Western Kentucky University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who has trouble fitting in.


The type of person that I believe should not attend Western Kentucky University is someone who is not dedicated to their school work and overall, their future. As I go into college, I realize the kind of hard work and concentration that I will have to contribute to my next 4 years in college. It may be a little overwhelming, but it all makes since when I put it into perspective of how it will reflect how I will live the rest of my life. The hard work I contribute now will only help me in my future.


Anyone could come to Western and love it. As long as they are not looking for a huge school in a huge city, then anyone would love it. There is not a lot to do in Bowling Green, but Nashville is only an hour away. There are also many things to do and be involved in on campus. I would reccomend anyone to go to WKU!


A person who isn't open to anything new. My school has lots of GLBT people here, and a lot of different races as well.


Someone who is not sure about school, who has no goal in life, who doesn't feel that they can focus with distractions, etc... This person shouldn't come here to just have fun all the time. THis person also should not think that the teachers will give them a break. There is a syllabus for a reason. And this person should not be closed minded in anyway and should not think that they can just sit back and do nothing.


a person who just wants to skate by because western kentucky is far from being an easy school..if you are still stuck in 'high school mode' and doesn't seem to see yourself growing up any time soon i would say that wku isn't for them, because we work up here...


A person who is not serious about their own scholastics should not attend this University. This would include individuals who are coming to college just to get away from home and party. Individuals who lack self- discipline and respect for there peers also should refrain from attending this school due to the fact they would not be a good fit.


Someone that is not coming for the right reason.


WKU is a great school but it hsa a very strict attendance policy in most classes, especially most general education classes. So someone who is not always on time or likes to occasionally take a personal day probably should go somewhere with a little more flexible.


Students who are used to big citites. While, WKU is good for various programs that may appeal to students, the laid-back atmosphere becomes uneventual, making these students feel bored compared to what the other students enjoy.


The kind of person who should not attend Western Kentucky University would be a person who is looking for an easy way out. If a person is looking to just bypass the actual learning experience offered in college and just wants a degree without gaining the experience , then they should not attend WKU.


A person that should atten WKU is someone who wants to feel like they are part of a community. It's a larger school but the campus isn't spread out all over town. Bowling Green is a great City that doesn't offer much of an opportunity to get side tracked from your studiues.


the kind of person that should not attend this college is a person who does not want to work hard, and just wants to party.


There isn't one person out there that isn't right for Western Kentucky University. Western Kentucky University is a good school for everyone.


Extreme procrastinators and people with no substantial amount of work ethic should not attend this school. The curriculum, teachers, and even students mean business when it comes to education and Western Kentucky University is very quick to test your purpose at the school. People who try to focus mainly on their social life will have a rude awakening if they plan to attend this university. It is an excellent place to receive an education, but it is not a game.


Anyone! Western Kentucky University is a place where anybody can fit in. Everyone is so welcoming, caring, loving, and just enjoys being a student there. Even though I have many friends that have transferred, not one of them has said it was being they disliked Western, but because of wanting to be closer to home. Overall, Western is an awesome school because of all the clubs, intramurals, and sporting events they have around campus year round. No matter what kind of person or student you are, Western is always there to welcome you in with open arms.


I really can't think of anyone that shouldn't. There is quite a bit of diversity so everyone has somewhere that they would fit in.


There is something at this school for everyone. I would easily recommend WKU to any prospective sttudent.


If you are the kind of person who needs to be in a big city where there are lots of places to go for entertainment or shopping, this is not the school for you. Even if you have a car on campus shopping is limited to grocery stores and a single small mall. If you do not have a car on campus then getting off of campus can be very difficult with only one shuttle that only runs to walmart and the mall once an hour for four hours at night.


One who is not comfortable with a diverse group.


I'm not sure. Probably one who just wants to party and not really succeed in school. This is an academic school and you have to want it.


One who is easily distracted.


Someone who is really artsy, politically-minded, or green... this school is a place to have fun! Some class sizes are bigger, so this isnt a place for people who like small-discussion based classes. Also sports, fraternities and sororities are popular... if you don't like one of the three it's gonna be difficult to like it. Also if you are lazy and don't like walking up a huge hill... you will hate it!


those who don't want to learn.


People love large campuses and classes full of people. Western is a place where students really get to know each other. I could pass a person on campus walking to class, while I may not know their name but I will recognize their face. That makes me feel safe and comfortable.


Anyone. The attitude that exists at WKU is just amazing. Saying a certain kind of person should attend this school just isn't right. Anyone can attend and everyone will enjoy it! The diversity of personalities and only makes this university stronger and we only continue to grow.