Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Overall Western Kentucky University is overall a pretty decent school. It has good diversity, and not just for the population. I mean that not only is there a diverse population of students, there are also a great variety of majors and minors that are available. So you can experience many different social interactions, and also test the water for possible majors you may want to get. It also has its down sides though. More often than not when the wind is blowing just right it smells strongly of dog food. Besides that and walking up the hill that Western is built on Western is a great school. It is not to large or to small, but just the right size.


This school is basically a suit case school(everyone goes home on the weekends), if you don't party its hard to make friends, and they cater to LBGT and international students more than anyone else.


It seems like a great school. Wish there was more to do in town though.


The quality of professor and lecture you get at WKU is a complete joke. Don't go to school here. They keep really bad professors, and the good professors leave because they don't pay enough - and they attract bad professors because of their mediocre salaries. While college life is important, if you have really bad professors, they can mess up your GPA and cause you a ton of stress - especially if you NEED to learn something for your future career. There is no school pride at WKU. Half the students walk around with UK shirts on - and why shouldn't they? There is no culture on this campus. There is only one campus restaurant outside of the cafeteria. There are limited social gatherings other than parties. The athletic events are horrible. The football team is embarrassing and there are no student tickets to watch the basketball games. It's an embarrassing situation that nobody wants to really be a part of. WKU is a boring university, but they don't even have the good quality professors overall to back it up. Take the tens of thousands of dollars you will invest in your education and go to another university.