


the amount of fun it is to go to school here


The library and the coffee shop are great.


do not brag


I brag about the advertising program and how it helped my education. I also brag about the swimming and diving team, considering I was a diver for 4 years.


I tell my friends that I graduated with a bachelor's degree in 4 years and I had a good GPA


There are a lot of good people here. If you are looking for a school with good people and a nice enviornment then WKU is the school for you.


I tend to brag a lot about the beauty of my college campus. I just think it?s the perfect combination of buildings and scenery. Since Western Kentucky University is in the south I have to mention the fact that I brag to my Ohio friends about the hospitality of everyone. All students are friendly and very helpful. It?s just a really exciting campus with good hearted students and inspiring faculty. Last but not least the dining services are amazing, I can promise any future student that if you come to WKU, the food will be better than home.